The Deplorables Versus the Nasties

Last weekend was a demonstration of strength by the Deplorables, who turned out for the inauguration, and the Nasties, who marched on Saturday.

The Deplorables got their name from Hillary Clinton.  On September 11, the Democrat presidential nominee said, “To just be grossly generalistic, you can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables.  Right?  Racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, you name it.”

The Nasties came from a comment Donald Trump made to characterize Hillary Clinton — not her supporters —during the last presidential debate.  Clinton spoke of her plan to bring down the deficit by taxing the rich.  She then made a snarky comment that Trump would find a way to get out of paying his fair share.  That drew his ire.

Both sides, in this hotly contested political contest, in turn, adopted the epithets thrown by these opposing candidates during a knock-down, drag-out campaign and wore them like a badge of honor.

Are half of Trump’s supporters racist, sexist, homophobic, zenophobbic or Islamaphobic?  Obviously not.

Are Hillary Clinton’s supporters nasty?  Many did their best to live up to that label last Saturday.   If you listened to the profanity-laced speeches and read some of the signs carried by the protesters there were many nasty women in that crowd.   So why are they so against our 45th president that they were willing to come out in mass to protest against him the day after the inauguration?

Trump doesn’t support a woman’s right to kill her unborn child for any reason at any time.   We get that.   However, if there were any other real complaints against him, they were lost.   Most of these women had little or no knowledge of the goals that have been set forth by our new president.

They claim to be “pro-choice,” but are they against choice in education?  Do they really want to lock the children of poor women in failing schools?

They claim to be pro-choice but do they really want to limit our choice of health insurance to a “one-size fits all” government plan?

They claim to be for income equality but do they really want the government to dictate their job assignments and work hours, which is the only way to guarantee that all women’s wages will equal those of all men.

It appears these women used this march as an opportunity to hold a group therapy session over hurts real or perceived, now or possibly in the future.  They vowed to fight this administration and take over the power centers of our government.

Meanwhile, Trump simply rolled up his sleeves and began making good on some of the promises he ran on —  a rare thing indeed.

Let’s be clear.  There is a limit to what a president — any president — can do on his own.   It is the job of Congress to make the laws that would make most of Trump’s goals achievable.

This was an historic election.  Trump is not a typical politician.  He is not beholden to anyone.  In his inaugural address, he, in effect, stuck his finger in the eye of both Democrat and Republican leaders of Congress who have been robbing us blind in order to enrich themselves and their friends.  They operate with one goal, and only one goal, in mind:  stay in power and the American people be damned.

Make no mistake.  There will be an ongoing battle between the Deplorables and the Nasties.  Who will win?  That all depends on you.

Generally, those of us who vote hit the snooze button after every election and sleep for four years.  Then we wake up and wonder why nothing changed.  It will not change this time unless you stay engaged.

Finally, it appears that we have a president who is willing to make the case for what he believes will make America great again and he isn’t afraid to call out those who get in his way.  This includes members of both political parties.

I pray that he will continue to use his Twitter account and the America people will begin to pay attention to what happens in Congress and hold their members accountable.  Give them a hard time when they fail to do what is right and, more importantly, “attaboys” when they do.

As an old sportscaster, I can tell you that watching Washington is a lot more exciting than watching a ball game and, in the end, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat really matters.

2 thoughts on “The Deplorables Versus the Nasties

  1. The leftists on inauguration day blocked traffic, broke windows, torched cars, and assaulted Trump supporters. They left behind piles of garbage, which leftists always do; by contrast, Tea Party demonstrators always leave the area cleaner than they found it. The women’s march also left behind piles of trash and filth, demonstrating their concern for the environment and the rights of others. Hijab-wearing Muslim women were among them; like all leftists, the feminists ignore and excuse the real war on women, waged by the “religion of peace.”
    One of the speakers, along with the aging entertainment has-beens, was a Black woman who had once participated in the slow torture and murder of a White man, spending over two weeks putting a steel rod up his rear end, crushing his testicles with pliers, and burning him. Of course, the foul creature was never executed for this, and served 27 years in a cushy woman’s prison before being released. She is a close associate of Van Jones, another racist, leftist Black who is also a close associate of Barack Obama.


  2. The Dimos still haven’t adjusted to their disappointment about their loss, and likely never will. This continuous assault on Trump, his administration, and the steps they are taking to turn our country around and protect us from the horrendous attacks we’ve seen in France and Germany as two examples, is a staple in their diet. They may be doing their cause more harm by their actions. Very often things backfire and the perpetrators experience what they intended for others.


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