Why John Kasich Scares Me Most

Okay, he’s not officially in the race, and in the early polls he’s near the bottom, but I predict one of the last Republican candidates standing in the race for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination will be Ohio Governor John Kasich.

First and foremost, in the last three decades, with one notable exception, voters have selected a president the way a seven-year-old selects a Barbie doll.  They pick the one with the prettiest face.  That’s why Hillary has undergone a complete makeover.

Republicans desperately want to win this one.  That being the case, this beauty contest favors Marco Rubio or John Kasich.  Both have boyish good looks.  Even though Kasich is 19 years older than the junior senator from Florida, he still has what it takes in looks and personality to charm the voters.

Second, although the Repubican base it quite conservative, the odds favor the moderate to liberal candidate.  There are so many true conservatives in this race.  Some will hang in there to the bitter end and split that vote allowing a moderate like Kasich to walk away with the nomination.

Third, Kasich has the right resume:  congressman, businessman, governor.  He’s knows the issues inside and out.  He has leadership experience and he has the ability to sell air-conditioning to Alaskans.

Fourth, there are things in Kasich’s resume that will endear him to social conservatives, fiscal conservatives and bleeding-heart liberals.

He is a dichotomy, a political conundrum.  He is the one candidate who scares me most.

There was a time when I was a big Kasich fan.  In his early years in Congress, he was a deficit hawk, often taking aim at programs sacred to both Democrats and Republicans.  As chairman of the Houses Budget Committee, he was the architect of the 1997 Balance Budget deal that lead to a government surplus for the first time in almost 30 years.  However it was short-lived.

Kasich slipped a little provision in that bill that eventually will undermined the financial stability of the country and destroy our health care system, which is still the envy of the rest of the world.

Make no mistake, if liberals achieve their goal of socialized medicine, John Kasich deserves the lion’s share of the credit.

Socialized medicine was a primary goal of the Clinton Administration.  That is why Bill put Hillary in charge of the transition process shortly after his inauguration in 1993.   The 1994 congressional election was a resounding defeat for HillaryCare.  This proposal led to the Republicans landslide victory in 1994, which gave them control of both houses of Congress for the first time in 40 years.

Although Bill Clinton managed to win re-election in 1996, it was largely due to the lackluster GOP candidate, Bob Dole, not a result of Clinton’s policies.  Therefore, Republicans retained control of Congress.  HillaryCare was dead and buried until John Kasich gave it new life by championing the State Children’s Health Insurance Program or S-CHIP, now known simply as CHIP, a policy promoted by Ted Kennedy and his liberal GOP pal, Orin Hatch, in the Senate.   It was the camel’s nose under the tent or HillaryCare through the backdoor.

Prior to 1997, the government provided healthcare only to the elderly through Medicare and the poor through Medicaid.  S-CHIP changed that equation by providing free healthcare to children of lower income working families.  Bear in mind, there was no compelling need for this program as children’s healthcare was readily available and cheap.  After all, children rarely have serious health issues.  They go to the doctor for runny noses and vaccinations.   Any working family easily could afford healthcare for their children.

Under Obama, S-CHIP was expanded to cover another 4 to 11 million children in families  (of four) making up to $95,400 per year.  In most states, these families would be considered well to do.   Also, S-CHIP now covers certain adults and immigrants, even those who are here illegally.

Liberals like the Clintons have long used children to get something passed that would not fly otherwise.  Once children were covered, we then covered pregnant mothers.  Now the cry is “We can’t kick the mothers off this heath care once they give birth.  That would be cruel!”   When that happens, working men will realize that they are the only ones paying taxes and not getting this benefit in return.

Soon, our working men will demand it and, ObamaCare or no ObamaCare, the door to single-payer, government-run health care slams shut.

We have John Kasich to thank for that.



5 thoughts on “Why John Kasich Scares Me Most

  1. Not a fan of kasich. He has the same Bill Clinton slick used car salesman vibe….

    First and foremost, in the last three decades, with one notable exception, voters have selected a president the way a seven-year-old selects a Barbie doll. They pick the one with the prettiest face.

    I’m trying to figure out if you think H.W or George W. is just another pretty face…..

    That’s why Hillary has undergone a complete makeover.

    grafting a whole new face on the old hag ain’t gonna put her in the pretty face category…..

    constant long term exposure to liberalism destroys the outside as well as the inside.


  2. I lost all respect for Kasich (and for Rubio) some time ago. It is impossible to completely trust anyone running for office, but Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, and, yes, Donald Trump usually tell the truth and I agree with each of them on most (but not all) issues. Bobbie Jindal is beginning to sound pretty good as well.
    I doubt that any of them would save America, even if nominated and elected, and, almost certainly, the establishment sociopaths (Boehner, McConnell, and company) will nominate the Court Jebster, who is a male clone of Queen Reptile. So one of those two will be our next President…if we have an election, and if we even have a country by the fall of 2016. Either of them will complete the planned destruction of our country.
    But several Republican candidates, especially the Donald, are bluntly telling the truth about important issues, raising the awareness of the third or so of the population who are more or less awake and have our eyes open.
    And we are armed, angry, and desperate. There will be blood.


  3. Glad you’re home safely from your vacation.

    Pretty faces have their places
    But not on the campaign trail;
    Thoughtful minds are the kinds
    Who advance and do not fail.
    Woman or man, we need a plan
    Like when we elected The Ronald,
    I’m sorry for this crime of making this rhyme,
    But maybe we need The Donald.

    I like the gutsy, take-no-prisoners attitude and the willingness to walk away from a negotiation if it is a bad one, that are the basics of Donald Trump.


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