Tim Kaine: One of Lenin’s Useful Idiots

I have never understood the preoccupation by some with the health of Hillary Clinton.  Time would be better spent pointing out her obvious character flaws, her unsuitability for public office and her willingness to exploit political power for personal gain.  That said, recent developments have caused us to take a closer look at the man she selected to be her running mate, Senator Tim Kaine.

Like many, I considered him to be somewhat moderate.  After all, when he campaigned for governor of Virginia, he ran as a committed Catholic, gun-owning,  tax-adverse Democrat.  However, his record in government is quite the opposite.  By far, the most troubling aspect of his resume is the time he spent in Honduras in the early 80’s between college and law school.  It was there that he was taught by a group of Jesuits who broke with the Vatican over the issue of liberation theology — the unholy marriage between Marxist revolutionaries and the church.   Continue reading “Tim Kaine: One of Lenin’s Useful Idiots”

Hillary Clinton’s Soft Underbelly

President Hillary in 2016?  While some see this as inevitable, color me skeptical.

Hillary has a soft underbelly of supporting Marxist groups and sympathizers. A part of that underbelly was exposed last week when she endorsed Bill de Blasio for New York City mayor.  The Democrat nominee is considered the odds on favorite for the top spot in the Big Apple.  The former First Lady rarely gives her endorsement so this one is curious indeed.

Why did she go the extra mile and give this man her stamp of approval? Continue reading “Hillary Clinton’s Soft Underbelly”