Worse than Cowardly

Imagine your beautiful 18-year-old daughter in a life-and-death struggle with an ISIS fighter in Iraq.  It is kill or be killed.  She must depend on her own strength.   What are her chances for survival?  You know the answer to that.  A big fat zero.

Only a fool or a coward would send a young woman into direct ground combat where the mission is to seek out and kill the enemy.  It appears that the House Armed Services Committee has plenty of both.

Earlier this year Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, dutifully doing the bidding of the Obama Administration, lifted the ban that had prevented women from being assigned to direct ground combat units.  This move ignored logic and a body of Marine Corps research evidence against such a move.


On April 27, the Republican-led House Armed Services Committee sought to complete this dangerous circle by voting for an amendment to the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (HR 4478)  to “Draft America’s Daughters.”  If all goes as planned, the full House of Representatives is expected to vote on this bill early next week.

Presently, we have an all-volunteer military where a draft is unnecessary.  Given the current policy,  many smart young women will avoid military service knowing they could be sent into direct armed combat due to the capitulation of this administration to the radical feminists in Congress and the Pentagon.  And, no, Alondra, Isabella and Selenna, despite what you have been led to believe, this is not a choice.  If you join the military you must go where you are assigned.

Flash forward to 2020.  The world is spinning out of control as it once was before WWI and WWII.  The United States military has used up its supply of volunteer soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines.  The draft is reinstated and your daughters and granddaughters are conscripted and on their way to the front lines.

Will you then scream, “How did this happen?”

I’ll tell you:  Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA), a conservative stalwart, temporarily lost his mind and introduced the “Draft America’s Daughters” amendment in order to put Democrats on record for backing the nutty policy of this administration to send minimally qualified women into battle.

The amendment initially lost (as it should have) on a voice vote.  However, since Hunter had insisted on a recorded vote, he then lost when six of his fellow Republicans joined all but one Democrat and voted for his Amendment.

Irresponsible Republicans were led by feminist Martha McSally (R-AZ), a former A-10 pilot.  McSally was one of the first women to fly combat planes over hostile areas asAlthough McSally served with distinction, she has the problem of believing her own press clippings.  In her 26 years of service, she never experience the physical demands of ground combat or the perils of being a POW which almost certainly would be a reality for women if conscription results from final passage of the Hunter legislation.

Hunter, a Marine Iraq veteran, voted against his own amendment but the damage was done when fellow Republicans Joe Heck (NV), Walter Jones (NC), Sam Graves (MO) Steve Knight (CA) and Chris Gibson (NY) joined with McSally.

Have these men lost their minds?

If direct ground combat assignments are supposed to be a reward for military women, it is a reward that most would gladly do without.  An official survey of

Army women found that 92.5 percent would reject ground combat assignments if they were offered.  Bear in mind, thanks to Obama, this is no choice!   It may well be a death sentence.   It may not be fair that the average man is six inches taller, 30 pounds heavier and (more importantly) has 42 percent more upper body strength than the average woman, but it is a reality.   It may not be fair that, if placed in a combat situation, a woman will not have an equal opportunity to survive!

It is time for all the sane citizens to beseech their member of the House of Representatives to vote against the Defense Authorization Bill unless the “Draft America’s Daughters” amendment is stripped out.

Some members of the House Armed Services Committee may have lost their minds, but that doesn’t mean the rest have to dutifully march to the drumbeat of the radical feminists who want to step over the bodybags of their enlisted sisters in order to run things.

The military must not be a slave to political correctness.



5 thoughts on “Worse than Cowardly

  1. Women cherry picking where they want “equality”.

    Women looking for all the benefits while wanting to take the easy way out.

    Women demanding equal jobs and positions but want a pass on the hard parts…


  2. Girls registering for the draft at age 18, with the potential of drafting young women as well as older women who are already past age 18, is beyond bizarre, it’s idiocy at its optimum pinnacle. The “go-along, get-along” hollow-headed Republicans who vote favorably for this (four-letter word beginning with an “s”)don’t qualify above barnyard manure in their worth and standing. They are more useless than the 14 bags of cow manure I’ve purchased and have worked into the soil of my vegetable garden. At least the manure will help grow some vegetables this summer – and what will these brainless Republicans (and Democrats and others) help do but further undermine our nation, its freedoms, and the long progress that Western civilization has achieved toward recognizing the value of the individual, the curtailment of the “elite” ruling the masses, and the sanctity of the home, the family, and the homemaker, without whom men would still be marauding neanderthals. We’ve come a long way in our progress, let us not squander it via this terrible detour. (I’m a former military man, a USAF pilot, retired major.)


  3. I believe I read a while back that only women who meet the same physical qualifications as men would be assigned to ground combat. Women likely don’t have the “war gene” that men do, but it remains to be seen whether or not women who are committed to the military and to our country can or cannot effectively be trained to wage war.

    As I’ve pointed out before, your predicted exodus from the military following the repeal of DADT didn’t occur to my knowledge. I’d be surprised if women will avoid the military now based on this issue. Time will tell.

    There sure were a lot of things people said women can’t do. Basically anything women weren’t doing, historically, people said they couldn’t do. And they were wrong every time.


    1. The Canadian Army, which has much lower physical standards than the U.S. Military, tried this. After a quarter century of gender integration, the Canadian Army now is only .4% female enlisted infantry.


  4. I was just as stunned when I heard they were going to register females for selective service.

    We don’t need selective service, period.

    Look what happened after 9/11, thousands volunteered to go serve. Unless World War 3 breaks out, there is no need for a draft. And there is every chance it will not even be needed then.

    I am all for every individual to be able to reach out for the things that they want in life. But I don’t want mandatory service for our females. There are the occasional females who want to try combat, that should be their choice if they can meet the same requirements. I am all about personal liberty.


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