Right March: Wrong Reasons

On March 24,  students accross the country will take to the streets in the nation’s capital and elsewhere in an effort to combat violence in schools, like the kind that occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, that left 17 dead and 14 wounded.

The students behind the The March for Our Lives are to be commended for their earnest desire to do something positive to protect schools, but unfortunately it appears their effort is misdirected.  With anti-gun organizations like Michael Bloomberg’s Every Town for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action and providing much of the muscle to organize the event and actor George Clooney providing much of the cash, many of these students will be used as pawns by progressive groups and the usual cadre of celebrities hoping to cash in on this event.

Their enemy is not the targeted NRA, the nation’s oldest and largest gun rights organization nor is the AR15 semi-automatic rifle that these groups want to ban.  

The AR15 looks a lot like the military M16 but, contrary to all the rhetoric, it is not an automatic assault weapon.  Automatic weapons are heavily regulated as they should be.  This rifle looks sinister but basically is no different than any other semi-automatic hunting rifle.  Is the problem simply one of appearance?   If so gun control groups should be satisfied if we simply require that rifles be made more attractive?   Disallow basic black or grey.  Those are much too scary.  Instead, require them to be covered in pastels or the latest fashion colors.   After all, tough guys and terrorists would be reluctant to own or pose with a rifle in hot pink covered in turquoise glitter.

Frankly, I wouldn’t care if the AR15 went away, but that is not the real goal.  The goal of these groups is to get guns out of the hands of private citizens.  Today it’s the AR15.  Tomorrow it’s all semi-automatic rifles and the day after that handguns.  Then, only the police and criminals will have guns.  Where does that leave students and other private citizens when they are miles from the nearest law enforcement officer and need protection?

If you drive across the border to Mexico you will see this policy at work.  A sign prominently displayed warns visitors that guns are illegal in Mexico.  However, despite this law, Mexico is the second most violent country in the world, behind only Syria.


It is not surprising that this latest tragedy occurred in a gun-free zone, where over 98 percent of all mass shootings occur.  Now ask yourself, “What is wrong with this picture?”

A staffer witnessed Cruz entering this Parkland high school with a duffle bag wearing a backpack and knew he could be trouble.   However, before the school’s only resource officer could be summoned, it was too late.

This large Florida school had fences, gates and controlled entry points.   However, Cruz simply arrived as the gates were being opened for dismissal and pulled a fire alarm, overriding security systems.  Gun control advocates are against paying teachers who are willing to train and function as additional security guards —  teachers who can be deputized and legally carry guns to protect their students when the first line of security fails.  We must not leave these teachers and students unprotected!

Instead of focusing on guns, these marchers should be focusing on arming qualified school personnel, drugs prescribed by mental health professionals and our privacy laws.  Many states have laws requiring those who have been committed to, or voluntarily entered, a mental hospital to go on the list of background information that would prevent them from buying guns.  However, we need to expand these laws to require that anyone receiving mind altering drugs be on that list, until such persons can demonstrate they no longer need them.

Presently, our mental health professionals are not held accountable for these patients.  Therefore, if they err, they err on the side of doing nothing.  This is insane!

These drugs prevent persons from entering the military which is a controlled environment.  Why allow them to use guns in an uncontrolled environment?

WND.com’s David Kupelian has chronicled the disturbing number of school shooters and mass murderers in this country who were either on or just coming off psychiatric medications.  This can no longer be ignored!

It is far better to infringe on the rights of mental health patients rather than those of an entire population.

One thought on “Right March: Wrong Reasons

  1. With the media and the left using kids to vocalize and demonstrate (and march), regardless of their thinking, is like letting the inmates run the asylum. These kids’ thoughts and mouthings are so shallow and myopic, talk about myopic, more like Mr. Magoo! Guns don’t kill people, people kill people, better said, “nutcases and psychiatric drug- influenced, out of balance crazies” are the people that use whatever is available (Molotov cocktails? Pipe bombs? you name it) to carry out their heinous atrocities. It’s trite, greatly overused, but should still be chiseled in stone, “to stop a bad guy with a gun, requires a good guy with a gun.” A few select teachers, janitors and/or school administrators with concealed carry training and permits will likely put a halt or near-halt to school shooting.

    The best thing would be to bring God and His teachings back to school because when God was not a bad word in school, when I went to school, we didn’t have school shootings. We actually had military rifles on high school campuses in the California Cadet Corps lock-up. We marched around the Physical Ed and athletic fields with rifles and while marching, changed shoulders on which they were resting. Left-shoulder….Arms! and we would move the rifles to our left shoulder. We stood inspections with M-1 Garand military, .30 caliber, semi-automatic rifles, (not loaded) surplus, probably, from WWII, and opened the firing section and released the rifle to the inspecting official, then it was returned to us and we closed the firing section being cautious that we didn’t get our thumb caught in the mechanism as it slammed closed. Maybe some readers are familiar with those rifles. Calif. Cadets went once or twice a year to the National Guard area and used their indoor firing range using .22 caliber rifles for arms practice and the kids involved were 16 to 18 years old. God and guns! A successful combination. Also, the selected teachers might be women instructors who like the idea of learning about firearms. A bad guy is likely not to suspect some female to be packing heat. How about it, ladies? I’m on your side!


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