Why Donald Trump’s Star Is Rising (He’s Our Bernie Sanders)

Some are baffled that Donald Trump has ridden a sea of controversy to the top of the polls of GOP presidential candidates.

The same head-scratching is going on in Democrat circles over the irascible Bernie Sanders who is now within striking distance of their crown princess, Hillary Clinton.  How could this aging socialist threaten the planned coordination of their queen?

These two men are as far apart on the political spectrum as any two candidates can be, but they do have one thing in common:  bad hair.  Is America really yearning for a fright wig or a comb-over?

That’s not it.

Both of these candidates have dared to address the elephants in their respective party’s rooms.  In Sanders case, it’s that Hillary is secretive, dishonest, and is owned, if you will, by corporate interests, both foreign and domestic.

In Trump’s case, it is that our biggest problem is not Isis terrorists, Iran, education, the economy or the laundry list that is in every other candidate’s stump speech.  It’s illegal immigration.

Americans are not as dumb as most political candidates think.  Deep down, members of both political parties know they are being swept along in the political streams of their respective parties and they aren’t happy where they are headed.   They simply are trying to grab a tree branch, a rock or anything they can find to cling to and the only thing in sight is a Sanders or a Trump.

Both could be compared to the crazy uncle that you try to keep hidden the the upstairs bedroom while guests are in the living room — the one who occasionally makes an appearance and, gasp, utters an unspeakable truth.

In Trump’s case, it is that illegal immigration is a preventable crisis.  It has undermined our economy, our education system and our national security.   We have no idea who is coming across our southern border.  They are gang-bangers, drug dealers, murderers, rapists, terrorists and those simply looking for a better way of life at our expense . . .  but they are all lawbreakers and can be stopped.

However, as long as this illegal flood of immigrates provides Democrats with votes and Republican interests with cheap labor our  present crop of elected representatives could care less.  They will give this issue lip service, but they are never going to do anything meaningful about it.

It is foolish to think that the United States can go half way around the world to stop Iran from building a bomb, Russia from gobbling up neighboring countries or Isis terrorists, but we can’t stop the flow of illegal immigrates crossing into this country from Mexico.

It is foolish to think that we have to take in everyone — and that includes minors — who show up on our southern border and be responsible for them.  They are from or are coming through Mexico.  Therefore, they should be Mexico’s problem.   Just say, “No visa; no entry.”  Come back when you have one.  Until then, haste la vista baby!”

It is foolish to think that we cannot deport anyone here illegally who is caught committing a crime, no matter how small.

It is foolish to think that we cannot crack down on employers and individuals hiring illegal aliens.

It is foolish to allow sanctuary cities like San Francisco to flaunt the law.  Just cut off all federal funds to those cities.  Deny their representatives seats in Congress, etc.   I would love to see that case come before the Supreme Court.  Oh, forgot.  It’s the Robert’s court!  My mistake.

So far, only Ted Cruz and Rick Santorum have come out in support of Mr. Trump’s truthful, but unartful message.

Dr. Ben Carson, another thoughtful political outsider who has been at or near the top of the polls, believes we can solve the problem if we simply tighten border security and adopt Canada’s guest worker program.

At first glance, this is a reasonable approach.  However, when you examine the Canadian model you find it is fraught with the same problems as our H-1B visa program, which allows highly skilled workers to by-pass normal immigration lines.  The end result is that companies will take advantage of the cheap labor at both ends of the economic spectrum and American workers suffer.

Border security and immigration enforcement must be our number one priority.   Trump knows it.  Voters know it and until one or more of the other candidates get this right, this crazy uncle will continue to run amuck.

