Obama wants a Mulligan on Iraq

In golf, Obama’s favorite pastime, the “mulligan” has become SOP in friendly games.

A mulligan is a stroke that is replayed (due to bad luck or a blunder) from the spot of the previous stroke without penalty.  The result is that the hole is scored as if the errant shot had never been made.

Now the president expects the country to give him a mulligan, or a do-over, on Iraq.

It isn’t happening. Continue reading “Obama wants a Mulligan on Iraq”

To War or not to War?

That is the question for president Obama.  No doubt it is every bit as vexing as the one with which Prince Hamlet wrestled in the Shakespeare classic that bears his name.

In Hamlet’s famous soliloquy, he tries to decide if it would be better to commit suicide or struggle with the pains and unfairness of life.   His dilemma is not that far removed from the one facing our 44th president.  Obama’s choice is between political suicide or pubic ridicule.

Obama firmly believes that he was elected to avoid war at all cost, so much so, that he squandered our hard-fought victory in Iraq in order to declare peace, when there was no peace, and bring our troops home prematurely.  But, alas, our enemy metastasized.  It is slaughtering our friends in the region, openly beheading our citizens on the internet and threatening to spill blood in our streets.

Does Obama declare war on ISIS and take the necessary action to rid the world of this evil or does he simply invoke the Authorization for Use of Military Force given to his predecessor?

If he does the former, he would need permission from Congress, which likely would mean the political deaths of some dovish Democratic senators.  If he does the latter, he will be exposed as a hypocrite. Continue reading “To War or not to War?”

Nero Fiddled; Obama Putts Around

The Emperor Nero may have gotten a bum rap.  It is believed this ancient leader fiddled while a great fire burned his Rome to the ground in A.D. 64, but the fiddle, or violin, hadn’t been invented yet.  Nevertheless, Nero did consider himself a serious musician.  Most likely the fiddling was simply a metaphor for his bad judgement, insensitivity and ineffectiveness.

Obama showed some of these same traits last weekend when he jetted to southern California for a commencement address, which was an excuse to spend a long weekend playing golf at two exclusive resorts in Palm Springs, barely squeezing in a fundraiser.

Now I don’t resent the president taking a little me-time or using his taxpayer-funded high-priced transportation to have a little fun, but if ever there was a time to stay in the White House Situation Room, this was it.   Continue reading “Nero Fiddled; Obama Putts Around”

Syria: Obama’s Bubba Imitation

It is popular in some circles to draw comparisons between Obama’s proposed action against Syria to Bush 43’s war in Iraq.  A far better example would be Clinton’s bombing of Iraq.  Even better: Clinton’s war on Kosovo.

Obama is simply following his Democratic idol in this latest wag-the-dog exercise.

For the uninitiated, “Wag the Dog” was a black comedy produced by Barry Levinson, starring Dustin Hoffman and Robert De Niro that, in 2008, became a classic case of life imitating art. Continue reading “Syria: Obama’s Bubba Imitation”

Farewell to George W. Bush

No one is perfect. That is true for your spouse, your children, your mom, and (look in the mirror) even yourself.

While we readily recognize and accept the flaws and frailties of those closest to us, somehow we expect that the person we elect to be president of the United States will live up to all our grandiose expectations and we are shocked when we discover that he is a mere mortal.

That said, I say goodbye to President George W. Bush with a lot of mixed emotions. Continue reading “Farewell to George W. Bush”

Shocked, not Awed

For those wondering how Democrat leaders manage to keep straight faces when calling for a retreat in Iraq after the recent progress in the region, I offer Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin as “Exhibit 1.”In an appearance on “Meet the Press,” Feingold said he was “shocked” by the president’s response to the calls for a surrender – he calls it a withdrawal – “in light of the November election.” Continue reading “Shocked, not Awed”

How Does this Congress plan to win the War on Terror?

How does this Congress plan to win the war on terror?  Pork – pure unadulterated pork!

  • Does it plan to force-feed the terrorists large amounts of this fat-laden meat and wait a couple of decades for it to clog up their arteries?
  • Does it plan to disguise the pork (which is detestable by Muslims), offer it to the terrorists and then yell, “Surprise”? (The devout ones then would commit suicide, saving us the trouble of hunting them down.)
  • Does it plan to toss hogs out of airplanes as animal bombs? Continue reading “How Does this Congress plan to win the War on Terror?”
  • The “Anna Nicole Resolution”

    The nation’s senators have spent weeks debating a resolution to condemn President Bush’s plan to send more troops to Iraq. Lawmakers in the House of Representatives now are spending a week on the same useless activity. This could best be described as the “Anna Nicole Resolution.” It is a sexy piece of legislation that has no real meaning, like the life of the infamous gold-digger centerfold, who died last week an untimely death.What a spectacle! What a waste of airtime and newsprint!Congressional resolutions have no force of law. Most resolutions are for things like expressing condolences or to praise the work of an organization or civic leader. These things are rarely mentioned by the news media and are completed in a perfunctory fashion. It’s a pleasant little diversion for our lawmakers that takes up little time and does no harm.

    This is not the case with the Iraq resolution, which empowers our enemies, undermines our military leaders and destroys the morale of the men and women we have sent into harm’s way. Continue reading “The “Anna Nicole Resolution””

    What Everyone Should Know about Iraq

    “Phased withdrawal” and “troop caps” are euphemisms for “retreat and defeat” in Iraq. In recent years, U.S. withdrawals have become an all too familiar pattern for the United States: Vietnam, Beirut and Somalia. This behavior has empowered the radical forces seeking to destroy us.Iraq is the most deadly battlefield on which the war on terror is being fought. On one side are the extremists sponsored by Iran and Syria. On the other side are the moderates and those favoring democracy in the fledgling government backed up by United States troops. In the middle are an under-trained military and millions of innocent civilians. Continue reading “What Everyone Should Know about Iraq”