What’s that smell coming from D.C.?

If you are going to clean out a refrigerator, you start with the part that smells.  In Washington, it’s pork, not in the frig, but on Capitol Hill.  This pork, otherwise known as an “earmark,” is a project that is slipped into a bill by a lawmaker that circumvents the merit-based or competitive process and serves a narrow or special interest.

An infamous one that shows up almost every year is “wood utilization research.”  We’re spending $4,841,000 on new ways to use wood (trees) this year.  Has anyone heard of paper bags?  I’ll give it to you for free and you can save taxpayers $4.8 million.  That’s a perfectly good use for wood.  However, many cities now are trying to ban paper bags in order to save trees!  The irony of it all!

These projects add up.  Citizens Against Government Waste has documented 109,952 of them worth $307.8 billion since 1991.     Continue reading “What’s that smell coming from D.C.?”

We the Ignorant

Let our countrymen know that the people alone can protect us
against these evils [of monarchial government]. Thomas Jefferson

It’s time someone had the guts to say it and my friend Tom Tancredo did just that at the Tea Party Convention in Nashville.   The problems in this country will never be solved by registering more voters.  Our problems will be solved by registering more informed voters.

By that I’m not suggesting, nor was he, that voting should be limited to those who hold Ph.D.’s or any degree of higher education.  However, voters should be able to demonstrate some understanding and appreciation of our system of government and how it was designed to work before they can register to vote.   At the very least, we should require new registrants to pass a  basic civics test, the kind given to immigrants seeking to become naturalized U.S. citizens. Continue reading “We the Ignorant”

Senate Surgeon takes Scalpel to Stimulus

Just when you thought it was impossible to stop the Obama Administration and Congress from going on an uncontrolled spending spree with our tax dollars, a lowly junior senator with no political aspirations has stepped up to defend us.

While Republicans have offered an alternate to the so-called economic stimulus bill that has zero chance of being enacted, and the infamous gang of 14 moderates (some say 20) is meeting to come up with a pork-lite compromise, Tom Coburn, the only practicing doctor in the United States Senate, is doing what he does best, taking a scalpel to the massive bill in an effort to carve it down to size.

You might say that Dr. Coburn is preforming a spendingectomy. Continue reading “Senate Surgeon takes Scalpel to Stimulus”

Obama Panders to Whiney Women

Real women take responsibility for their actions: Whiney women blame others.
Real women don’t ask for special favors: Whiney women break in line.
Real women make informed choices: Whiney women make excuses.

Are you a “real woman” or a “whiney woman”? Before you answer that question, take this short presidential quiz: Continue reading “Obama Panders to Whiney Women”