Dear Uncle Santa (My Christmas Wish List)

It’s that time of year when all good boys and girls write a letter to Santa and give him their wish lists so I thought I would do the same.

Okay, so I’m not a kid anymore but, let’s face it, so many citizens act like children when it comes to giving our elected representatives their respective wish lists, treating their Uncle Sam like Santa.  In the real world Santa doesn’t deliver the presents, mom and dad must buy them and place them under the tree.

When I was a kid, I asked for a pony.  Mom and dad had to explain that Santa knew that we lived in the city and there would be no place to keep this pony.  Furthermore, this miniature equine would end up costing more that our family could afford.  Therefore, Santa regretfully had to edit my wish list and cut it down to size.

Unfortunately, many citizens act like spoiled children when they make demands on Washington, with little thought as to who will pay the bill.   Unfortunately, many of our elected representatives act like the parents of spoiled kids.  With little regard for the budget, they continually put us deeper and deeper into debt with no thought of what it will mean for the hardworking taxpayers who must pay the bill or what it will mean for this country that is now a debtor nation.

So here’s my list:

Dear Uncle Santa,

I want a copy of the Constitution delivered to each member of Congress with instructions to read with a test date to follow.  Any member who fails the test is thereby disqualified and must turn in his or her resignation.

I want every bill that comes before Congress for items not specifically spelled out in the Constitution to be rejected.

I want  a review of every department of the federal government and those that are unconstitutional must cease and desist: the Department of Education, the Department of Energy, the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

I want a similar review of every federal agency. These include but are not limited to the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Labor Relations Board, the Export/Import Bank, the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for Humanities, the National Science Foundation, the Small Business Administration, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

I want a law requiring the federal government to live within its means.

I want to abolish congressional pensions.  This will eliminate the need for term limits.

I want to limit committee memberships in Congress to one per member.

I want to limit the number of items that can be attached to a bill in Congress to one per bill.   Then members and the public at large will know exactly what is being passed or rejected.

I want Congress to be required to pass the federal budget before taking up any other business, except in cases of emergency such as an act of war.   This will eliminate those omnibus spending bills at the end of every year that contain everything but the kitchen sink.

I want the filibuster eliminated in the Senate.  This will make it much easier to hold our representatives accountable.

I want you to stop using the military as a laboratory for social experimentation.

I want every able-bodied welfare recipient to be required to work for the government pushing broom at least 40 hours per week.

I want federal prisoners to work for their keep.

I want an across-the-board tax cut.

I want tax reform that eliminates all deductions and is so simple it eliminates the need for the IRS.  I want everyone to pay a small percentage of their income so there is no such thing as a free lunch, even those who depend on government transfers.

I want to eliminate the tax on corporations and businesses that are located within the United States.  Corporations and businesses do not pay these taxes, people do.  These taxes are passed along to us in the form of higher prices or reduced wages and benefits.  The only exception is for businesses who hire foreign workers.   I want a tax on each foreign worker hired in this country or outsourced abroad.

I want a big, beautiful wall at the border if that is what it takes.  A country that cannot control its borders can’t control anything.

Uncle Santa, I know you can’t give me everything on this list but I would settle for two or three.  Please grant my request.  It will save us a bundle.  Your milk and cookies will be waiting by the door.

3 thoughts on “Dear Uncle Santa (My Christmas Wish List)

  1. Such a good analogy! Yes I hope all those items in your wish come true! They are on mine as well. Milk and cookies are waiting at my house too!


  2. Great idea. Creative — both from the original concept and the entries on the list. I especially liked a limit on attachments to a bill, just one thank you. The federal budget is the first order of business before anything else, return the military to it’s primary job and stop the social experiments.

    Able bodied welfare recipients work 40 hours, even if it’s only sweeping, cleaning offices, or washing windows, Federal prisoners work for their keep (and many would likely appreciate a job). That is certainly true of state inmates. Jobs are sought, cherished, and guarded as a personal possession – all people tend to want to be productive and appreciated, and inmates are people too. Also agree that EVERYONE should pay some taxes so they are aware of their personal responsibility toward what our Federal (and State) governments are doing. Skin in the game.

    My last two favorites are the Border Wall, it may not be visually attractive but it will still be beautiful, and corporate taxes are the government being fully involved in money laundering. The government is fooling the public about how much taxes the people are really paying – the taxes are hidden as elevated prices, a sneaky way to reach into our wallets or purses and not be aware of how much we unknowingly pay in taxes, in addition to sales taxes and all the other forms of taxes that are more obvious, i.e. monthly fees on telephones, annual car licences, and similar. If one Googles all the Federal taxes we pay, the list is dozens. I saw a list of about 49, as I recall.


  3. I read your list, confident that, good as I knew it would be, I could improve on it. I was wrong. Your list is perfect. Maybe even some of it will be accomplished.


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