Where are the Patriots Among the Dreamers? (We need to See them)

Monday was the latest ugly demonstration by the so-called “Dreamers,” the young people who were supposedly brought here by their illegal parents as small children and, we are told, know no other country.  This one was staged to mark the passing of the deadline from President Trump to end the illegal DACA program that Obama created with a stroke of his pen.

Two activist federal judges have issued injunctions blocking his order.   Now we must wait for the program to wind its way up the slow as molasses judicial system to the Supreme Court.  This is cruel and completely unnecessary as President Trump offered a compromise to, not only allow those DACA recipients to stay, but untold numbers of other illegal young people, even those who snuck in on their own claiming to be teenagers.   Additionally, Trump is offering to give them a way to become full-fledged U.S. citizens with all its benefits and privileges, to boot. 

All Trump has asked in return is funding for the border wall, not a down payment with a “trust me” promise to come up with the funding at some later date.  In addition, Trump wants an end to chain migration and the dangerous visa lottery program, two reforms that are overwhelming supported by the majority of Americans on both sides of the aisle.

It is a reasonable compromise that should make almost everyone, except the most hardened activists, happy.  Why not just do it?  Take a bow.  Pat yourselves on the back and go home. Clearly, Democrats are disingenuous when it comes to solving our most basic immigration problems.  Therefore, some two million young people are caught in the middle of this conflict.

So, why, oh why,  aren’t all those DACA-eligible young people not demanding that these Democrat leaders put-up or shut-up?

Instead it seems the only heat the Democrat leaders are taking is for not shutting down the government on their behalf and demanding amnesty for absolutely nothing in return.  That’s guaranteed to make DACA recipients unpopular.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi typifies the arrogance and hypocrisy on the left.  On Monday she issued this statement,  “House Republicans must stop cravenly using the lives and future of these young patriots as bargaining chips…”  Patriots?  Please!

It makes you wonder about the mentality of all these young people out there on the street.  If they aren’t smart enough to see through this charade, clearly, we don’t need them.  They could make a case for their acceptance as a matter of compassion, but the young people we see shaking their fists and making demands are doing just the opposite.

Do they really care about our country or simply what they can get from her?  If they truly care about this country than they would support the deal that Trump laid out for Congress.  The visa lottery is just that, a giveaway to certain underrepresented demographic groups, many from countries that hate us.  It makes no sense.   And Trump’s chain migration proposal makes exemptions for spouses and minor children.  Aunts, uncles and cousins still could be sponsored in the normal way if one is willing to guarantee that a particular relative will not be a drain on U.S. taxpayers.

Then there is a matter of the wall.  If these young people really care about the country they would want — even demand — that our borders be secure.  What patriotic American would want anything less?

So while I am sympathetic to these young people who were brought here by their parents at a very young age, my patience is wearing thin.  And, while many of these young people would make good citizens, it’s about time they begin to show us that this is the case.

Where are these patriotic DACA young people?  If they are out there they should be seen and heard.  They should be calling out these Democrat leaders who are standing in their way.  They should be thanking — not demonizing — President Trump, for giving them more than they ever had a right to hope for or expect.   They should be applauding the building of a border wall and making this nation secure.  Then and only then can they hope to share in the American dream.

Come on Dreamers.  It’s time to prove that you would make fine, upstanding citizens, not simply tools of leftist Democrat politicians and Spanish language television that need a endless supply of illegal immigrants to keep their power.  Are you mindless sheep?  Can’t you think for yourselves?   It’s time to turn your backs on those who betrayed you and say “thank you” to President Trump.

2 thoughts on “Where are the Patriots Among the Dreamers? (We need to See them)

  1. Typical of young people nowadays, they seem to think they are owed something (like free education, a job of their choosing at a salary the is not justified by the level of work and experience they bring to the job, and their slovenly time considerations, such as not showing up for work and not calling about their absence or tardiness). In this case, they expect citizenship without any indication they are an asset to the United States. Far from it, with their attitude and belligerent actions. Demanding we bend to their desires because they can protest louder and more disruptive than real citizens who simply look upon them as spoiled, unappreciative brats.


  2. How is it that Obama could issue an unconstitutional executive order and grant amnesty to the invaders, but the all-powerful judges have decreed that Trump cannot rescind the order? Outrageous decisions by arrogant, unelected judges have become steadily more extreme, and several recent ones have no conceivable basis in law. If Trump was the brave, principled leader America desperately needs he would simply defy the judges on this issue and the issue of “refugees” from states known to harbor terrorists. Of course the Demoncraps and their RINO comrades would howl with rage and threaten impeachment, but what else is new?


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