Independent Counsel? Where’s the Crime?

There are growing calls for an independent counsel or prosecutor to investigate the Trump-Russia connection in the 2016 presidential election.  Everyone, it seems, has in interest in one.

For the media it is more fuel to feed the 24-hour news cycle.

For Democrats, it keeps the idea alive that something beyond their control caused their candidate to lose.  It couldn’t be because Hillary Clinton was deeply flawed, universally disliked, and couldn’t be trusted.  It couldn’t be that their message of higher taxes, bigger government and gender-neutral restrooms just fell flat.  It had to be something more sinister.

And for Republicans, it’s the need to simply move on. 

The payoffs are endless.  The media would have a feeding frenzy.   The Republicans would have a ready answer for everything:  “It’s under investigation.  Therefore I can’t discuss it.”  Lastly, Democrats would be able to assert that this administration must be dirty.  If that were not the case, there would be no need for an investigation.

Should this scenario play itself out, one thing is missing: a crime.

Let’s look into some of our more recent political scandals:

With Watergate, which led to the first special prosecutor, there was the break-in.

With Iran-Contra, which was investigated by the Tower Commission and the Democratically controlled Congress, there was the secret sale of arms to a country that was under an embargo.

With the Whitewater investigation, led by Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr, who replaced Robert Fiske, there were illegal loans made to finance a real estate venture of the Clintons from a failed federally-backed savings and loan.  This led to a string of other investigations that included, but were not limited to: the death of Vince Forster, the firing of the White House Travel Office Staff and Monica Lewinsky.

Nevertheless, these investigations — and there have been many others against various government officials that received a lot less attention — were all launched because a crime was committed.  However, in this case the interested parties are calling for an independent counsel to simply look for a crime.

This is not only nonsense, it is expensive nonsense.   Before the Independent Counsel Act was allowed to expire in 1999, these investigations had cost American taxpayers over $180 million.  And bear in mind, that $180 million would be well over a quarter of a billion in today’s dollars.

If you think these investigations were expensive, just imagine how much more one will cost when there is no defined crime, just a mandate to look for one.  Staggers the imagination!

Independent investigators and independent counsels have no time limit and no spending limits.  What a deal!  It’s welfare for lawyers and its welfare we can ill afford.

Meanwhile, many members of Congress are telling us they can’t afford to give us a tax cut.  How can they when they are so cavalier about spending our money this way!

If you don’t like the way the election came out, then just work a little harder toward the next election.  It’s as simple as that.  Meanwhile, let Trump do his best to make this country great again.  All of us, regardless of our political affiliation, will win if he does well.  If he doesn’t, we’ll have a chance to replace him in 2020.

Meanwhile, it’s time members of Congress get to work.  Democrats are trying to make a career out of being obstructionists.  That doesn’t help anyone.

The number one job of Congress is to provide for our defense and pass a balanced budget.  That requires discipline.   All this nonsense about appointing an independent counsel to look for a crime is just a symptom of a much larger problem.

The nation’s fiscal year begins October 1.  The nation’s budget is made up of 12 separate appropriations bills.  How long has it been since Congress actually passed all twelve on time?  It was 20 years ago in 1997.  How long has it been since we had a balanced budget?   It was 19 years ago in 1998.  However, it was not a result of Bill Clinton or spending discipline as some have suggested, but an aggressive Republican Congress, an usually strong economy and a shrinking military.

At that time we still had a national debt of $5.5 trillion.  Since that time we have added another $14.5 trillion to the nation’s credit card because of this lack of discipline.  This is hardly a time to spend money on an independent counsel in search of a crime.

Message to Congress:  Just do your job and let Trump do his.

5 thoughts on “Independent Counsel? Where’s the Crime?

  1. Well stated. An independent counsel to look for a crime! And a total disregard for the costs AND the unsettling aura of crime or criminal intent in the minds of the less informed and people highly susceptible to rumors and myths. We don’t need to perpetuate the discontent that prevailed during the Obama years now that there has been a resurgence of confidence and hope across most of the nation. New jobs, enthusiasm for economic growth, law and order, a sense of renewed safety from outside threats and internal disorder with a rebuilt military and renewed appreciation of or police, and more and more. Congress’s concept of money and funding was revealed recently when Senator Hatch asked the question, regarding a tax cut, “How are we going to pay for this?” As if it were an added expense to a bloated budget! Sen. Hatch, a hint: this is reduced income (temporarily, until the economy real begins to grow again) and is met by reducing spending. Through Hatch’s remark we can see how the legislators and “the swamp” have a pathetic sense of budgeting.


  2. In a saner and better world, we patriots might have cause to welcome the appointment of a special counsel. If the person appointed was fairly rational and honorable he would swiftly conclude that, yes, Trump committed no crimes and did not collude with the Russians. The investigation, once started, could then look at real crimes, like Hillary’s private email server, Benghazi, the murder of Mark Rich, etc.
    We are assured that Robert Mueller is such a man, but remember that he was appointed Director of the FBI about a week before 9/11. I realize that many otherwise intelligent patriots refuse to believe that our government would conduct false flag operations and murder Americans, or that both parties could be guilty of such crimes. But ask yourself: what became of the plane that allegedly struck the Pentagon on the sixtieth anniversary of its construction? Why did the wings and engines not severely damage the walls, and where did they go? For that matter, the fuselage, passengers, and crew magically vanished into thin air as well. In all the history of steel framed buildings, none ever completely collapsed due to fire, until 9/11…when three did so in one day. And all collapsed straight down, a feat that can only be achieved by controlled demolition. There’s more…much more…but this is enough to prove it was an inside job.
    And Mueller’s FBI covered this up. Under his command they deliberately ignored the overwhelming evidence, and even created false evidence, like the magic passport. Also, Mueller removed all references to radical Islam from FBI training documents, in response to the complaints of CAIR (a terrorist front organization).
    I fear that Mueller will be the ringmaster of a circus from Hell.


  3. The biggest issue here: What is the problem with Russia? They went from a Godless communist regime to a Godly government ruled by a benevolent and firm leader. The Russian government has shown the world leadership in how to deal with problem elements of its population and I think we as Christians can applaud the way they’ve taken care of the Jehovah Witness issue in Russia. If only our government was bold enough to take such steps! We can learn a great deal from Putin and the election of Mr. Trump puts us on the right track to a firm alliance of both countries to peace and prosperity.


  4. I believe that you are absolutely right about Putin. But lately Trump seems to be listening to the neocons and continuing the dangerous hostility to nuclear-armed Russia. God help us if this trend is not reversed in time.


  5. OR … Putin is a kleptocrat who supports the covert jailing of dissidents following the literal nationalization of the privately developed and held fossil fuel industry, then possibly colluded both with Trump-held businesses and colluded to get Trump elected via tampering with DNC communications and, separately, Clinton emails.

    Trump didn’t release his taxes, and you don’t wonder what holdings he as in Russia? I have no idea, but it’d be NICE TO KNOW.

    Now it turns out his son-in-law wanted secret communications with the Russian government?

    The same government that strives to kill democracy in Ukraine and elsewhere?

    And Flynn and others were in secret, undisclosed communications with Russia?

    And then you all praise Trump and Putin and in doing so call yourselves patriots specifically due to this praise? And don’t think we should even look in to what’s going on?

    I personally think there’s more smoke than fire here but there’s a good way to find out. INVESTIGATE. And if anything is found, you’ll just say it’s a Democratic conspiracy, then crow about your insight and open minds.

    And Jane, you think OTHER people have their heads in the sand? Good grief.


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