Ronald Reagan’s Revenge (Can We shoot down North Korean Missiles?)

The Memorial Day weekend was marred by the news that North Korea fired off another missile and it had landed within a few meters of its intended target,  This was followed by more threats directed at the United States from its deranged dictator Kim Jong Un.

This followed two successful tests of medium to long-range missiles by the rogue state in as many weeks and a simultaneous launch of four missiles on March 6, three of which fell close to Japan, a nation we are bound to protect.

Such launches, and two nuclear tests since January 2016, have been conducted in defiance of U.S. pressure, U.N. resolutions and the threat of more sanctions, which amounted to little more than sending the rebellious, bellicose young leader to bed without dessert.

While the international community pondered whether to impose even stricter measures —we could cut off his supply of bubble gum—  Donald Trump sent the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier strike group, led by the USS Carl Vinson and the U.S. nuclear carrier, the USS Ronald Reagan, to the waters near the Korean peninsula.

“He’s bringing us to the brink of war!” his detractors chimed-in.  No, he’s simply answering the threat that has been brewing for decades.

North Korea’s leaders have been playing our lily-livered leaders for fools.  It signed the nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, then denied inspections and threatened to withdraw again and again.  Countless times it promised good behavior in return for concessions and goodies too numerous to mention.  I offer as Exhibit A:  two light water nuclear reactors valued at $26 billion in today’s dollars courtesy of Bill Clinton.

There was a time when North Korea was teetering on the brink of economic collapse and we could have stopped its nuclear weapons program with little or no loss of life, but that time is long past.  Now the threat of North Korea sending a nuclear weapon to the United States is real.  If not today, next year or the year after.

We can look the other way, try to bribe North Korea again or simply call its bluff.  Selfishly, I would rather see the latter happen before Kim Jong Un has the capability of reaching our shores.

However, North Korea is not the only concern.  Iran has vowed to destroy us and the nuclear deal engineered by Barack Obama has made that more, not less, likely.

So what happens if a nuclear armed missile is launched toward one of our allies or the United States?  Do we have the ability to shoot it down?

The idea of shooting down a missile with a missile was ridiculed when Ronald Reagan launched the Strategic Defense Initiative or SDI.  Liberal Democrats called it Star Wars.  They fought him every step of the way but he persevered.   If the Gipper were alive today, he would feel some measure of sweet revenge.

Should these threats materialize, the Pentagon has assured us that, thanks to the multilayered missile defense system we now have in place, a missile fired at South Korea, Japan or even our mainland would be shot down.

South Korea, soon will be partially protected by our highly successful Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense anti-missile battery, THAAD.

We now have sea-based missile defenses which are designed to defeat those in the midcourse phase.

Lastly, if North Korea or Iran develop ICBMs capable of hitting our shores, we would rely on the most expensive and controversial layer, our missile shield at Greely, Alaska and Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, which consists of 36 interceptor missiles.  These are designed to destroy an incoming warhead in space.  However, due to Democrat obstruction, this final layer is still being tested, so let’s just say that the Pentagon is presenting the best-case scenario.   Still, it is our last line of defense against this type of missile.

Here are some important things to remember:

  • Iran continues to perform key research and development on its nuclear missile capabilities despite the nuclear agreement with Obama and our western allies.
  • Iran already has the ability to hit many of our cities from vessels off our shores.
  • Also, Iran and North Korea are working on placing satellites in orbit which would make it possible to detonate their nuclear weapons without re-entering the earth’s atmosphere in an area that could create an electro magnetic pulse, EMP, that could shut down our entire unhardened electric power grid.

Defense is imperative and expensive.  Most Republicans understand that.  Nevertheless, liberals Democrats would rather spend our hard-earned tax dollars on non-essential art projects, political witch hunts, and benefits for illegal aliens.

3 thoughts on “Ronald Reagan’s Revenge (Can We shoot down North Korean Missiles?)

  1. North Korea has two satellites that pass over the US daily and may well carry EMP capable nuclear warheads that could destroy the US and possibly kill up to ninety percent of our population. We have missiles (and probably lasers as well) that could safely destroy these satellites…why have we not done so? And why did we not pull out of Korea years ago and let the wealthy South Koreans defend themselves?
    And not only has our aid kept the NK regime afloat, but in WWII we insisted on unconditional surrender by the Japanese, who offered to surrender on condition that the Emperor remain untouched. This prolonged the war and the deaths on all sides…and then, when the Japanese did surrender, we let them keep their Emperor. This prolonged the war and allowed the Soviets to come into North Korea and Manchuria to aid the Chinese communists and set up a communist regime in North Korea. In other words, we created our enemies.
    And the US and France gave the Ayatollah Khomenei asylum, let him return to Iran, and pressured the Shah to release Islamists he had imprisoned, insuring the Islamist takeover of that nation. And there is evidence that Hussein and the Hillary Clinton deliberately aided the Islamist terrorist groups who became ISIS.
    We have the best enemies our money can buy.


  2. Agreed, the government’s fixation on Iran’s nuclear capability and indifference to N Korea’s have never made sense to me.


  3. The mishandling of our defense is criminal, yet these derelict-in-duty, elected Congressmen and women, continue to squander billions of dollars in far less important expenditures. Pathetic beyond belief.


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