Mike Pence: The Left’s New Bogeyman

To say that the left is adamantly against Mike Pence, Donald Trump’s running mate, is to state the obvious. However, in the days since the Indiana governor was chosen, liberals have been having conniptions for fear that this unassuming, soft-spoken, likable Hoosier, might be able to sway some to, horrors, vote Republican.

Pence is their new bogeyman, one to be feared more than ISIS, more than corporate greed, even more than the greatest threat to mankind — global warming.

Eric Schmeltzer, writing for the Huffington Post called him “Sarah Palin (a popular left-wing target) without the charisma.” Whooo!

Schmeltzer again on his blog: “It isn’t so much that Mike Pence is a lightweight in the brains department. It’s that Mike Pence is a lightweight in the brains department and also ridiculously incompetent.” Double whooo!

Martin Longman of the Washington Monthly said, “Pence has the countenance of a humorless boarding school headmaster, and to call him a moral scold would be putting it mildly…No one who followed Pence’s congressional career should have been surprised by his extremism as governor. He had served as the chairman of the Republican Study Committee, an organization known for its radicalism. He actually joined the Tea Party Caucus, an assembly of loons that was chaired by the certifiably crazy Michele Bachmann of Minnesota. Groan!

Thom Palmer, another blogger, penned this doozy, “Most of his personal platform flies in the face of everything Trump has advocated, except they both agree on the need to be more racist, sexist, and hateful.” Howl! Hiss!

But no one symbolized the extreme hatred of the man like Christina Cauterucci, a staff writer for Slate who wrote, “Mike Pence … is no brilliant speaker who could spin the Republican Party’s chillingly anti-woman platform into something palatable for the average female voter. He’s not even a neutral actor, someone who might not cancel out Trump’s misogyny but at least wouldn’t inflame it. Instead, Trump has reputedly chosen a political figure known for his active hostility toward women and his support for legislation that puts political symbolism ahead of the public good.” Moan, wail!

Let’s face it, the left would be against any Republican, even God, himself. In fact, the Almighty likely would face a torrent of criticism from the left, the likes of which we have never experienced. Why? Because God has given us a set of moral absolutes in the Bible and those on the left want us to reject any of his followers who profess a faith in Him that includes living by His unchanging word.

Those lefties who adhere to a form of godliness (Hillary Clinton) believe the Bible, like our Constitution, is as malleable as Silly Putty and should change with the times. Therefore, Pence, is part of the unwashed, unenlightened.

What does the left really have to fear from Mike Pence? As a Christian, he believes that we are all created equal and, as human beings, are made in the image of God. He believes that all life is precious and worthy of protection.

He believes that this equality means that everyone should be treated the same under the law and have an equal opportunity to succeed, but that no one should have special privileges because of race, gender, national origin or some perceived grievance.

He believes that laws are written to protect the innocent and that lawbreakers should be punished.

He believes that it is wrong to steal and that includes our elected representatives who regularly steal from their constituents through taxation in order to curry favor with supporters and special interest groups.

He believes in living within our means, and that a nation that borrows will be a slave to the lender.

He believes that we have a moral responsibility to care for the less fortunate, but that doesn’t include the able-bodied who refuse to work.

He believes that fornication and adultery are wrong and that marriage is between and man and a woman.

Lastly — and this may surprise some — he believes, as our Creator did, in free choice. However, that choice ends when it affects someone else’s life or property. Therefore, if some choose a lifestyle that is contrary to God’s word, he will support their right to those choices as guaranteed under our Constitution, but that doesn’t mean that the government should cohere everyone into participating or condoning those choices.

What does one have to fear — as the left does — from having godly people like Pence run our government? What does one have to fear from leaders who believe in upholding our Constitution which is based on God’s unchanging principles?

2 thoughts on “Mike Pence: The Left’s New Bogeyman

  1. Pence is, overall, a moderate Republican; since that party has shifted to the left during the last few decades, this really means he is a liberal. But to hard-core left wing fascists, that makes him a “right wing extremist.” And of course Schmeltzer accused him of being a “light weight in the brains department.” The arrogant, pretentious phony intellectuals of the left consider themselves to be superior human beings by definition, and everyone to the right of Karl Marx is an idiot…by definition.
    I do not trust Pence or Trump. But I contributed to Trump’s campaign and I will vote for them…and against Hellery. I think Dr. Ben Carson is on to something.


  2. From what I’ve read so far and heard during the Convention, Pence seems to be a good, maybe strong, addition to the campaign. Maybe he will have some impact on our Federal government’s return to Biblical principles, including the sanctity of life – saving the unborn – but also eliminating the sub-human filth and slime that are too often given life sentences for atrocious and unspeakable crimes. They do not deserve the privilege of continuing life on earth. With a little more heavy-handedness in the death penalty department, the unequivocal knowledge that the perpetrator will be executed – and quickly – may finally be the deterrent it is supposed to be. Law and order, crime and punishment, but with absolute, precise justice for all. I believe that is God’s intent.


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