Guess Who Is Pulling the Rug out from under Trump, again

What’s a president to do about the crisis on our southern border?  It’s hard enough fighting a political party that owes its very existence to illegal immigration and will provide nothing to stop the flow through our border with Mexico.   However, it’s members of Trump’s own party who are pulling the rug out from under him, again.

Democrats in the House refuse to pass the laws that are needed to immediately deport those streaming into our country from Central America.  They refuse to give up the money for a border barrier or any kind of meaningful security.  They refuse to provide the money for additional detention facilities or even humanitarian aid to the illegal border crossers.  For Democrats, nothing will do other than simply releasing these gate crashers into our country.

So Trump has attempted to use the laws at his disposal to stop the flow himself.  Unfortunately, it’s his own party that is cutting him off at the knees.  In March, Trump declared a national emergency, only to have 12 Senate Republicans vote against him.   Thankfully it was still eight short of a veto-proof majority.  However, his plan to impose tariffs against Mexico may not fare as well due to the amount of campaign cash stuffed in GOP senators’ back pockets by the big automotive companies.

Tuesday, at a closed door lunch with Republican senators, White House Deputy Counsel Pat Philbin and Assistant Attorney General Steve Engel came away with a case of indigestion.  It was due to the amount of pushback they received for attempting to make the case for the president’s case.

Afterward, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, bluntly announced, “There is not much support in my conference for tariffs, that’s for sure!”  Little wonder.  It’s because McConnell is against it.  Why?  Among current GOP senators, he is second largest benefactor of direct campaign cash from the automakers, $155,750 to be exact.

Guess who is Numero Uno.  Enter Willard “Mitt” Romney!

The filthy rich carpet bagger from Utah has pocketed $221,901 in direct contributions.  Romney is so rich he could wipe his bottom with $100 bills but, no, he didn’t spend any of his own money to win his Senate seat.  Just listen to Romney opine.  “When it comes to applying a tariff to Mexico, I for one would not support that. I do not favor tariffs being applied to friends like Mexico,”  Romney declared.   “If there’s a vote I think it’s a very difficult vote for those of us who oppose tariffs. I would not be inclined to vote [for] a tariff against a friend.”

Don’t be fooled.  Romney isn’t worried about his friend, Mexico, he is worried about his automotive friends because he is beholden to them, not the poor Utah saps who elected him to office.

While the aforementioned dollars may seem like small change, to folks like McConnell and Romney, it is.   That is just the campaign hard money.  There is no telling how much these two took in soft money.

Hard money accounts for only a forth of the automakers political donations.  The rest is funneled  through political parties, PACs and super PACs.  In 2018, Democrats collected $1,048,986 in auto money, while  Republicans grabbed $1,466, 905.

The auto companies are the big whiners when it comes to Trump’s plan to impose tariffs on Mexico, but don’t feel too sorry for them.  The money they spend on campaign donations is just the tip of the iceberg.  In 2018, they spent over $47 million

just on lobbying to keep our lawmakers in line.   And they are worried about a measly five percent tariff in order to get Mexico to the table?   It’s a rounding error.

Are tariffs the answer?  No, but frankly, with a Congress that isn’t willing to do a thing about the crisis at the border, every little bit helps.  In recent weeks, due to Trump’s tough stand, the Mexican authorities have been breaking up migrant caravans and setting up round-the-clock roadblocks along common routes north.

We have a 2000 mile southern border to protect and much of it a no-man’s land. While, the president has every right to send our troops to the border to defend this country from this invasion from the south, Democrats and liberal groups can tie him up in court over that.

Conversely, Mexico has only a 541 mile border with Guatemala and a 156 mile border with Belize.  So what about sending our troops to Mexico to help our “good friend” defend its borders?

Personally, I would love to see how McConnell, Romney and the others would tie themselves in knots over that.

2 thoughts on “Guess Who Is Pulling the Rug out from under Trump, again

  1. Just the legal immigration alone at the current rate, even if all the immigrants were disease free, would utterly destroy America, erasing our culture and turning us into a teeming, Third World Hell. But politicians of both parties, plus entrenched leftist judges, are setting us up for the perfect storm. For migrant invaders are streaming in at exactly the time many of our cities have been overrun with “homeless” people. The invaders are bringing in typhus and TB and other diseases and these diseases are spreading from our feces encrusted, rat-infested streets.

    And hard behind the typhus is our own bubonic plague, and the Ebola virus. Soon, very soon, Americans will begin to die by the thousands. If our medical facilities become overwhelmed we will die by the millions, which has been the goal of our elites all along.


  2. Very informative and thought-provoking article. When I heard of the small borders between Central American countries and Mexico, my thoughts also focused on our military being exported to those borders to stop the flow of illegals into our country. Much easier than our 2000 mile border. However, Mexico needs to give us a clearance. I’m wondering why this potential solution was not pursued by people who are being paid to protect our border and stop unauthorized crossings. Somewhat typical of bureaucrats, drawing their salaries and effectiveness in the work place is secondary. This mess is a nightmare that won’t go away, decades from now these few months may well see the upsetting of freedom in our land.


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