Trump Wants to Starve Santa’s Reindeer

In Washington, it’s known as the Rahm Emanuel Rule (Obama’s former chief of staff):   You never miss a chance to convert a crises — even one manufactured to fit a holiday —into political pork for your favorite special interest group.

That’s why the radical environmentalists are out in force this Christmas, scaring children by telling them that reindeer — the kind that Santa uses to pull his magical sleigh on Christmas Eve — are getting weaker due to global warming.

This is not the first time that global warming alarmists have pulled this one out of the hat at Christmas, but this attempt may be the most desperate.  With our country wrapped in a deep freeze and a new team heading the Environmental Protection Agency, some of the money flowing to those trying to prove this theory may dry up if they don’t pull out all the stops.

“Make the public fearful!  Yes!  Scare the children into believing that Trump wants to starve Santa’s reindeer.   Why they are barely able to pull all that weight now!  Who knows what will happen if all the funding flowing to scientists and universities for global warming is cut?  Might have to cancel Christmas!”

These alarmists are promoting a new study by Steve Albon, an ecologist with the James Hutton Institute in Scotland, who asserts that climate change (the newest environmental buzzword) is responsible for weigh loss among the reindeer living in the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard.  This is an area susceptible to temperature fluctuations.  The average weight of the reindeer he studied born between 1994 and 2010 has dropped 12 percent.  Albon blames it on warm temperatures which produce more rain than snow.   Thus the rain on the ground freezes and keeps the reindeer from accessing the plants that survive underneath the snow.

However,  Thomas Richard, who researches climate news, says that Albon’s theory doesn’t match the temperature and rainfall record during the study period.

The Svalbard islands are an Arctic desert with an annual precipitation rate of between 7 3/4  to 11 7/8 inches.  Although close to the North Poll, the area has a relatively mild climate due to the intersection of  ocean and air currents that favors snow.  In fact, during the winter period, only two days per month get any rain at all.

However, if Santa needs more muscle, he can easily expand his team.  The reindeer population in that area has almost doubled in the last two decades despite what the study deemed a “food shortage” during the winter.

It is likely that the increase in the size of these herds and the competition for the food supply that exists in the winter led to the weigh loss.  However, this doesn’t fit the current narrative.

Nevertheless, if Santa still needs more muscle, he can easily find it elsewhere. Reindeer, also known as caribou, are plentiful and exist in many areas around the globe.

It is true that some subspecies are rare and one is extinct but, bear in mind, environmentalists are found of playing the subspecies game.  If a few reindeer are found with a black spot on one ear and that is unusual, they can become the next subspecies.

Since reindeer are migratory animals and adapt to their environment, changes in the species are predictable and common.   As weather patterns change, as they variably do, so do the reindeer.  Thus some subspecies disappear quite naturally.

One can only hope that as we change administrations, some of the funding that is going to those scientists who have pledged allegiance to the theory of global warming will disappear as well.

Bottom line:  There is no reindeer shortage.

It is also important to note that during the ice age, reindeer were living as far south as Nevada and Tennessee in North America.  Yes, it was much colder here then.  It is curious indeed that most global warming theorists begin their computer models at the end of the last ice age.  Since that time the earth has been warming slightly and it likely will cool again,

In fact, there has been no global warming for the past decade and there is evidence to suggest that we have entered a period of global cooling that may last for many years.   Meanwhile, brace yourself as we battle a series of winter storms that are sweeping across the country and keep the children away from the television set.

Santa and his reindeer will arrive on schedule!



4 thoughts on “Trump Wants to Starve Santa’s Reindeer

  1. In place of the scare tacticts fed to the gullible milliemes, and our youth in schools would be to show the movie ‘EXPELLED” and learn how scientists who have a different version of “Global Warming” now referred to as ‘Climate Change’!! Find themselves out of a job unless they agree with the EPA, Gore and those who make billions on their scare tactics.
    Has anyone noted that our sun part of our solar system controls our environment!!
    We need to use common sense in taking care of what we use how we use our eco system. This Globe our earth is always changing and has been though the ages.


  2. There’s nothing constant but change – that’s not original I might add; someone applied it to something long ago, but it is often a universal fit. Let us hope (and pray) that the current administration change redirects us on the general path we’ve been on since we became a nation. Change is not always progress but when the wrong change is made (i.e. Obama over the last eight years), the sooner the change to original path the less damage is done. We’ve had eight years of a pretty severe and damaging change. With Trump showing the correct way, I’m confident that Santa and his reindeer can rest assured that they have a friend in the White House.


  3. The econazis a short time ago were clamoring that the cute wittle poly bears were dying off due to global warming. Turns out that polar bear populations all around the Arctic have been increasing for years, allowing them to eat more cute baby seals, caribou…and people. Now the alarmists are using sparse data about one small group of reindeer to panic the useful idiots.
    At least there’s no danger of the useful idiot subspecies dying off any time soon…there are billions of them.


  4. I believe climate change is real, but weighing deer on Svalbard is probably no way to prove it, or even demonstrate it. Actually, I just read that 80,000 deer starved in Russia due to thick ice. Even this is a small number (though a very sad fact) when weighed against the animal population in Siberia, which is pretty dang big and has an awful lot of deer. Nature is big, varying and cruel.

    I disagree that environmentalists are defining subspecies or, as a body, touting Svalbard reindeer deaths.

    I do worry about the deer/caribou in Alaska, b/c they are the last big migrating mammals in North America. I hope we can eventually drill in the arctic while at the same time protecting these animals and their routes. We could hardly have a million bison crossing Kansas every year, but hopefully caribou migration can continue in Alaska while American oil is pumped.

    And since I’ve segued to oil, I’m surprised you haven’t addressed the mess in North Dakota. Sad that those shrill protesters shut down a needed pipeline. It just means we have to keep shipping via truck and train. Crazy.


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