Lumps of Coal in Taxpayers’ Stockings

Good little boys and girls must wait until Christmas morning to see what Santa brings them for Christmas.  Likewise, good little taxpayers are expected to wait until Christmas to see what they get from Congress in the way of a year-end spending package.

You can expect to be surprised, not delighted, with your gift from the scoundrels we elected to represent us.   That’s how it goes with this grand old game of kick the spending can down the road into the holidays when we are much too busy shopping for presents and decorating our homes to notice.  Sadly it happens every year.

To add insult to injury, the seven remaining bills were put off another two weeks due to the death of George H.W. Bush.  Seriously, we had a national day of mourning, which was befitting a head of state.   So what did they do for the other 13 days besides twiddle their thumbs?  Oh, yes, they went to pay their respects in the Capitol Rotunda, which took all of 15 minutes.

The new deadline is December 23, the day before Christmas Eve.  Scrooge, himself, couldn’t have devised anything this sinister!

In case you are keeping score, the outstanding spending bills are for the departments of Agriculture; Commerce, Justice, Science; Financial Services & General Government; Homeland Security; Interior, Environment; State, Foreign Operations; and Transportation, HUD.

I’d love to tell you what’s in these mammoth bills but no one knows for sure as they are being cobbled together behind closed doors into one giant omnibus.  To revise a quote used by former (and perhaps next)  Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, before the vote on Obamacare,  “We have to pass it before you can find out what’s in it.”  Please!  No!

In addition to these spending bills that expire on the 23rd of December,  there are the authorization bills for farm, flood insurance and the Violence Against Women’s Act.  None of these bills should be signed in their present form.

The one thing at the top of the wish-list of the voters who elected Trump president is the border wall.  Yes, we are just like little kids, hoping for that prize possession on Christmas.  We voters got a lump of coal last year, and we likely will get the same this year unless — unless Trump keeps his word and actually shuts down the government!

Democrats keep the uniformed misinformed by saying they will vote for border security, but not a border wall.  How has all that border security worked out so far?   What kind of additional security would that entail?  Nerf guns perhaps?   On second thought, those, too, would be considered too menacing in this current climate.   Let’s be clear:  Democrats need thousands more poor, uneducated dependents in order to regain their power.

But don’t expect any help from the GOP.  Most Republicans in Congress fall into one of two categories: wimps and fakers.  The wimps are unwilling to stand up for anything.  The fakers, led by outgoing speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, try to fool us into believing they want to do something about our immigration problems.  However, they are in the hip pockets of the corporations demanding cheap labor.

Sadly, Republicans in the administration and Congress have added yet a few more lumps of coal to our Christmas stockings this year.   One is the new regulations on the H-1B visas.

These are the visas that allow companies to replace their highly-skilled, well-paid American workers with foreigners who will work for less. These visas are supposed to go to companies that cannot find qualified American workers.  It’s a joke.  Many Americans are required to train their foreign replacements before being booted out the door.

Another big lump of coal is the push to double the number of H-2B (unskilled nonagricultural workers).

It’s a one-two punch in the gut to America workers at all levels.  Make no mistake, all of this will become a reality unless you ask President Trump to stop it.

We need funding for the border wall now and we don’t need to double the number of foreign workers in order to get it.  Also, we don’t need a new budget that smells of pork.   What’s so terrible about a government shutdown?  It doesn’t affect entitlements or essential workers.

If something is important it is rarely urgent!  That should be your Christmas message to Congress and the White House.

3 thoughts on “Lumps of Coal in Taxpayers’ Stockings

  1. Love your column and couldn’t agree more.
    In the end all this squirming and adjusting of our expectations for the future of our great country are dependent on the actions of flawed, fallen human beings.
    Only the common grace of God sustains this republic.
    Come quickly Lord Jesus.


  2. So fed up with our so called Representatives. They fill their pockets with dollars and play around, leaving us with lumps of coal. I would love to hold their pay checks until they get the job done, that’s a dream!
    The fact that America has become a country of laughable laws, laws that favor the illegal immigrant and punish the citizen.


  3. Congress’s performance is pathetic at best and abominable is closer to truth. How is it that Congress, with Obama as President, could find $150 billion (billion with a “b”) for Iran but can’t find two and a half percent of that amount for our southern border protection. And the $5 billion that President Trump is asking for is not enough to do the job completely. Previous news showed a contract that would cost about $6.8 million per mile – a seemingly horrendous sum – but considering the remoteness of the area and the mile after mile and of concrete, steel, (and razor wire I hope), competitive bidding should keep the costs in line. The actual cost at somewhere in the $15 to $18 billion would be recouped within a couple of years from the savings of public assistance to illegals (food, housing, schooling, medical treatment, spending money for transportation and misc.).

    It isn’t the money that Demorats* are concerned about. Money is merely their camouflage for the public. Their motives are politically sinister and eventually freedom destroying. In reality, the savings to our annual budget would be significant.

    I’m all for a moratorium on all immigration until we get control of our welfare to immigrants and have sponsors who affirm the ability to support the immigrants in the event they need help. Like the old days, who can argue with self-sufficiency? There would likely be an across the board savings, considering law enforcement costs, healthcare costs, education costs and other peripheral expenses attributed to people who can’t fully support themselves and their families (dependents). *Oops! Did I leave out the “c”? Subconscious truth took over and is seen as an accurate description here!


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