The Joke’s on Us

There is an old joke about the Department of Agriculture:  One day a bureaucrat in that arcane agency notice a co-worker with a long face.  He inquired, “Why the long face?”  His coworker said, “My farmer died.”

It’s a bad joke, but the joke’s on us.

In the 1900’s more than half of the population of the U.S. was involved in farming.  Today it’s less than two percent.   Today there are more people working in technology related to the computer industry than farming.   Continue reading “The Joke’s on Us”

The Best News out of Iowa

The best news out of Iowa is not that Ted Cruz won or that Donald Trump’s political gamble of skipping the last debate, like a sulking child, likely cost him a win there.

It’s not that the long predicted surge of Marco Rubio finally happened.

No, the best news out of Iowa is that a candidate who had the courage to boldly proclaim his opposition to federal mandates and subsidies for ethanol — which comes from corn — the top crop in the state, actually won there.

Be it Ted Cruz or Joe Blow, it turned the conventional political wisdom on its head.  It proves that you don’t have to pander to get elected.  If you are willing to make the case that these government handouts keep you under the thumb of Washington and wind up hurting everyone, eventually enough reasonable people will listen. Continue reading “The Best News out of Iowa”

The Kitchen Gestapo

The verdict is in:  Michelle Obama’s school lunch program is about as popular and cost-effective as her husband’s “unAffordable Care Act”  and much more wasteful.

Doubtful?  Just look in the garbage cans at your local public school cafeteria.  A new report from the General Accounting Office confirms that the new standards for the school lunch championed by the first lady have not only been a nightmare for officials responsible for planning the menus and sourcing the food, but they have resulted in higher costs and much more waste.

In short:  students won’t eat the food.  Contrary to the popular belief perpetrated by liberals promoting the nanny state, hunger is not a problem in the United States.  Those who have spent time in third world countries where it is will tell you that hungry children will eat anything that is put before them. Continue reading “The Kitchen Gestapo”

Poisoned by Thanksgiving Dinner

Halloween has its share of frights. Most of them meant to scare tikes. Now, there is more to fear, but, unlike Halloween, these scary stories are meant to put fear in the hearts of adults. They involve your annual Thanksgiving feast.

It is no accident that ominous stories involving the foods commonly used in the Thanksgiving meal pop up about this time every year. Most of them are pure bunk. It is my hope that this will put your mind at ease and will enable you to prepare and enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with confidence.

The latest scare is perpetrated by the Breast Cancer Fund. It involves the chemical BPA, which is commonly used in the linings of cans to protect food from contamination.

The organization tested canned gravy, corn, cranberry sauce, pumpkin and the green beans used it the famous casserole that has become synonymous with this holiday and found BPA, which it claims has been linked to adverse health effects. Continue reading “Poisoned by Thanksgiving Dinner”