Illegal Immigration Problem: A Four-legged Stool

Our  nation’s problem with illegal immigration can be compared to a four-legged stool.  If one of those legs is cut off or wobbly, it isn’t going to stand, at least for very long.

While some of our presidential candidates have address two or three of those legs, unfortunately none have address all four.  I’m waiting!

The first leg is obvious:  Seal the border.  Almost all candidates have vowed to do that in one way or another.  We are the most powerful nation on earth, though not likely to remain so if the present administration’s policies are not reversed and quickly.  We need to put all our available resources on the southern border while a wall is being built and we need to stop tying the hands of our border patrol agents.   However, we must not neglect our northern border. The use of drone technology and electronic surveillance should be used to maximize the effectiveness of our personal there.  

The second leg  of that stool is birthright citizenship.  It must be ended.  Unfortunately, many of our presidential candidates are hiding behind the 14th Amendment to keep from addressing this important issue.  The authors of the 14th Amendment wisely added a qualifying phrase to keep birthright citizenship from being bestowed on those who are under the authority of another country.  If that applies to the children of diplomates, most certainly it applies to citizens of other countries who come here, legally and illegally, for the purpose of giving birth to a U.S. citizen, which not only gives them an anchor into this country, but a boatload of welfare benefits.

Congress should pass a law to clarify the phrase “under the jurisdiction thereof.”  Our present policy is not a result of law, but a result of congressional neglect, activist judges and bureaucratic overreach.  Jebb Bush, Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina and John Kasich are among the top tier candidates presently hiding behind the 14th Amendment.  Any man or woman running for president, who does not support ending this form of thievery should be eliminated from serious consideration.

The third leg of this stool is the ability to function within the country:  hold a job, apply for benefits, attend school, rent a home, open a bank account, or apply for a driver’s license.  Most GOP candidates say they would cut off benefits to “sanctuary cities.”  This is important but many cities and states are guilty of changing other laws that allow illegals the ability to function within the country and rob us blind.  This has to stop.

We have the technology to address the problem of illegally hiring, housing and otherwise accommodating these lawbreakers.  Any employer, bank, landlord or government agency that fails to do a proper background check should be severely punished.  in 2012, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump made fun of Mitt Romney’s plan to tighten our laws so that those who are here illegally would  be forced to self-deport.  No one has been able to explain why that won’t work.  Trump should be forced to address this issue.

The forth leg of the stool is welfare reform.  To date, no one has connected these dots to the immigration problem.  Yet, we constantly hear that these illegals “do the jobs that our citizens simply won’t do.”   Therefore, many candidates tell us that we must take in vast amounts of “guest workers” so that our crops get picked and our hotel rooms cleaned.  Dr. Ben Carson is one of the few candidates talking “personal responsibility” and the importance of “work over welfare.”  However, he is a strong proponent of guest workers and somehow fails to see the welfare connection.

Certainly, it is more empowering to pick crops, make beds and clean toilets than to live on the public dole.  However, we have made welfare so lucrative and easy to obtain that many Americans simply won’t work because we pay them for sitting on the couch instead of pushing broom.  Today, nearly half of  all U.S. citizens are receiving welfare or disability, which, under Obama, has become a defacto welfare program.  This, too, is wrong.

We need real welfare reform and we need to stop paying able-bodied Americans to do nothing if they can’t find a job that suits them.   We need to require all able-bodied people to work for their welfare checks.  If the government is going to pay them, it can loan these people out to the farmers and hotels that now depend on illegals.

Frankly, I’m looking for a candidate who will address all four legs of the immigration problem.   Are you?



2 thoughts on “Illegal Immigration Problem: A Four-legged Stool

  1. The fourth leg includes some features of the old WPA, Works Project Administration during the 1930s. People were employed to do jobs somewhat associated with their abilities. My dad was hired to do research at the Univ. of Calif, Berkeley, in Sino-Tibetan Philology that as far as I know are summaries still available at the library there. One of his skills then was that he could use a typewriter. He was also employed to write radio scripts and of about a dozen he wrote, three qualified for broadcast. He also helped build Blue Rock Springs County Park (Solano County) near Vallejo, CA, where the poison oak was so thick that the juices would run down his pick handle. All in all he had exposure to several jobs but most important, he maintained his work ethic. His mind was active and he earned his way, all the way, passing at age 81. Just an example of what happens when people work for their money and maintain the work ethic and standards required to stay employed.


  2. Ms. Chastain has summed it up perfectly. Uncontrolled immigration, including the (apparently deliberate) importation of criminals and terrorists by King Hussein will destroy us faster than anything…morally, socially, and economically. Trump is addressing this issue, but, given his past record, could he be trusted to match his words with deeds if elected?
    Our elites are transforming America into a teeming Third World hell-hole where impoverished people, loyal to various ethnic or religious groups (but not to America), will fight over dwindling resources.
    Perhaps it is time for massive civil disobedience by citizens, and a reassertion of sovereignty by the states. Perhaps we also need vigilante violence against alien criminals and supporters of terrorism.
    And I must repeat what I have pointed out before on various posts: nowhere does our former Constitution say or even imply that illegal aliens have any rights whatever. They have no right to a hearing before being summarily deported, and they have no right to a trial before being summarily executed, even for non-violent offenses.


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