The other Name for #Never Trump

I am, like most voters, aghast at the choice we have for president in the 2016 election.  We all knew the Democrats would wind up with Hillary Clinton.  The Democratic primary was rigged from the start and nothing was going to stop her coronation.

The Republicans, on the other hand, had a plethora of excellent candidates and, with one or two exceptions, I would have been happy with any of them.  Unfortunately, with the compressed primary, the large field and thoughtful voters divided, the GOP ended up with Donald Trump, the brash, billionaire egomaniac.

Like it or not, Clinton or Trump is the choice each and every voter faces.  GOP and small government-leaning Democrats who choose not to vote for president, on principle, are, in effect, casing a vote for Hillary Clinton.  

They know it and they make no bones about it.  They want Trump to lose so they can be proven right and they want to punish anyone who doesn’t feel that way.   They are guilty of doing the very think they dislike most in Trump.  They want to gloat!  They have made the decision that it is better to give the election to a left-leaning, big government, dishonest Democratic nominee than to allow Donald Trump to become the nation’s chief executive.  They are, for all practical purposes, ready for Hillary.

Personally, I would rather have an inept, brash candidate than one who steals from those who are willing to work hard and play by the rules in order to reward those who pony-up to keep her in power and in a life style she could never afford if she had to go out and get a real job.  I would rather have a candidate who can’t pass a mirror or a TV camera without preening than one who can lie with a straight face.  Frankly, I would take someone who is marginally qualified than someone who is, at her very core, dishonest.

Sure, there is a case to be made that both candidates have made wrong decisions in the past and statements they can’t back up.  However, there is an important difference between Trump and Clinton.  Trump is an unseasoned politician who often shoots off his mouth without knowing the facts.  When confronted with facts, he often backs down or changes his mind. Hillary knows the facts, but will flat-out lie about them.  Rules simply don’t apply to her.

There is another important difference:  Trump will openly try to punish anyone who attacks him.  Hillary will do the same, but in secret, and — more often than not— get away with it.

Frankly, it is time we had a leader who has the ability to put fear into the hearts of our enemies and that includes all our enemies in Congress who work against the very people they are supposed to represent.

The very least we should demand of a candidate is honesty.  I will take an honest man or woman over a dishonest one anytime, even one with whom I sometimes disagree.

No, Trump and Hillary are not equally bad.  Hillary is far, far worse.

I will also take someone who has run something in the real world over someone who has made a killing in politics.

Sure the Republican leaders hate Trump.  He has called them to task for their stand on illegal immigration, over spending, bad trade deals and playing footsie with Obama.  Will Trump remain true to his principles?  It’s anybody’s guess.  One thing for sure, Hillary will.

Some say a Trump victory will be the end of the Republican Party.  Well, the Republican Party, as it stands now, is completely worthless.  Compare its stated principles to what it does, even with a lock on Congress: At best it is a toothless tiger, at worst a fraud.  Trump’s defeat will be a validation of their fecklessness!

Don’t give me all the reasons not to vote for Trump.  I made them myself during the primary.   However, it is better to swallow one’s pride and accept the GOP candidate, warts and all, than it is to stand idly by and allow a woman who has been one of the most corrupt and dishonest politicians in my lifetime — who will lead this country further down the road to socialism, open borders and unsustainable debt — to become president.   It is time to say “no” to the woman who will finish the job Barack Obama has started and turn the Supreme Court into a rubber stamp for leftist policies that would never pass Congress, even one controlled by her own party.

That is why I’ll vote for Trump.

6 thoughts on “The other Name for #Never Trump

  1. We are at a time when almost anything is possible, from thermonuclear holocaust to the final imposition of NWO global fascism to an uprising in the West against the banksters and corporate CEOs and their leftist and Islamic foot soldiers, an uprising that might lead to a new age of peace, prosperity, and freedom.
    Our current Presidential election is utterly unpredictable. It is likely that the polls are rigged and Clinton actually has far less support than Trump…but never underestimate the power of hacked voting machines and the multiple votes of dead illegal aliens.
    A lifetime of lying has caused Clinton to lose her grasp on reality, and it’s beginning to show. Though largely covered up by the slimestream media, the steady trickle of e mails and revelations about the Clinton Foundation are subjecting her to the death of a thousand cuts. And her physical health is deteriorating rapidly.
    Will she drop out or die? Will the Demoncraps be unable to rig the vote for whomever they chose to replace her? Will King Obama postpone the election if Clinton drops out? If she continues to run but the vote rigging fails and Trump is elected, will Obama cancel the results by claiming that the Republicans rigged it?
    Stay tuned…we are in for a wild ride, destination unknown.


  2. When Co-President Hillary Clinton first set foot in the Whithouse, her first official act was to fire every federal judge and replace them. We are still reeling from the effects from that action. If elected, it is beyond frightening to anticipate what her first 100 days in office will do to Shred the Constitution.


    1. Federal judges serve for life. What Clinton did was fire all the U.S. attorneys but one (Michael Chertoff’s job was saved by Bill Bradley) in one fell swoop. U.S. attornys serve four year terms and it was not unpresented for a new president to want to put in his own appointees. Generally, this takes place over time. What was unpresented is that Clinton’s assistant attorney general, Webb Hubbell, came in and told them all, “We want your resignations by the end of the week.”


  3. Jane’s opening was an excellent preamble to her article and contained reason after reason to keep the leftists from further damage, likely irreparable damage, to the best example for freedom and the future hope for humankind. This election is not just about the near future but carries the torch of history forward for future generations, and not just for Americans but for those in the world who seek individual freedom from oppressive governments.
    Jane’s comment, “Frankly, it is time we had a leader who has the ability to put fear into the hearts of our enemies and that includes all our enemies in Congress who work against the very people they are supposed to represent” is truth never stated more clearly.
    And as a bonus, William B. Stoecker’s response was a nice dish of dessert after the main meal. Thank you to both. May God bless America.


  4. Yes it important for people to compare both candidates and see the light when it comes to Hilary. She is far worse than anyone the republicans could nominate. Not even because of where she stands on the issues but by the sheer fact she’s dishonest and lies. How can we be represented by a president that lies and we don’t even really know if she’s for America? At least I know Trump is for America. He quit his billionaire endeavor, donated millions of his own money to run his campaign without lobbyist and interest group funds to fight for America. He’s our next president because his heart is for America and to serve ALL of its people. Thank you for outlining the facts clearly for people to have discernment on who to vote for this upcoming election. We appreciate you and all your life’s work to ensure people know the truth and can make the right decisions with the true facts and a proper analysis.


  5. What bothers me about a Hillary presidency is that she has threatened to expand Medicare and increase Social Security benefits. Ronald Reagan was right many years ago: Medicare is the path to socialized medicine and we must get rid of it yesterday! Our government will save trillions without Medicare expenses dragging our economy down!

    And Social Security should be phased out over the next few years. Let workers use their earned money as they wish and stop funding this form of socialism. Most seniors I know don’t want to live in socialism!


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