Trump’s Almost Perfect Running Mate

Dr. Ben Carson, the man Donald Trump put in charge of his search for a running mate, has confirmed that Trump now has “the list.”

One name, who must be on that list is head and shoulders, figuratively not literally, above the rest.

You can scratch Chris Christie, John Kasich and Newt Gingrich, three of the names that have been bantered about most often.  The last thing the real estate mogul needs is another aging white guy on the ticket.

Trump has indicated that he would like to choose someone with political experience.   He would be wise to pick a person who is political savvy, but who is not tainted with the smell of the hated Washington establishment.  He would be wiser still to pick someone who could appeal to the very voters with whom he is weakest: women and Hispanics.  

His best choice is Susanne Martinez.  The big question is can he get the New Mexico governor to agree to be his running mate?   It will not be an easy sell.  Martinez has been critical of Trump’s language and has declined to say if she will vote for him, even after he became the presumptive nominee.

Nevertheless, Trump campaigned on his deal-making and his ability to make the hard-sell.

Martinez, in addition to being New Mexico’s first female governor; is the nation’s first female Hispanic governor.  Also, she chairs the Republican Governors Association.  Now in her second term, in 2014, she won re-election by a landslide.   She has consistently ranked as one of the nation’s most popular governors.  Though her approval ratings have fallen since her re-election, she still has more people who approve of her job performance than those who disapprove, in a swing-state no less.

Martinez, a former district attorney, is known as a tough law and order governor.  She also takes a hard-line on immigration, though more pragmatic and without the harsh rhetoric of Trump.   When she ran in 2010, she made clear her opposition to amnesty and, once elected, she fought to do away with drivers’ licenses for undocumented immigrants.  She also signed an executive order rescinding sanctuary status for illegal immigrants who commit crimes in New Mexico.

As governor, she turned the largest structural deficit in the state’s history into a surplus without raising taxes.  Among many other cost-cutting measures, she kept a campaign promise and sold the state’s luxury jet, calling it, “the ultimate symbol of waste and excess.”

New Mexico was heavily dependent on federal spending and was greatly impacted by cut-backs at the national level.  Martinez received high marks for implementing economic reforms to help diversify the state’s economy and allow it to compete with its neighbors.  She presided over a business tax cut and cut burdensome regulations.  She also worked across party lines to get bills passed which stopped penalizing manufacturers for exporting their goods.  As a result, New Mexico went from 38th place in the nation to first in export growth.

Her life story is the exact opposite of Donald Trump’s.  She is from a hard-working middle class family of Mexican descent.   Her father, a former Marine boxing champion and deputy sheriff, started a security guard company.   She worked as one of his security guards while getting her education in criminal justice at the University of Texas at El Paso.

Martinez began her political career as a Democrat.  In 2012, she wowed the Republican National Convention in Tampa when she told of going to lunch with her husband and some GOP friends who compared her positions with those of the Democrat Party.  She said, “When we left that lunch, we got in the car and I looked over at Chuck and said, ‘I’ll be damned – we’re Republicans.’”

Unlike Trump, she is known as a policy wonk.  No doubt, her common-sense, plain-spoken ability to articulate the issues will continue to impress conservatives and win over many Democrats as well as some Hispanics.

Last December, she blew it when police were called to quiet a disturbance at a local hotel after her annual staff party.  The governor, who was with a group in one of the rooms, was clearly a little tipsy and demanded to know who made the complaint.  She has since apologized.   If that is the biggest blemish in an otherwise stellar record, than she would be an ideal running mate.

There are some policy differences to be sure, but nothing that cannot be resolved.  It remains to be seen if Trump can make what could be his biggest sale.




8 thoughts on “Trump’s Almost Perfect Running Mate

  1. Jane,

    If Donald Trump gets her on board, and has her as his running mate, I think she’d bring on his A Game and wipe Hillary out. I have you to thank many years ago for setting me straight about the Clintons when I started working with you in radio back in 1997. I fear for Sharlene Wilson if Hillary gets into the White House. I never forgot what the Arkansas Attorney General and the Clintons did to her when she snitched on them, and the unfinished business Hillary Clinton may have if she gets control of the power of the White House. I had an opportunity to attend the Donald Trump rally in Anaheim, and saw how patriotic he is. If Susanna Martinez doesn’t take him up and become his running mate, I hope he considers Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rogers as another possibility. One of my friends who lived in Spokane Washington spoke highly of her, and how she listened to the constituents.

    I hope your other readers don’t mind reading my observations about what I saw going on at Donald Trump’s rally in Anaheim. This is a link to the post I wrote:

    It was a nice rally. Trump seemed honest and to the point.


  2. Gingrich or Delay would be my choice. Trump needs that insider knowledge of a former speaker to run his administration.


  3. Well, all things considered, I have to agree. Christy and Kasich are RINOs and not to be trusted. Gingrich would be very, very useful as an advisor, but cannot bring in female and Hispanic voters. Ms. Martinez is just the one to explain to Chicanos (some of whose families were here long before the Anglos) that this is their country, and the illegals are here to take it from them.
    And given the fact that the Demoncraps will do massive vote fraud and probably make instant citizens (Demoncrap voters) out of hundreds of thousands more immigrants just in time for the election, Trump will need every vote he can get. The more people see of Hillary the less they will like her, and more and more evidence of her crimes will keep leaking out. But never underestimate the power of dead people voting ten times apiece…especially with the tacit approval of the RINO establishment.


