Election Crossroads: Socialism or Capitalism?

Our country is at a crossroads.  Never before have we faced such an obvious fork in the road.  One road, the one favored by politician Hillary Clinton and her Democratic colleagues, promises to lead us to a socialist utopia.  The other, favored by businessman Donald Trump and some of his Republican colleagues, promises to get us back on the road toward free-market capitalism.

It is no secret that most career politicians lean toward a socialist system.  In this system they control the lion’s share of our money and, in turn, hand out favors.  In this system, they make the major decisions that affect our lives.  As the government accumulates more and more power, we invariably end up with less.  Statistics show that the longer a politician stays in power, the more of our hard-earned money he or she spends.  Yet we keep electing the same people over and over and over again, expecting a different result.  

We’ve been headed down the road toward socialism for quite some time and this could be the last fork in the road we will have to get us back to the free market system that has given this country the highest standard of living in the world.   No, it isn’t perfect, but it works for everyone who is willing to work hard and wants to improve his or her life.

Notice what I didn’t say is “simply willing to work hard.”  There is the belief by some that if you simply work hard, you should have what these politicians now call a “living wage ” — the income necessary to support a family of four and supply all its basic needs, which is around $85,000 a year in some parts of the country.   The Democrats want to replace the minimum wage, which is a training wage, with this living wage.  That completely kicks the bottom rungs out from under the economic ladder that Americans have traditionally climbed in order to reach their goals and live independently.

Ideally, it would mean that you could take a job flipping hamburgers and never gain any skills or accept any responsibility, and live as comfortably as the guy or gal who does.

Unfortunately, this so-called living wage will destroy jobs.  It will cause companies to automate, and those that cannot will begin moving offshore at an even faster rate.

But this living wage is only part of what the Democrats want to do in the name of fairness.

This, no doubt, appeals to many in this poor economy who have lost all hope so they are lulled into thinking that the socialist road is much better.

Wages have remained flat for far too long, but the Democrats are proposing raising taxes even higher on businesses and job creators.

Most people  simply do not understand that businesses don’t pay taxes.  They are passed down to consumers in the form of higher prices.  And when the price of the necessary goods and services becomes too high, such as we’ve seen in Obamacare, there is a large outcry.   That’s when the government steps in and takes over the means of production and the control of those services.   That’s when the door to socialism/communism, slams shut.

They tell us if we take this socialist road there is nothing to fear.  Our benevolent government will take care of us.  They are offering us, free college — or almost free loans — in order to get the job we want at a salary we think we deserve.  And if we don’t get that job, the government is going to give us free healthcare, free food and free housing.  Under President Hillary there will be free childcare, free preschool and paid family leave.  What a country!

If we don’t reach our goals, everything will be okay because Social Security and Medicare will be there to finance our retirement and, if that isn’t enough, the government will put us in a retirement center where we live out the remainder of our years playing checkers or watching television.

What about the fact that Social Security and Medicare are going broke?  How long can we keep printing money to keep us afloat before our economy collapses?   They never talk about that.

As British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once said, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

Don’t be fooled:  This election is about a lot more than the two personalities at the top of the ticket.  It’s an important fork in the road:  One fork requires hard work and sacrifice but offers freedom.  The other offers a free lunch.



7 thoughts on “Election Crossroads: Socialism or Capitalism?

  1. Even more than that is at stake. If the mad fool Obama doesn’t do it first, Hillary, if “elected,” will probably get us into an unnecessary and easily avoidable war with Russia that will almost certainly escalate into a nuclear holocaust. Most of us will die horribly (usually due to flash burns) and Western Civilization will be destroyed. Even if we manage to escape that fate, Hillary will continue inviting in the armies of Islam to murder and enslave us…all according to plan…and she herself will have patriots murdered in their homes or rounded up and put into camps to die slowly. And, as Ms. Chastain points out, Hillary will certainly wreck our economy.
    Due to control of the slimestream media, welfare to buy votes, and outright vote fraud, Hillary will almost certainly be “elected.” At that point, tens of millions of armed patriots will know that there is absolutely no hope of peaceful, legal change, and that our government is utterly corrupt and lawless. We will know that we are slated for impoverishment, enslavement, and death…so what do we have to lose?
    Barring a miracle, it will soon be time to water the tree, and time for many of us to keep an oath that we took long ago.


  2. A crossroads it is. In 1992 I was in a funk for a week when Bill Clinton was elected. In 2012 I was involved in NaNoWriMo (?? Google it!)and missed the next two days of writing (red squares on my writing performance calendar) because of the mental (and physical) results of a second Obama term. At age 82 I’m not well qualified to live up to the oath Mr. Stoecker refers to, though I took it as a lifetime commitment 59 years ago as a 2nd Lt. in the USAF. This nation began as a God blessed nation and we need more adherence to biblical teachings to continue those blessings. Some soulful prayers may help. God’s ways are not our ways so, though prayer may seem a weak way to seek the right path, it may be the most powerful weapon we have presently. I’m currently reading The Arab – Israeli Wars by Chaim Herzog (3rd edition) for the second time. When situations seemed hopeless, the Israelis came out victorious – God’s chosen people, with resolve (and a lot of help from the mysterious force that cannot be denied), time after time they were victorious. Praise God, and seek His help. Amen.


  3. Why are American liberals so excited about socialism? What socialist country is so great they would rather move there? Why are the same people so upset if anyone questions their “rights” but are ready to let the government control their paychecks, health, and their speech?


  4. Interestingly, less than 24 hours after I was strongly prompted by some inner conviction to post the above comment about soulful prayers because “God’s ways are not our ways,” FBI Director Comey announced a new investigation of Hillary and emails found on other devices. Who’d a thunk it??!! Not that my prayers were responsible, but possibly the prayers of many who believe and recognize that form of petition toward adverse circumstances has power. Coincidence? Or prayer? Give this occurrence some serious consideration, for living life has its challenges and it’s a good idea to read the instructions (aka Bible).


    1. “Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.” II Chronicles 7:14


  5. I think you’re exaggerating the situation, the threat and politicians’ intent. Socialism involves government control of production, which is hardly analogous with what you’re describing. But I agree we should always incline toward personal responsibility. That topic should def. be discussed in Washington more than it is.

    Chuckling at Warren’s histrionics and William’s weird predictions. William would be a fool not to move to Easter Island if Hillary is elected, rather that face the nuclear holocaust he believes she craves.


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