A Citizens primer on Immigration Reform

The American people are about to get “Bushwhacked”! The Republican-led House of Representatives is our only hope against a runaway president and squishy Senate leaders who have joined with Democrats in an attempt to ram a disastrous immigration bill down our throats. You must contact your House member and strengthen his or her resolve to support only those measures that would control our borders and enforce the law.To help you deal with members of the administration and Congress, I have prepared a primer to help you translate the rhetoric.

When they say: Our bill creates a path to citizenship.

What they mean is: Amnesty for those who have broken into this country illegally.

When they say: These immigrants will pay fines and get punished for breaking the law.

What they mean is: Citizenship for sale, cheap. Pay fines of $2,500 and we will give it back to you and thousands more in the form of the Earned Income Tax Credit; retroactive Social Security credit; SSI for your indigent parents, whom you can bring here legally; free medical care; free education; as well as free housing, food and money through your dependent children.

Reality check: What a deal!

When they say: These immigrants will have to work for 11 years, then go to the back of the line before they can become citizens.

What they mean is: These illegal immigrants will be working inside the U.S., which was their goal when they broke into the country. In six years, these immigrants can apply for permanent resident status and a green card so, for all practical purposes, the line for them doesn’t exist

Reality check: The average wait for a legal immigrant from Mexico is 16 years.

When they say: Mass deportation won’t work.

What they mean is: We don’t know what will work because we’ve never tried to enforce the law. In fact, Bush policy is not to detain or deport anyone who is more than 100 miles from the border or has been in the country more than 30 days.

Reality check: We are not talking about rounding up people and transporting them to the gas chamber. We are talking about giving those who are caught free transportation – in air-conditioned comfort – back home.

When they say: The 11 million illegal immigrants have 3 million children who are U.S. citizens. We can’t ask them to go home and leave their children.

What they mean is: I’m out of arguments and I hope you will buy my sob story.

Reality check: Illegal aliens can take their underage children home with them. Adult children, who are citizens, can stay and sponsor parents back into this country legally.

When they say: If the law doesn’t create a just result, what good is it?

What they mean is: We want amnesty for these lawbreakers so they will be grateful and give us their votes when they become citizens.

When they say: It’s not fair for a nonviolent offense to result in upheaval or make people felons.

What they mean is: We want amnesty for these lawbreakers so our business supporters can have cheap labor at the expense of hardworking taxpayers.

Reality check: Name another incidence of “breaking and entering” that isn’t a felony. Illegal aliens can go home on their own. They don’t have to become felons.

When they say: Our bill will strengthen border security.

What they mean is: Trust us … again.

When they say: We want a system where employers can have an honest opportunity to employ people. If employers do it dishonestly, they will pay a price.

What they mean is: Let’s make all illegal aliens legal. Then, employers can legally employ the same people for pennies on the dollar.

When they say: All illegal immigrants who have been here less than two years will have to go back home.

What they mean is: We won’t find anybody who as been here less than two years because there is no real verification of current illegal-alien status.

Reality check: The Senate bill has a provision that limits immigration authorities from investigating beyond the piece of paper on which an alien applies for amnesty and a third-party declaration. All an alien with a third party has to do is lie and the case is closed.

When they say: The American people want comprehensive immigration reform.

What they mean is: We can pass what we want and get away with it. By the time our re-election rolls around the public won’t remember how we voted. The American people are helpless and stupid.

Reality check: Are you going to prove them right?

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