Nero Fiddled; Obama Putts Around

The Emperor Nero may have gotten a bum rap.  It is believed this ancient leader fiddled while a great fire burned his Rome to the ground in A.D. 64, but the fiddle, or violin, hadn’t been invented yet.  Nevertheless, Nero did consider himself a serious musician.  Most likely the fiddling was simply a metaphor for his bad judgement, insensitivity and ineffectiveness.

Obama showed some of these same traits last weekend when he jetted to southern California for a commencement address, which was an excuse to spend a long weekend playing golf at two exclusive resorts in Palm Springs, barely squeezing in a fundraiser.

Now I don’t resent the president taking a little me-time or using his taxpayer-funded high-priced transportation to have a little fun, but if ever there was a time to stay in the White House Situation Room, this was it.  

Iraq, the “Rome” we spent billions of dollars to liberate — not to mention the loss of 4,487 dead and another 32,226 wounded soldiers — was burning.  Islamic extremist were busy executing civilians and Iraqi troops as they made their way to Bagdad. Our embassy staff was being evacuated

. . . while Obama golfed!

With our troops in  Afghanistan, the Taliban was busy cutting off the fingers of those who voted in the weekend election as a warning to others

. . .  while Obama golfed!

Meanwhile, the Russians, with whom former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton presented a “reset button,” were busy tightening their grip on the Ukraine

. . . while Obama golfed!

Even closer to home, our southern border was in chaos.  We have a humanitarian crisis on our hands unlike anything we have ever experienced

. . .  while Obama golfed!

To make matters worse, the president showed how disconnected he is from reality by using his speech to the graduates of the University of California at Irvine to slam his political opponents and to opine about the perceived danger we face from human-induced global warming.  Despite  the millions of dollars that have been spent on trying to prove this theory, it remains just a theory.

A graduation is supposed to be about the graduates.  Instead Obama made it about him, or his latest political cause du jour.  Not only that,  he tried to scare these young people right out of their caps and gowns by telling them,  “The 18 warmest years on record have all happened since you graduates were born.”  Either the president didn’t have his facts straight or he lied.

According to the most recent RSS satellite data, a brief 16-year warming period ended in 1997, about the time most of these graduates were five years old.

But forget the hype.  Let us assume that the president simply couldn’t address the world-shattering events now unfolding because his aides didn’t have time to draft a plausible speech and put it in his teleprompter.  We all know he can’t say anything about anything on his own.  Nevertheless, it supports the notion that Obama is tin-eared and completely out-of-touch.

If he was so concerned about carbon emissions, these students must  have wondered why he didn’t make the short drive back to Palm Springs from Angel Stadium instead of taking the jet.

As if that weren’t bad enough,  as the president jetted back to Washington on Monday, his secretary of state, John Kerry, gave the graduating class at Boston College a dose of the same drivel.  Kerry’s answer to all the problems these graduates will face as they go out into the world to try to find employment is — you guessed it — climate change, which is the euphemism for human-induced global warming.  Yes, Kerry told these young people that this bogeyman is an ‘”immediate threat to your job, your communities, and your families!”

There was not one word to these young people about the real, immediate crises we face:  Our southern border has be breached.  Iraq is falling into the hands of terrorists.  Iran and Russia are on the move.  Meanwhile our commander-in-chief and our secretary of state are spending their time worrying about the “possibility” of human-induced global warming.

Susan Rice, who was recently appointed Obama’s National Security Advisor, was left to hold down the fort at the White House in Obama’s absence.  No doubt, she was busy looking for another video or two, on which to blame these latest crises.

So Nero really didn’t fiddle while Rome burned, but our emperor, Obama, golfed.

4 thoughts on “Nero Fiddled; Obama Putts Around

  1. Everything the monster has done…and I mean everything…has clearly been harmful, even disastrous for America.If the Obaminable Hussein was merely incompetent, it would occasionally do something beneficial just by accident.
    I say, encourage the Mad Mullah to play golf full time, all the time. Take away its cell phone and its pen. We’d be better off with no President at all than to be ruled by this Unpresident (an illegal alien cannot legally be President). While we’re at it, let’s encourage all Congressmen to play golf full time, or whatever suits their fancy, as long as they stay away from the Capital. And let’s give all the employees of the EPA, Dept. of Education, and BLM full time, year-round vacations for life.


  2. Rush (Limbaugh) is right; Rush was right! He hoped Obama would fail but Obama is succeeding; his goal to “fundamentally change America.” We are seeing his tactics utilized to his advantage continuing the strategy of “change.” Jane’s column this week reminds us of the tactics that look uncaring but really are more in line with the Obama’s longterm strategy. I am upset every time I read of, hear of, or see pictures of Obama and I’m reminded of the way America used to be. I wanted Obama to fail too; I could see the handwriting on the wall.


  3. We are getting the president God has hand picked just for America. Here’s a nation that has killed over 60 million pre-born children, pushes same-sex marriages, has kicked God out of school and treated Israel like trash. We as a nation have clearly given God the finger. William Penn once said, “When nations forget God they get tyrants as rulers.”


  4. Sad days for a once great country. Obama is doing what he promised to “Change America” he hates that America is/was a great country. He runs at the slightest odor of trouble. He ran to Las Vegas to party with celebs or goes golfing to bury his head in the sand.
    Yes, easy to spend the taxpayers money jetting around spouting drivel for EPA.


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