  4. Nice report! Look forward to seeing if She accepts, hope she does. It would be a great team of diverse talents that certainly balances out for our country’s needs and interests


  5. I think his best running mate would be Ben Carson.
    It would be a good life insurance policy also.

    2 things have really bothered me about the establishment
    1. What issue have they shown incredible resolve, commitment,
    focus and dedication to? Is it a reasonable budget? Border
    security? Stopping Planned Parenthood? Standing against
    radical Muslim infiltration into every part of our society?
    Discontinuing Obamacare? They may give lip service to those things.
    But the most energy and speech and fervor I’ve seen out of the Repub
    establishment in decades is the “No Trump” message. The folks in
    the ivory towers of political thought have lost touch with
    everyday people and think they are dumb sheep when the
    everyday man may see more clearly than the elites, in my opinion.
    And even thinkers like Ben Carson and Phyllis Schlaffly and
    many other astute people have come out in favor of Trump.
    When he says something like “if the people in the nightclub in Paris
    had been carrying a firearm, that tragedy never would have happened”
    and “we need to vette Muslims before they enter our country” it strikes
    a nerve that made him friends and enemies. There is a saying that a man
    is know by his enemies. So Trump has made enemies of an AntiChrist
    Pope (just look at his January video exalting Universalism), the Muslim rights groups hate him, The Liberals hate him, the Bernie
    Sanders communists and Hillary mobsters hate him, George
    Soros groups have come after him, (a weird one to me is that most
    Repubs establishment hates him.) So why has such a vitriol
    raised up in most of these groups? Maybe he will actually upset
    their applecart of control they have had locked in on taking over
    our nation for the last 40 years.
    2. The other thing that is very upsetting to me is that they have
    asked me to “hold my nose” and vote for extremely pathetic
    candidates like Bob Dole, John McCain and a huge liberal
    when it came to actually governing (not rhetoric) Mitt Romney.
    None of these men were anything like a what we know is a
    true Conservative, they are rhinos. But now a man they
    cannot control will be the candidate and they are saying
    “Never will I vote for him”. Hillary is a given about what
    she will do. And Trump has many issues that have resonated
    with the man on the street, but are untested when it comes
    to how it will shake out in the everyday life and pressures of
    governing. But he says that he in favor of guarding the border,
    allowing the public to continue to bear arms, redoing our unbalanced trade
    agreements, making our military strong again, he claims to be pro life.
    No one knows for sure if he will actually carry out his promises, but
    how would that be any different than what we have seen by the Republicans over the lat 40 years? Each of those issues I mentioned
    is under assault and we are losing ground quickly, no thanks
    to any Republicans who have stood firm and stopped the darkness
    that has crept in. One of the worst things I can think of is how
    the first thing that happened after the last landslide of Repubs
    winning in 2014, was they passed Obama’s budget. Mr new
    speaker of the House Ryan recently did the same thing, including funding
    Planned Parenthood. In fact the only person who is legally in
    trouble after the exposes on Planned Parenthood last year are the brave
    ones who risked all to make the documentary. I haven’t seen anything
    other than token speech and legislation that will never pass
    come out of the Repubs on Planned Parenthood. And of course, there
    is Obamacare, that a Repub Supreme Court nominee helped
    legislate as the law of the land. Can Trump change that? Probably
    not, but he might. We know the Repubs will continue to only
    talk and get nothing done on that issue also. And one of the funniest ones to
    me is the fear that Trump will get us into a war. So the entire party is like
    Mr John McCain (who never saw a war he didn’t like) and then there’s all the
    other Repubs who say the reason they didn’t want Ron Paul because he was
    an isolationist. No I think I have figured it out: just like Newt said a couple
    months back “Trump isn’t in the club”.

    What i believe is going on now is just what happened to Reagan: first they
    will work hard to compromise him (like Reagan was forced to take on Bush)
    (And oh yea, there was that bullet that one of HW Bush’s friend’s sons almost put
    in his heart) and then he will be destroyed in every way possible.


  6. Have there been any studies on the effect a Vice-presidential candidate has on the general election outcome? I suspect that all the tactical antics of gender, ethnic background, “looks-good-sounds-good” (with little substance), and other political criteria are highly overrated. Finding someone with the persuasions, drive, direction, background, and temperament (with an element of brashness), would be my choice. The people are repudiating the direction our country has been going and if the need arose to use the V-P (heaven forbid, but that is the purpose and role of a V-P), a continuance of what the President started should be the primary consideration. Otherwise, the leader’s efforts will never reach fruition and die on the vine. Some of us thought that Bush #41 would be a close duplicate to President Reagan’s leadership and improvements, but his former V-P fell far from the tree. Since this movement has started and is continuing with gusto, let us protect it with as close to a clone of Trump that we can find.


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