Donald Trump vs. Megyn Kelly

Donald Trump is skipping Thursday’s night’s GOP presidential debate hosted by Fox News anchors Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace and holding his own town hall instead.  The lemmings in the news media will dutifully follow him and make this the story.

Let’s be clear.  The reason Trump is ducking this debate is because he is afraid to face the razor-sharp Kelly.  Trump, who has been short on specifics and long on bravado clearly came out the big loser when Kelly questioned him in the Fox News’ debate last August and he has been smarting over it ever since.  Sure, he won the on-line polls which amounted to little more than Trump groupies or paid operatives sitting at their computers for hours on end clicking his name over and over again.  However, he was caught flat-footed and ill-prepared by Kelly who cut him down to size as she has so many other egotistical politicians and office holders.

She had no intention of backing off in Round Two.  That’s why Trump asked Fox to replace her. 

Trump’s whole campaign is built around his ability to win, but look at his record against CNN and Fox News over their respective debates.  In September, he pressed CNN to give $10 million to a charity for his appearance.  He did the same thing in December but lowered it to $5 million.  Then he pushed Fox News to dump Kelley in this one.

For the record:

  • Trump 0
  • Cable News Networks 3

Not very impressive!

(He also claimed victory over CNBC’s October debate format but he had lots of help from other candidates.)

Trump was born with a platinum spoon in his mouth and with daddy’s money was accustomed to getting his way.  When he graduated from college he was already worth $200,000 and was handed control of his father’s real estate investment company. By contrast, Kelly was born into a middle class family.  When she finished law school she had a $100,000 student loan.

My guess is it is a lot easier to make money when you have money than it is to start from obscurity and wind up one of the highest paid television news anchors on the country’s most popular cable news network.

Both Trump and Kelly are excellent communicators, but where Trump relies on bluster, Kelly relies on preparation.

Trump wears his feelings on his sleeve and is prone to outbursts of anger.  Kelly is cool, calm and collected.  Trump relies on intimidation and insults when challenged.  Kelly relies on facts.

Trump recently told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, “I don’t think she can treat me fairly and I’m not a big fan of hers.  Maybe I know too much about her.”  Woo!  Then he added, “I don’t like her.”

Ah, too bad!  Clearly most news anchors care more about being “liked” by The Donald than they do about doing their job.  They will press, but not too hard, in order to stay in his good graces.  Kelly, on the other hand, will ask the hard questions and, if they are not answered, she will press until her subject’s back is against the wall, as any good journalist should.

Trump is arrogant.  Kelly is confident.  Trump to Blitzer, “I might be the best thing to ever happen to her. Whoever had even heard of her before the last debate?”   Really?

Whoever heard of paying an “unknown” news anchor on a cable news channel some $6-$9 million a year?  Earth to Trump:  Megyn Kelly is the hottest thing to hit cable news and perhaps news in general.

Trump may be surrounded by liberal friends with New York values who would not stoop to watch the only “fair and balanced” cable news network so it’s entirely possible that these libs hadn’t heard of Kelly before that August debate when she took him down.   However, Trump knows better.

In her flashy cover story for Vanity Fair, Kelly confessed that, in the past, Trump would “send me press clippings about me that he would just sign ‘Donald Trump.’ And he called from time to time to compliment a segment. I didn’t know why he was doing that. And then when he announced that he was running for president, it became more clear.”

So Trump is putting us on, again?  Is he also putting us on about deporting illegal aliens, building a wall on the border, defunding Planned Parenthood and all the rest?

One thing is sure: If he is afraid to face a 130 pound woman in four inch heels, how can we possibly expect him to take on the likes of Vladimir Putin.




6 thoughts on “Donald Trump vs. Megyn Kelly

  1. Your liberal/RINO side is showing.

    Have you been having lunch with Bernard Goldberg again.

    I’ll check back later to see if you’re still playing into the hands of the liberal air head media.

    But, I think Trump has exposed you as just another one of the bunch.


    1. Franklin, RINO please! I’m to the right of Donald Trump. Ronald Reagan was my hero: “Trust but verify!” Seriously, if you trust Trump, he has a bridge in Brooklyn he’d like to sell you.


  2. I respectfully differ and see in Trump the actions needed to shake up the status quo. Someone at National Review recently gave a long list of conservative values that we should be adhering to, and virtually demanding that conservatives dump Trump in favor of several names National Review also cited as valued conservatives. First of all, National Review needn’t lecture me or other conservatives on our values. Trump may not be the conservative he and others would like to see, but since Goldwater’s run for the Presidency in 1964, all these conservatives and their leadership and actions have resulted in one step forward and two steps back, resulting in where we are today – once a leading nation that steadily slipped downhill. We need someone to shake things up and “Make America Great Again” – Greater than it’s ever been!
    As for Megan Kelly, I believe she is highly overrated.


  3. Jane, I respect Megyn Kelly for having the guts to do her job. I don’t know who I will choose for the California primaries yet, but I suspect I will likely need to pinch my nose before voting this November. I fear for Sharlene Wilson’s life if Hillary Clinton steals the votes this November. I can remember countless times when I had to stop what I was doing in studio to record Sharlene for you when she called collect from the prison to give you a scoop. I wouldn’t put it past “Hildebeest” to ask for Sharlene’s head on a silver platter if she steals the White House. But that’s another topic for another day.

    My big concern is the bluster Trump exhibits while campaigning. To me, it’s as spooky as the blubbering 0bama did to get elected in 2008. The only differences are that 0bama’s failed policies never helped the majority of Americans, 0bama surpassed Jimmy Carter as worst President within 9 months of being in office and continues to stay the course of destruction, and 0bama allows terrorists to give us political beatdowns. I’m wondering what Trump will actually do if he gets voted into office. I don’t trust most of the candidates at this point on both sides of the aisle, with Hildebeest as my least trusted candidate. In the event he goes up against Hildebeest, I hope Trump holds to his promises (not likely though) and sets course to make America better.

    And to Franklin: Jane is not a RINO. I worked alongside her for several years in radio, and know her well enough. We differed on some minor things but it was due to personal taste for the most part.


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