How to Save the Country a Ton of Money

How many times have you contacted a local company only to be helped by someone with an accent so thick you could cut it with a knife?   Now I have nothing but deep respect for someone from another country who has learned English, but I have discovered that most of these local calls for service are rerouted to India or the Philippines.

I have nothing against either of these countries, but why aren’t these calls being answered by Americans?  It’a pure economics.  It’s cheaper to reroute these calls halfway around the world than to hire Americans willing to work.  Ah, the key word in that sentence is “willing.”

Despite all the medical advances, the number of working-age adults on the disability roles has doubled since 1990.  About one in 20 working age adults now receive disability payments.  They aren’t getting rich, but it’s free money for doing absolutely nothing.   Most of these people are fully capable of answering a phone.  They can read and write, answer simple questions and fill out simple forms.  Voila!  Put them to work in those call centers and you solve two problems:  You get all these people off the disability roles, save the country a ton of money and businesses will have happy customers.

Most of those now on disability have one of two problems:  back problems or mental problems.  Frankly it’s hard to find someone over 40 without a back problem, but most still go to work every day.   Those with skeletal problems can be provided with special chairs and computers if necessary, but most can do this work.  There are some with serious mental problems, but they belong in a hospital setting.  The others would no doubt feel a lot better about themselves if they had something productive to do.

One of the big problems with welfare and disability is that we simply send out checks and require nothing in return.   Robert Rector, one of the leading experts on poverty in the nation, once told me that if we required all those people who receive welfare checks to simply show up and sit in a room, the number of people on welfare would drop dramatically.

Imagine what would happen if we required them to show up and push a broom?   We could eliminate federal and state custodians and save taxpayers even more money.    Sorry, if you feel that is beneath you.  Then go out and find something more productive to do, but until then, here’s your broom.

Liberals are all for women in the workforce unless, of course, they are on welfare.  While the rest of us sweat and toil, they want all those welfare queens to be able stay home with their children.  Well, have them go to work too.  If they can take care of their own children they ought to be able to take care of other people’s children.  Establish childcare centers at these work places and have some of these mothers work there.  Others could be put to work making lunch for all those people pushing brooms.

Still others could be put to work repairing our infrastructure.  Sure the unions would scream bloody murder, but we would need a certain amount of skilled workers to supervise those working for their welfare checks.

Those who have the ability to be retrained for the jobs that are out there but going to foreign workers could be channeled into job training and placement programs, but here’s the deal: The businesses running these training programs get payed, and payed well, but only after a trainee is successfully placed in a real job.

Then, there is the problem of illegal aliens.   Put them to work building the border wall.   Pay them a wage that they can save and take back to their country of origin after their deportation hearing or when they decide they would rather go home on their own, whichever comes first.

What about the welfare bureaucracy?  It would have to be drastically reduced.   The government now spends 2.5 times on what it would take to lift every American out of poverty.  That means a lot of government workers would be unnecessary if we stopped paying people for doing nothing.

Give the welfare workers who can work their way out of these jobs golden parachutes.  They can then use that money to start their own productive business or retrain for a job in the real world.

So where are they going to find all these jobs?  With the money we save, we can afford to cut taxes on businesses and individuals which will stimulate economic growth like we have never seen.

Problem solved!


8 thoughts on “How to Save the Country a Ton of Money

  1. Dear Jane,

    I love it. Yes, it could save the Country, but it would also make for much better citizens. People need to have an identity, something to do. They would be getting out and meeting new people, which could stimulate them even further. But especially they should be earning their keep if at all possible.


  2. So True Jane! I am not a born American, but I came over from Europe as a young man. My parents would tell me stories about how the government got fed up with feeding and giving what they called “NSV” payments to those who were unworthy and were unwilling to do actual work.

    They finally reached a point where these leeches were rounded up and told to scrub the sidewalks. My parents took pictures of them working for the first time in their lives, crying and weeping because they were getting a little blister while the working townspeople stood around and supervised.

    Would be something to see that done here!


  3. I particularly like Ms. Chastain’s plan for welfare mothers. They could run the day care centers (or at least work in them), caring for the children, cooking, cleaning, etc. A few might even be qualified to do early “home” schooling.
    When I worked for the Social Security Administration, dealing with Social Security and SSI disability, I watched over and over as people with no apparent disability would be turned down by medical examiners, only to file a hearing and be awarded disability by an administrative law judge.
    If lawyers know more about medical issues that doctors, there should be a law requiring sick or injured lawyers to be treated only by their fellow attorneys. If nothing else, that would improve the gene pool.


  4. Totally agree. My grampa was in the CCC camps during the 30s and wrote articles about the experience — they were grateful for the money they received and the opportunity to work for it. What has happened to that mentality? Most Americans on the dole would freak if someone suggested they work for the money they’re receiving.


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