The News Media’s Groundhog Day

The movie classic Groundhog Day has made this popular tradition, celebrated each February 2, synonymous with something that is intolerably boring.   However, Groundhog Day has come early this year.

Instead of a surly weatherman caught in a time warp, it’s the network nightly newscasts’ coverage of President Trump and his effort to protect this country from those determined to circumvent our generous immigration laws that are boring us to death.

Those of us truly concerned about what is going on in this nation keep tuning in each night hoping to see something different, but it’s more of the same.  Democrats call his efforts to secure the border “racist” and “immoral.”  They rail against his plan to build more walls, barriers, or whatever you want to call them, in areas where people and drugs are pouring into this country and overwhelming border agents.

Where are the interviews with the border agents who say they need these barriers?  

Some of these border crashers are violent.  Others are bent on doing harm, while others are simply seeking a better life and want to break in line.  Who can blame them for coming?  It’s easy to break our laws.  Presently there is no downside.

But where are the interviews with Border Patrol agents who say they need these barriers?

Even when President Trump traveled to the Rio Grande valley which is mostly wide open to illegal traffic, there were no interviews with the border agents who were standing with the president.  Instead they featured interviews with the mayor of McAllen, Texas, which has a natural barrier and a 12-foot metal fence perched on top of a 20-foot concrete wall that neatly funnels border traffic through proper channels.  Predictably, the mayor said that he doesn’t need a wall.  Understandable.  He already has one.

But, where were the interviews with Border Patrol agents who say they need these barriers?

Even when President Trump brought Brandon Judd, the head of the union that represents Border Patrol agents, to the White House briefing room, it was written off and deemed “a stunt.”

The majority of those border agents are hanging with Trump on the shutdown and working without pay in order to stop this problem, but do we hear from them.  No, no, no!

It’s an endless stream of gripes from other workers who have no backup plan, or pretend to have none, as they live through the shutdown.

Night after night the network newscasts feature stories of how workers have to sell or pawn their possessions in order to get by after missing only one paycheck.  They pretend there are no credit cards to use until a compromise can be achieved.  My credit card company has this notice on its website:  “Affected by the shutdown?  We’re here to help.”  Let’s pretend that many aren’t enjoying what amounts to a paid vacation.  Just stop!

Give us something important.  Not one nightly newscast has questioned the sincerity of the Democrats who moan about workers not getting paid while their leaders vacation in Hawaii or junket to Puerto Rico with lobbyists instead of staying in town to work out a compromise.  Yes compromise.  That is a word that seems to be missing from all those nightly newscast.

Instead they try to make us believe that all Trump wants to secure the border is a wall.   Trump continually talks about technology and other methods, but all we hear is the wall, the wall, the wall, the wall!

Another endless sound loop is that Trump promised Mexico would pay for the wall.  No one in their right mind, except Democrats and the boobs in the network newsrooms seriously believed that Mexico would write a check for it.  It will come through other means.  Yet this is another drumbeat on the nightly news.

With a major problem on our southern border, we need to throw everything available at solving it.  However we never hear that Trump is willing to do just that.  Democrats are not.   That’s why, little TSA checker, you aren’t getting paid on time.

The weatherman in the movie Groundhog Day finally begins to do something that is alien to his nature in order to break the cycle of this seemingly endless day repeating itself.  He begins to learn.

The producers of those nightly newscasts must do the same. They all keep records of viewer complaints, but so few bother to complain, they count one call or email as representing 10,000 viewers.

Still, they wonder why viewers are tuning out.  We’re intolerably bored with your Groundhog Day.

One thought on “The News Media’s Groundhog Day

  1. The pathetic (bordering on ethically criminal and subversive) “reporting” among most of the media is so insulting to anyone with a mind that I NEVER tune into those TV channels nor give the slightest credence to print-media i.e. magazines or newspapers. Even some conservative TV channels bring on some obviously screwed-up and skewed-up idiot from the left, then an argument develops while insulting my intelligence with this farcical encounter. I have a backup channel waiting on my TV clicker (aka remote) and I hit the “Previous” button and engage my backup channel. There is no sense in watching this exasperating attempt at “programming.” After the “idiot” leaves, I return to my primary selection to see some sane analysis and broadcasting. Lastly, what I posted on WND after reading Jane’s column there:

    Did anyone hearing that Mexico would pay for the wall really think that Mexico would write a check to the contractors or the U. S. for such an endeavor? The payment will be the reduced cost to our treasury, and Mexico will have to take up the slack when we are no longer supporting the people who breached our borders, with medical, food, housing, education, and spending money for incidentals. A five or ten billion dollar investment in a wall-barrier-fence-moat-zoo of dangerous wild animals or alligators, take your pick, will reward our treasury with a ten-fold return on investment – AND EVERY YEAR HEREAFTER!!


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