Lame-Duck GOP to Fix Immigration?

Now that the election is over, we must address the elephant in the room — the issue Democrats seeking office avoided and most Republicans were afraid to discuss.  We must address the migrant caravans making their way toward the United States determined to circumvent the normal entry process.

President Donald Trump was right to send troops to the border to prepare for those who are set to storm the border, shamelessly putting women and children on the front lines.  The president is doing the right thing, but he has been put in a terrible position by activist judges and a do-nothing Congress.

May I remind you that the hapless House of Representatives, with Republicans firmly in control, could not pass a reasonable immigration bill that would have solved the DACA issue and fully funded the badly needed border wall.   To be sure, it had numerous flaws, courtesy of establishment Republicans who put the interest of their donors in big agri and the tech industry demanding cheap foreign labor, ahead of reasonableness.  Nevertheless, the Democrats voted against EVERYTHING!  Therefore, the sensible compromise proposed by the president was doomed to failure.

The Republicans in the House of Representatives deserved to lose.  They likely will prove my point.   They will do nothing in the six weeks remaining before they must give up control to the Democrats, leaving President Trump to do whatever he can to mitigate the problem on our southern border.

Make no mistake, even if the House finally decided to pass a meaningful immigration bill, it would die in the Senate because of the arcane filibuster rule that Mitch McConnell holds up as sacrosanct.   This allows the majority leader to hide his true intention, which is to reward these same big donors, even if it means keeping our broken immigration system in place.

If there is a silver lining to the mid-term election it’s that, in the next two years, there will be no place for the Democrats to hide on immigration.  Their desire is for open borders, particularly when it comes to Central Americans.  The Democrats survival depends on hapless, uneducated  Spanish speaking immigrants who can be controlled by Univision and Telemundo, which are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Democratic Party.

Democrats feign concern for the poor people in those caravans who simply want to come here for a better life.  However, if that truly is their concern, what about all those people from countries around the world who are much poorer than those from Central America?   If we are to admit thousands of immigrants simply because they are poor, shouldn’t we give people from the poorest countries of the world first place in line?

In fact, not one of the countries represented by the caravans is on the list of the world’s most impoverished countries.

Here’s a list of the 28 poorest countries in the world, where people live on the equivalent of less that $1,000 USD per year, released in June by the International Monetary Fund.

# 28 Sudan —$996

# 27 Benin —$992

# 26 Chad —$919

# 25 Napal —$918

# 24 Mali —$917

# 23 Guinea-Bissa — $910

# 22 Ethiopia — $909

# 21 Comoros — $869

# 20 Tajikistan — $848

# 19 Haiti — $847

# 18 Rwanda — $819

# 17 Guinea — $816

# 16 Burkina Faso — $750

# 15 Liberia — $722

# 14 Uganda — $711

# 13 Togo — $698

# 12 Afghanistan — $601

# 11 Niger — $510

# 10 Sierra Leone — $505

#  9  The Gambia — $500

#  8  Madagascar — $479

#  7  Democratic Republic of Congo — $477

#  6  Mozambique — $472

#  5  Yemen — $449

#  4  Central African Republic — $425

#  3  Malawi — $342

#  2  Burundi — $339

#  1  South Sudan — $246.

Honduras, where the first of the recent caravans originated, has a per capita income of $5,817.  Rather affluent by the world’s standard.  Yet the cries from those on the left is that we must let all these people in simply because they are poor.  It is untenable and will lead to more and more lawless caravans who come here waving their flags, shaking their fists and demanding admittance.

The United States admits a million legal immigrants a year and that doesn’t include those who are legitimately seeking political asylum.  The number of legal immigrants we allow to enter this country and what constitutes political asylum are reasonable areas for political discourse.  However, the policy of permitting lawlessness is not and must be ended by Congress.

The United States is one of the most generous countries on earth.  We help millions around the world each and every year.   However,  if we continue to be deceived by cheap political hacks and allow our foundations to be destroyed, we will no longer be in a position to help anyone.


2 thoughts on “Lame-Duck GOP to Fix Immigration?

  1. The always spineless Republicans, many of them beholden to corporations seeking cheap labor, never stand up to the Demoncraps, whose quest for new leftist voters is destroying our country.


  2. This is an invasion without a doubt. Mexico had the opportunity to stop it as the invading force was traveling by preventing motorized transportation, stopping delivery of food and water except on the reverse course back toward their homeland, and ousting the foreign organizers or jailing the Mexican citizens who were helping and apparently funding them. Now the Mexican government has an easily foreseen problem with their own people in Tijuana. Residents of that city don’t want several thousand people invading their city. Easily foreseen problem if Mexico’s leadership had thought about two weeks ahead and visualized exactly what has now happened. I’ve seen a picture of the concertina wire (aka razor wire) at the San Diego border. For it’s purpose, it is beautiful! Of all the poor people that want a better life in the United States, we can’t handle them all. Where do these bleeding-heart liberals plan to draw the line? My demands: not one, not even one, should be brought in. Let them be creative and handle their problems in their own country. Study freedom and its foundation, then implement what they have learned and that will produce new leaders and a better country. And if at first they don’t succeed, try, try again.


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