“Whenever a man does a thoroughly stupid thing, it is always from the noblest motive.” Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray


President Obama still is refusing to dip more than a toe in the water to defeat ISIS in Syria.  Nevertheless, he wants the rest of the world to open its doors to the Syrian population as it flees the war-torn country.

Worse still, he is doubling down on his plan to bring tens of thousands of Syrians here to be resettled among our population, even though our intelligence chiefs have informed us there is no way to adequately screen out radical Muslim terrorists hell-bent on our destruction.

Compassion is one thing: Stupidity is quite another.  In the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks, many countries are rethinking their plans to take in these Syrian migrants, since at least one of the attackers was among the recent arrivals and others were never successfully assimilated into the French population.

To date, the U.S. has contributed far more aid, about $2.9 billion, than any other country to help the people affected by this war — money that we have to borrow to provide.  Must we put our entire population at risk to make up for the fact that, under this president, we have wimped out in the war against ISIS?

It’s bad enough that we haven’t secured our own borders.  There is little doubt that terrorists have been among those arriving through Mexico.  How many are there currently in the United States?  We have no idea.  Suffice it to say, it is enough to keep the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security busy 24-7.

It is little wonder that more than half the nation’s governors now object to having the Syrians relocated to their states, although they may be powerless to stop it.  However, Congress can by refusing to allocate money for the relocation effort, as it did for the closing of Gitmo.

So how many Syrians have already been shipped to the U.S?  Somewhere in the neighbor of 2,000, many without the knowledge of the governors of the states involved.  Another 10,000 are slated to come here in the current fiscal year.   However, this  administration has indicated it may take in as many as 100,000 per year after that.

What about China and Russia, the two countries that pose the biggest threat to our security?  How many of these Syrian migrants have they agreed to take in?  Zilch, nada!

Japan, another rich country, also has refused to be shamed by the west into accepting any of these people.   The country correctly stating that “fleeing conflict does not meet the definition of refugee” as codified by the refugee convention.

So what about the countries in the Middle East, the ones with the most at stake?  How many of these refugees have they taken in?

Israel, by far the country most vulnerable to terrorists, wisely refused to resettle any of these people.

What about the oil-rich countries in the gulf?  To date they have offered no resettlement places. Saudi Arabia has offered resettlement only to migrants who had families there.  Some others have allowed Syrians already in their countries to extend their stays but that’s it.

Our friend,  the United Arab Emirates, has admitted no Syrians but has done Obama a special favor and agreed to take five hardened terrorists released from Gitmo last weekend off our hands.    That’s right!  As incredible as it may seem, Obama just rewarded the Islamic jihadists who facilitated the Paris attacks by releasing five of their own.

The message: Attack a western country and the U.S. will go weak-kneed and release more prisoners.

The most alarming threat posed by these Syrian migrants is the number of young men of fighting age that are coming with this flood of immigrants, which begs the question:  If these men are not for ISIS, they must be against it.  Therefore, they have an interest, if not an obligation, to fight to regain their country.

If the U.S. and its western partners are serious about eliminating this threat, shouldn’t we be setting up camps in Europe and the Middle East to train and equip these men to lead a fighting force to invade Syria?  And what about the women?  Liberals are all for putting other women in combat, so why not train Syrian women too?

Is this about compassion, changing the culture of our country or unloading another group of welfare-dependent immigrants on the United States? It should be about destroying ISIS and taking in large groups of un-vetted, fighting-age Syrian refuges with not lead to that end.



7 thoughts on “STOP!

  1. If King Hussein, the monster in the Rainbow House, was deliberately trying to destroy America, not merely impoverish and enslave us, but literally destroy the country, it would not have done one single thing differently. We are already teetering on the edge of economic collapse and a multi-sided racial and cultural civil war.
    And now the Girly Man wants to bring in tens of thousands more hate-mongering fanatics. Will no one rid us of this foul creature?


  2. Several people, and I am one of them, have insisted on a Safe Haven or similar refugee camp (or camps) in Syria or near there, and let these people “camp out” with support by cooperating nations. 67 years ago we supported the Berlin with aircraft that were ancient by today’s standards. The Berlin Airlift was a success and a similar logistics system could be quickly established. These people have no business being here or in any European country – their culture, standards, religion, language, aspirations, and view of government are all different than Western Civilization. If our leaders allow this, the first time a terrorist attack results from these insane ideas, notify our “leaders” that they will be executed like the traitors that they are. Maybe, with that level of accountability, they will rethink their actions. Their refugee decisions are suicidal and they will be some of the victims of any attack, a logical way of treating “leaders” who put their charges at risk.


  3. Interesting how the bullys arel trying ato make us feel bad because we will not do as they ask. Common sense says, ‘Stop the flood of refugees. 1.Problems with the lack of security. 2.The financial burden to America with our trillions of debt. 3.We have a problem with no jobs for Americans! 4.Demand on our health facilities.
    I agree we could have helped make safe zones properly maintained.
    A question I have is why are all the men running away and not turning to fight for their country.


  4. obama is doing nothing more than his usual big shot BS when he finally finds someone to hide behind….

    obama wants the credit for the French Prez and Putin taking over the lead on ISIS.

    once again……leading from behind…..

    BTW: obama’s lack of action is responsible for the much needed much larger action against ISIS now.


  5. I want to thank you for your excellent journalism … at least as well researched as that of Thomas Sowell (my favorite political commentator). I spent the evening last night at the local emergency room with my girlfriend who was having an allergic reaction to a prescribed drug. I took that opportunity to read your superb article “The Refugee Grinch in the White House.” Emperor Obama apparently believes that he can “rule by decree” … using “Executive Actions” … and completely DISREGARD the Constitution of the United States of America. Clearly Obama’s primary strategy is to BUY VOTES by offering free welfare and services to immigrants … regardless of their origin. This nation and its states are already saddled with a MONSTEROUS welfare system … supported largely by increasing taxation of our middle class. Obama seems to believe that the Federal Reserve is his “personal piggy bank” and will create “money” out of thin air so that he can continue his liberal Keynesian multi-trillion dollar spending spree. He clearly plans to keep the left-wing liberal Democrats in power by BUYING VOTES of minorities and illegal immigrants that he has favored with many free services and income … as well as PROMISES of general amnesty. Some immigrants have shown no interest in learning to speak English. (Many U.S. educators are now required to have a multi-lingual credential in order to find employment.) Now Obama expects us to allow Syrians to immigrate (who have abandoned their country to flee violence and to seek better economic opportunities elsewhere). They may also have ties to radical Muslim terrorist groups. (Many are using forged identity papers.) As you said they would be far better off staying in immigrant camps in the vicinity of Syria where they would not need to know any language other than Arabic, and would not need to adjust their customs, traditions, or religious beliefs to accommodate those of Americans. That would also be a shorter path home to Syria once it has stabilized. Certainly this would be the most PRUDENT path for them in terms of both cost and compassion.


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