6 thoughts on “Why Donald Trump’s Star Is Rising (He’s Our Bernie Sanders)

  1. I’ve been following Donald Trump since 2012 when I wrote a 2-page essay on why we should pay The Donald $600 million for his 4-year term as President. The return on investment would have been astronomical knowing his business acumen and negotiating skills in the business world. Not only has he addressed the border situation and the undesirables that are coming into our country, he has also addressed, extensively, the Iran negotiations and dealing with China. He has also addressed the importance of national security and a strong military. Without national security and a military force to defend us, all else is irrelevant. While I’m not a fan of Trump, I recognize that you don’t have to like a person for that person to do a job that is a tough one. I don’t have to like the person who pumps my septic tank as long as that person is qualified to do the job. And I use septic tank as a valid metaphor of our Washington D C problem. He will clean up Washington and reset us on a course that the Founding Fathers, in their God-blessed wisdom, originally planned.


    1. You have a great point. My concern is that he is such an egotist he will become drunk with power, thinking he can do no wrong. “Through a multitude of counselors there is safety.” Proverbs 11:14


  2. Warren you covered it, Trump spoke on seversl issues that are a concern to the populace. Illigal immigration is without a doubt troubling as it hacks at the very foundation of the rule of law. They commit a crime by entering USA without documentation but add insult to injury they take bread from our table, then many go on to commitmore grevious crimes.
    I am delighted that Trump has brought to light the problems and is honest enough to state the truth, making many uncomfortable.
    I’m fed up with the status quo of the politicians. Jane they are already egotists. Maybe a businessman who is an egotist would bring financial relief to our country.
    I believe Trump would uphold the Constituion as he believes in order.


  3. Ms. Chastain,

    Your comment:
    “You have a great point. My concern is that he is such an egotist he will become drunk with power, thinking he can do no wrong. “Through a multitude of counselors there is safety.” Proverbs 11:14.

    Drunk with power?

    Drunk with power to attempt to repair some of the damage done by out current “drunk with power” Potus has done…..

    In my opinion it’s going to take someone “drunk with the same power” to take on America’s totally corrupt, criminal and abusive government…..

    We have sat back and watched and waited for the forked-tongued republicans in congress to do take the lead in stopping obama, in the correct, proper and paper tiger way, and they have simply gone along or even helped him….

    The massive far reaching problems obama along with his unconstitutional rubber stamp congress and supreme court can not be solved or reversed by a “can’t we all just get along” fearful “not rocking the boat” approach…..

    This country has been hijacked by force and fear….

    It’s going to take the same to get it back…..

    What you seem to be advocating is more of the same as we have been enduring….

    As for your multitude of counselors…..who would that be? A corrupt and cowardly congress, a criminal unconstitutional supreme court, a totally corrupt and abusive IRS, DOJ, HHS, or any other of the multitudes of communist leaning government bureaucracies….

    Maybe the counselors should include the ultra-liberal college professors and the same old “think tank” communist that has been influencing government for decades or maybe the Nations fine strong arm Unions or perhaps Wall street…..

    It’s going to take a strong STRONG leader as America has produced from time to time through out it’s history to save this country from it’s course of destruction…

    perhaps Trump would be a bull in a china shop….

    what’s the alternative? Continue to do the same things have have allowed obama to seize America for himself….


  4. But perhaps one of the best things about Trump is that he never backs down or apologizes. Leftists will never debate us, because they know no facts, are incapable of logic, and hate and fear the truth. So their standard Alinsky tactic is to shout us down, or call us names, with “racist” or accusations of “hate speech” being the most common. Most Republican “conservatives” promptly fold when attacked this way, and apologize, bow, and scrape. Or they attempt to debate the leftist who has just insulted them.
    Trump knows better, and has set an example for the rest of us…no more Mr. Nice Guy. The left hates us and considers politics to be war…so give them what they’ve been asking for all these years. Shout them down; call them names; get in their faces; even get violent.


  5. Monica, Franklin, and William, thank you for your enlightened and targeted comments. I loved reading them and would be receptive to occasional further communication if you feel the same way. BTW, William, I lived in Sacto for 16 years so I’m familiar with your location. I was a USGAO auditor assigned to the Sacto area (1968-76)and I’m a native Californian now in Pleasant Grove UT. My adopted hometown is Fresno where I may return someday. I hope all of you see this late post. My email address is wjogger with the at sign and aol.com Blessings to all, Warren Rosenbaum


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