Ted Cruz’s Barbie Doll Problem

On paper, Ted Cruz should be the hands-down favorite to be the Republican nominee for president.  He should be able to unite the party, bring in Reagan Democrats and win this election by a landslide.

Cruz satisfies the electorate’s desire for an antiestablishment candidate like no other, having won his Senate seat against his party’s “preferred” candidate.  Once in Washington, he stuck to his principles, even calling out Mitch McConnell when the majority leader engineered a vote that allowed Senate Democrats to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank, the poster child for corporate welfare.  Cruz was the only candidate from either party who had the guts to go into Iowa — the corn capital — opposed to ethanal subsidies.

Cruz is an expert on the Constitution and strongly defends the original intent of the framers who believed in a limited federal government, states’ rights, individual liberty and equality for all —not special privilege for some — under the law.   Isn’t that what most American’s want?   A level playing field, the ability control your own destiny and to keep a fair portion of what you earn without having it stolen out from under you by an ever increasing federal government?  

Cruz is the only candidate who has promised to cut Washington down to size, even giving us a list of federal agencies that would face the ax.   In addition, he supports a tax plan that would eliminate the need for the IRS and allow you to file your taxes on the back of a postcard.

Cruz is the candidate who has the toughest stand on immigration.  https://www.numbersusa.com/content/elections/races/presidential/2016-presidential-hopefuls.html

To be sure, he will never get the votes from those who want a socialist system, where the government takes complete care of you, gives you your food, your housing, your healthcare and even wipes your precious little behind.

For all the rest, Cruz should be a clear choice.  Then why is he trailing in delegates and struggling to regain momentum?

Cruz has a Barbie Doll problem.  Like it or not, the average voter picks his or her president the way a seven-year-old picks her Barbie Doll.   Ask any seven-year-old girl about that and she’ll will tell you, “I pick the cutest one.”

It’s the reason Hillary Clinton ditched her glasses, had facial surgery and liposuction before she became an official candidate.  Even so, the affable Bernie Sanders has given the Democrats’ crown princesses a run for her money.  Why?  It’s not simply that he is promising a lot of free stuff.  He is grandfatherly cute.

Ever since the advent of television, the presidential election has been the ultimate beauty contest.  Only thrice since television became our primary source of information and entertainment has that not held true: 1964, 1972 and 1988.  Lyndon Johnson defeated Barry Goldwater, Richard Nixon defeated George McGovern and George H.W. Bush defeated John Kerry simply because the cutest candidates were all viewed as extreme, well outside the mainstream.

The country longs for another Ronald Reagan, who was not only leading-man handsome but exceedingly fair-minded and smart.  Not only that, Reagan had the ability to articulate his values and his faith in America’s founding principles in a way that made sense and cut across party lines.

Enter the articulate, whip-smart Cruz who has had just enough political experience to be a creditable candidate, but not enough to be a tool of the establishment.   Yes, many in the media have tried to portray him as the establishment alternative to Donald Trump.  However, if the truth be known, establishment types like McConnell would rather eat glass then have to deal with Cruz.  They prefer “let’s make a deal” Trump.   Cruz, like Reagan, will be tough.  He will tear down their wall of power, just like Reagan got Gorbachev to tear down the wall that separated east and west Berlin.

The only thing Cruz lacks is looks.  His nose is just a little too long.  His hair is just a little too slicked down for 2016.  His face has features a little too sharp to be cute.

Unfortunately, Americans are just too busy, too preoccupied with their daily lives, their sports teams, their favorite television shows to study the candidates and the issues.  GOP voters are  going for the slogan, the brash, rich, television star with the loudest voice and the biggest insults to go against the Democrats’ crown princess.

Yes, Donald Trump, with his dyed red combover, is this year’s substitute for Barbie’s Ken.

7 thoughts on “Ted Cruz’s Barbie Doll Problem

  1. I hope we have the best candidate for a time such as this. I believe the people want Trump. I hope he has the best of best in advisors and support to help him lead our country.


  2. Ted Cruz is the closest thing we have to Ronald Reagan…

    Well…he does have black hair.

    Cruz is just another condescending lawyer. And, the people get that.f


  3. In the opening paragraphs of this article I believe Jane has clearly and succinctly stated what Cruz wishes he could communicate to voters as Jane has. Somehow Cruz dropped the ball and I quickly lost interest in him. Possibly when he started restating what Trump said only twisting it so that it carried a different and even ominous meaning. Possibly on the advice of counselors he abandoned a principle that I found glaring out of the character I’d envisioned he was – Thou shalt not bear false witness – IOW, twisting the comments is lying! I took down the two pictures I had of him on my bulletin board and I won’t listen to anything else he has to say – can’t trust what comes out of his mouth.


  4. What matters most in our land is God’s beneficial values for children and families, the integrity of the nuclear family, and true religious freedom that our founding fathers envisioned. While none of the Republican presidential candidates are perfect, only one opposes the harmful, tyrannical homosexual-bisexual-transsexual agenda, while the other two support much of it. The natural family is the foundation of any culture, and it needs help more than any other institution. So please make your pro-family decision with the help of our accurate, fair, and documented Report Card on the Natural Family: http://www.saveamerica.com/report-card.html.

    SaveAmerica.com provides this solely for educational purposes and does not support or oppose candidates for public office.


  5. Thank you, Jane! I hope you consider emailing it or Facebooking it or even writing in your column about it. The Report Card on the Natural Family is the “truth detector” for voter who have moral values. It’s for people who don’t know and want to know where Trump, Cruz, and Kasich truly stand on the tyrannical, harmful “LGBT” agenda which is destroying constitutional rights and religious freedom. http://www.saveamerica.com/report-card.html.

    SaveAmerica.com provides this solely for educational purposes and does not support or oppose candidates for public office.


  6. Well, for better or for worse, Trump is the man, unless they murder him like they did RFK when it became obvious that he was about to win the nomination (and probably the election). The Republican RINO elites may refuse to support him, and that, plus massive vote fraud, may get Lady Macbeth into the Rainbow House. And that will spell the end of Western Civilization, assuming King Hussein and its European comrades don’t destroy it (and all of us) before then.
    Or the e mail leaks and the defections of Sanderistas to the Trumpkin camp may put the Donald in office. And…who knows…he may actually save us.


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