The President’s High-Stakes Poker Game on Illegal Immigration

President Trump has been playing a high stakes game of poker with Democrat over the issue of illegal immigration.

After going several rounds with Democrats that included various concessions, he went “all-in,” by announcing that there would be raids to pick up the lawbreakers.  These are to round up people who have had their cases adjudicated and received a final order of removal.  They have been instructed to contact their local ICE office and report with their families for deportation.

Far from being inhuman, these gate-crashers have been given time to get the things together they accumulated here while on what amounts to an unauthorized extended vacation.  They get free transportation home in air conditioned comfort with meals and drinks served along the way, courtesy of U.S. taxpayers — a far cry from how they arrived! Instead of complying with the order, they simply dared authorities to come and get them.

Trump, in a magnanimous gesture to allow Democrats one last chance to pass meaningful legislation to stop flow of illegal entries at our southern border, delayed the deportations an additional two weeks.  In the process he forced Democrats to show their cards and, one-by-one, that is exactly what happened.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Shumer’s top cards were “the (order was the) very definition of callousness” and “instead of pursuing criminals, he (Trump) threatens to tear families apart.”

Nancy Pelosi played a number of cards: “appalling,” “outside the circle of civilized human behavior” and “splitting up families.” She also charged Trump with “injustices that are happening at the border.”  Pelosi incorrectly stated that “a violation of status is not a reason for deportation.”  Oh, really!  When did she pass that law?

Let’s recap:  The Democratic leaders of Congress have, in-effect, refused to give us any money for more detention facilities.  Furthermore, they refuse to amend the law that says you can’t hold lawbreakers with minors more than 20 days.  Therefore, we are forced to release thousands of people a day — even those without minors — on their on recognizance.   When they fail to report to court or their claims are adjudicated and found to be fraudulent, thanks to Trump, we now know Pelosi and Shumer still do not want them deported and sent home.

At a event in New York on Monday, Pelosi questioned the value of any interior enforcement at all by saying, “What’s the point?  The point, Madam Speaker, is to enforce the law!

Both Shumer and Pelosi essentially used the same aces in this game: “tearing families apart” and “splitting up families!”  Oh the injustice of it all!

Trump’s trump card:  You take your family with you.  Even those who were fortunate enough to have a kid while illegally living in our country, have every right to do just that.  Birthright citizenship was never intended to benefit illegal aliens.  Congress should pass a law to make that clear, but don’t hold your breath.  Nevertheless, illegal aliens with children born here can take those children home and, when they are of age, those children can then decide if they want to return.

So what about our illustrious Democrats running for president?  Where do they stand?  Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders’ cards call for abolishing ICE altogether.

Mayor Bill de Blasio cards were the “city is standing by immigrants in anticipation of the raids” and  “ICE, in its current form, cannot continue to exist.”

Kamila Harris cards were “reprehensible” and “an affront to our values.”   Her ace was that the raids are “an attempt to remake the demographics of our country.”  Seriously?  I’m not making this up!

South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg played the “inhumane” and  “illegal,” cards, and his ace blamed the president for the “deaths of migrant children in U.S. custody.”

And now we come to the frontrunner, Joe Biden, who avoided this issue as he does all the others by refusing to get in the game.  Instead he penned a fuzzy Op-Ed in the Miami Herald on Monday calling for “immigration reform grounded in respect.”  Biden would solve the crisis “by investing in border technology” and “improving screening procedures at our legal ports of entry.”   (If only we could get all those gate crashers to come through ports of entry!)

Senator Tom Cotton correctly summed up the stakes in the president’s poker game by asking a simple question, “If you can’t deport an illegal alien who has a valid and final order for removal that’s adjudicated by an immigration judge, who can you deport?”

Democrats, in unison:  “No one!  We need their votes in order to regain and stay in power.”

2 thoughts on “The President’s High-Stakes Poker Game on Illegal Immigration

  1. Most of the immigrants who came here in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries wanted to live in a free country, and wanted to learn English and assimilate. But the current crop, brandishing their home countries’ flags and denouncing America as “racist,” want to take over and turn America into a replica of the s…hole countries they left. If America is “racist” and they are the “victims,” why do they come here? They resemble the Californians or New Yorkers who move to Vermont or Texas to escape the mess made by the leftist politicians they elected, only to vote for more of the same and destroy their adopted states as well.
    And Trump, although he talks a good line, will not stand up to the Demoncrap traitors, nor will the other RINO Republicans, beholden to the Chamber of Commerce and to the Koch brothers and other industrialists who want cheap immigrant labor.
    And the Demoncraps are, indeed, traitors, deliberately and consciously supporting an agenda that will soon destroy what little is left of our former Republic. The aliens are, indeed, invaders, a ravening army like the Huns or Mongols, an army that could easily be stopped. But our Deep State thugs and their bankster masters (and the banksters’ ultimate master) seek the destruction of America and of Western Civilization, and, ultimately, the extermination of the human race. It is impossible to exaggerate or overestimate the depths of their depravity.
    We have passed the point of no return, and this will end in blood.


  2. The whole Democrat bunch’s actions and statements are subversive – intended to overthrow an established government. I hope the Republicans will emphasize these actions as the campaign for President gets more intense.

    I tend to question the idea that corporations and bankers and others want cheap labor. It seems to me that the hoards we see crossing the border don’t have the ability to do much in our country. Do they know the language in order to hold a job? Doubtful. Do they have some skills that are in demand in our workforce? Doubtful. Other than the criminal element that are mixed in with the others, I doubt they have any skills or can learn some needed skills when there is a language barrier. And if they do have some low-income skill, do they deserve to fill a job at that level when some of our less competent citizens will be deprived of that job. One skill they may have is signing their welfare applications and checks with their X signature, assuming that isn’t beyond their level of intelligence and abilities.


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