We Don’t Need a Boehner Clone

There’s an old saying that should be heeded by members of the House of Representatives:  “Things that are urgent are rarely important and things that are important are rarely urgent.”  So, when it comes to electing the next Speaker of the House — the  office 2nd in line to the presidency —  what’s the rush?

It’s a scheme to pave the way for John Boehner’s hand-picked successor, Kevin McCarthy, to take over the reins.

Clearly, the voters know that the problems we have in this country will never be solved by entrenched politicians.  That is why outsiders are leading the race for the GOP presidential nomination.  That is why House Majority Leader Eric Canter was dumped by the voters in his district in the last election.  That is why Boehner was forced to announce that he will resign at the end of the month.

Unfortunately, unless reason prevails and a major revolt occurs, the Republicans in the House will meet to select their nominee for Boehner’s replacement on Thursday in the Republican caucus.   The vote may already have occurred by the time you read this.

Though we the people have no say over leadership elections in Congress, folks have shown that they are sick and tired of the tactics of Boehner and Mitch McConnell, his counterpart in the Senate, who run up the white flag of surrender on every major issue and then “play fight” their way to defeat.

Then why, oh why, would our representatives in the people’s house even consider electing a Boehner clone?

In this democratic republic we elect our representatives but once they get to Washington, they soon find that Capitol Hill is a monarchy run by the kings of each party.   The leaders in each party tell their members how to vote, and if they balk, there is hell to pay.

The votes are not always strictly on party lines, but here’s the deal:  If a member is from a district strongly against a particular bill, that member is given a pass if his or her vote is not urgently needed.  That way, members appear to keep faith with the voters back home.  This has gone on for far too long!  It has to stop if we are ever to solve the real problems that are drowning this country in a sea of red ink and marching us toward socialism.

That’s why you need to weigh in with your elected representatives in the House why their is still time.

Kevin McCarthy is no conservative and no friend to conservatives.  In the House monarchy, he is simply Boehner’s crown prince.   If he is elected speaker nothing will change.   He is skilled in the art of the status quo.   He is a master of backroom deals — often with the opposition party — in order to punish members who get out of line.

In fact, Kevin Spacey studied McCarthy when preparing for his role as the political scheming, backstabbing Frank Underwood, in “House of Cards.”    However, McCarthy’s backstabbing began way before his rise to Congress.

In a 2010 profile piece on McCarthy in “The New Republic” (http://www.newrepublic.com/article/politics/magazine/78566/kevin-mccarthy-republican-whip-machiavelli)

after Boehner appointed him chief deputy whip,  California Democratic Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez explained how he and McCarthy often would trade favors: “Sometimes he would come to me and say, ‘Look, a couple of the Republicans here are not being team players. Do whatever you need to do, but I would appreciate it if they didn’t have good offices,’” says Núñez. “Then I would take away their offices.” But when they’d come to complain, he chuckles, “I would never say I was doing it to help Kevin McCarthy.”

Does any of that sound familiar?  It should, when McCarthy inherited Cantor’s job, he worked to ensure that anyone who voted against the speaker on the floor would be stripped of his or her committee assignments.

Fortunately, McCarthy’s election is not a sure thing since Jason Chaffetz, the chairman of the House Oversight Committee who is much more acceptable to conservatives, has risk everything to thrown his hat in the ring.  There is a slim chance McCarthy will not win this election because it’s a secret ballot and some 50 conservatives have vowed that they will not vote for him when the final vote goes to the full House on the 29th.

Without these conservatives McCarthy may not receive more votes than Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat’s nominee.  If McCarthy gets less votes, the House would recess (Republicans control the floor vote) until a consensus alternative can be selected.

We don’t need a Boehner clone.



4 thoughts on “We Don’t Need a Boehner Clone

  1. Great post Jane, and early, therefore I jumped on it right away to see what you’d written. I like Chaffetz. I’ve been following some of his televised hearings on CSPAN and he can be tough in probing into devious and questionable antics within the government. He is also my congressional Representative. Our ZIP code (84062) is divided between two reps and the last four extended numbers of the ZIP Code denotes which of the two represents that address. My 3322 indicates that he is my rep. I’ve written several times to him via email to his website. Naturally, I receive an acknowledgment, as all reps automatically respond. However, his staff responds with more convincing appreciation. Chaffetz also is very accessible within the State of Utah, holding public meetings that are always overflowing.


  2. As a nation, we are rapidly running out of time, and simply cannot afford a traitor like McCarthy. There are disadvantages to term limits, but if all elected officials were limited to one or two terms, I am confident that it would solve more problems than it would create. Our Founding Fathers intended a government run by amateurs, by ordinary citizens, not an entrenched political class.
    It is depressing to realize that if political leaders were chosen by lottery from a pool of millions of candidates who had paid a small fee and passed a lengthy test on history, civics, basic economics, and the basics of modern technology we would be better off. Of course, a criminal record would disqualify anyone right away.
    But someone would almost certainly figure out how to rig the lottery.


    1. Sadly, I have to agree with you. The withdrawal of McCarthy was a major victory. Why didn’t they go ahead and hold the election? After all, there were two other candidates in the race. It was because Boehner wanted to hand-pick someone else who will continue the monarchy.


  3. Oh! I am so weary,weary of the Banana Republic that this once great country has become. I think the French Revolution had a good answer (rather drastic), but are we not all fed up with the status quo.
    When true Americans and we have many will educate themselves and see the corrupt in Washington and vote for a new honest House of Representatives; when we turn to God and put Him first then, maybe America will return to her roots of respect, hard work and a dream of a GREAT AMERICA.
    Speak up good fellows for your land.


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