D-Day for Parental Rights

In the military, “D-Day” is the coded designation of an important invasion or military operation.  The term also has been used to mark the timing for a landmark event or decision.

Such a day is coming for a homeschooling family, the Romeikes, who fled religious persecution in Germany five years ago and are fighting to remain in this country.   It is also a D-Day for the protection of individual rights of every U.S. citizen

The clock now is ticking for the Romeikes and for the Obama Administration which has been ordered by the U.S. Supreme Court to respond to a petition by the Home School Legal Defense Association to hear an appeal in the Romeikes’ deportation case.  The deadline is December 19. Continue reading “D-Day for Parental Rights”

California Parents Blindsided

Quick – raise your hand if you think the state can do a better job of protecting your children than you can.

No parent in his or her right mind would answer “yes” to a question like that.

However, that was the way over 52 percent of California voters answered that question in Tuesday’s special election. They nixed Proposition 73, a constitutional amendment that would have given parents back their right to be notified before one of their children is given an abortion – a right that was taken away from them by activist judges on the state supreme court. Continue reading “California Parents Blindsided”