Trump and the Fire Swamp

Donald Trump went to Washington promising to drain the swamp.  The swamp is winning.  That’s because it is a lot more complicated than simply pulling the plug and watching the whole mess go down the drain.

No, the swamp in Washington is more like the fictional fire swamp in the movie “The Princess Bride.”   Washington, like the swamp in this movie classic, has three elements:  the fire (obvious), lighting sand (dryer and quicker than quicksand) and the dreaded R.O.U.S. (rodents of unusual size). 

The fire in Washington is the grief our elected representatives face if they get out of line on one of the major issues championed by the two political parties.  For Democrats:  abortion on demand, the defense of illegal immigration and the companion issue — no voter ID, free health care, other free stuff  and tax the rich.  For Republicans:  anti-abortion, less regulation and lower taxes for everyone.  If one of these core issues in breached you can expect the fire spurts which keep our representatives in check.  This makes it impossible for the parties to work together on virtually anything.

The second danger, the quicksand, is Congress itself.  Though many of our elected representatives came to Washington with the best intentions, they have become drunk with the power, perks and privileges that come with elected office and they will do anything to protect it.   Essentially that involves doing nothing to rock the boat.  You can just imagine what would happen to all those boats if they actually pulled the plug on the swap.  As Trump has discovered they aren’t going to risk going down the drain with it.

The last and deadliest terror in this swamp are the R.O.U.S.  These are our “fat rat” corporate executives.  They play both ends against the middle, giving money to candidates from both parties in order to have these lawmakers do their bidding.  Also, they will jump on board the outrage du jour in order to appease what they perceive as their customer base.

We saw this last week when the president was forced to dissolve his two business advisory councils after a number of the nation’s top CEOs jumped ship rather than face the consternation of the mainstream media, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party, for allegedly defending white supremacists.

Trump did no such thing.  I defy anyone to come up with a Trump quote that even remotely suggests he defended or promoted racial agitators of any sort.   Nevertheless, 3-M president Inge Thulin; Kenneth Frazier, Merck & Co.;  Brian Krzanich, Intel; Kevin Plank, Under Armour; Jamie Diamon, JP Morgan Chase; Jeff Immelt, GE and Alex Gorsky, Johnson and Johnson caved in to a hate campaign targeting the president by Color of Change, a George Soros-backed on-line “racial justice” organization dedicated to getting rid of Trump at hashtag #quitthecouncil.

This supposedly triggered 28 million responses over two days.   Elated with its recent success Color of Change has now set its sights on Trump’s Evangelical Council.  Good luck with that!

By far the most troubling R.O.U.S. of corporate America was Denise Morrison the CEO of Campbell Soup.  Are these radical, dishonest activists the only ones who buy soup?  I doubt it.

Equally troubling was the piling on of Walmart CEO Doug McMillan, who didn’t quit but chose to lecture the president instead.  McMillan said, in part,  “As we watched the events and the response from President Trump over the weekend, we, too, felt that he missed a critical opportunity to help bring our country together by unequivocally rejecting the appalling actions of white supremacists.”

Oh, please!  McMillan needs to be reminded that millions of Walmart customers elected Trump to drain the swamp.  If he isn’t willing to help with that he should simply stay silent or throw in with the other R.O.U.S. who are dedicated to protecting it.

Color of  Change would have corporate America believe that the majority of Americans want these CEOs to be involved in their idea of social justice.  That’s why so many turned their backs on Trump even as their stocks reached record highs.

It is your job, as customers, to let these R.O.U.S. corporate executives know otherwise by phone, on-line and in person.   Research has shown that 96 percent of unhappy customers don’t complain.  Don’t be one of the 96 percent.   Complain!

Spread the word.  Your voice is as powerful as these radical leftists. If you really want Trump to drain this swamp, you are going to have to stay engaged and help him pull the plug.

2 thoughts on “Trump and the Fire Swamp

  1. The swamp is draining Jane! It may not be happening as quickly as we’d like but it’s draining! Me and my friends are over the moon after our President’s pardoning of Sheriff Joe! Justice done! Sheriff Joe is our generation’s Bull Connor, a no-nonsense lawman who puts the uppity in their place.

    Our church once hosted Sheriff Joe and he gave a sermon about how to detect illegals that may be pretending to be citizens. For instance, tshirts with spanish sayings are a dead giveaway! I’ve used that several times in my role as an usher.

    I got a chance to talk with Sheriff Joe after the service. My mother, Ilse Koch, worked in corrections in the old country and she had many stories about the treachery and corrupt morals of the people she watched.

    A free Sheriff Joe is good for the U.S.! Keep draining the swamp Mr. President!


  2. A lot of research and thought went into this article. Draining the swamp is not an easy task and there is a lot of push-back. I believe Steve Bannon stated that those in control of the swamp will not vacate peacefully and will fight to retain their power and grasp on control. One of the biggest problems in Washington D C is a lazy, spineless Congress, allowing several criminal activities under the Obama administration to go unchallenged. The terrible amount of power, corrupt power, in some of (maybe most) the Executive Branch departments need to be investigated, possibly with the USGAO, and funding withheld as part of Congress’s Constitutional authority to balance the Executive Branch. And Congress, mostly swamp-animals, has sure dropped the ball in supporting our President.


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