The Shameless Republican Party

Rats. I wanted to write a book about Mark Foley and the Republican Party but Bob Woodward stole my title. “State of Denial” best describes the attitude of House leadership that turned a blind eye toward the unusual amount of interest the Florida congressman showed toward young boys who were serving as House pages.Of course, House Speaker Denny Hastert should step down! That’s what an honorable man does when he makes a mistake of this magnitude.

Republican partisans are rallying to the speaker’s defense and blaming it on Democrat operatives who held and released those sexually explicit instant messages just before the election. However, there is still plenty of time to call everybody back to Washington and pick a replacement for Hastert.

This would not be a great loss! This is the House leader of the party of “less government” who presided over the biggest spending spree in our country’s history. This is the man who refused to reign in his out-of-control charges and, in fact, punished those who tried to put the breaks on.

This is the man who complained when the FBI raided the office of Democrat Rep. William Jefferson, who was hiding cash in the freezer of his apartment. Hastert clung to the separation of powers argument despite the fact that the FBI had to get a court order to conduct the raid: Two of the three branches of government were involved in this action! Hastert obviously thinks that anything that happens in Congress should stay in Congress and if Congress doesn’t see fit to clean up the mess, by definition, there is no mess.

This is the same Denny Hastert who looked the other way when it was discovered that former Democrat Rep. Gary Condit had an affair with Washington intern Chandra Levy, whose decomposed body later was discovered in Fort Marcy Park. The voters finally dumped Condit in disgust because Congress, under Hastert, didn’t do a thing!

Hastert presided over the impeachment of President Clinton, but the impeachment wasn’t for doing an intern! The House simply didn’t go there. Yes, both these women were older but they had never been on their own and were still under the support and protective care of their parents. Both were easy prey for men in powerful positions. The nation’s parents deserve better.

The nation deserves better, and if that means that the party in power has to eat and little crow and elect some new leaders, let’s get on with it. It’s past time.

The Democrats in Congress have lost their right to wag their fingers over these matters. Their own members are notorious! Many Democrat lawmakers march in Gay Pride parades with NAMBLA, the “Sex before eight or it’s too late” crowd. However, Republicans are supposed to know better.

Completely lost on the public is that, the very day the Foley scandal came to light, (mostly) Democrats in the Senate obstructed the Child Custody Protection Act and kept it from coming to the floor for a vote. This critical legislation would make it a federal crime to transport a minor across a state line for an abortion if this action circumvents a state law requiring parental involvement in a minor’s abortion. This lack of action in the Senate empowers the sexual predators of young girls.

The majority of people in this country still believe that there should be a high moral threshold for people in public office. That’s why Republicans have control of Congress and the White House, and that is why they are in danger of losing it now.

Hastert and the rest of the big-tent Republicans, who want to pretend that homosexuality is normal and natural, will be responsible for the folded tent.

There is no gay gene! And, yes, statistics show that homosexuals are much more likely to be sexual predators. The 1 to 3 percent of the population attracted to the same sex are committing one-third of sex crimes against minors.

Hastert knew that Foley was a homosexual but, when this problem came to light, it didn’t set off alarm bells.

Homosexuals don’t procreate, they recruit; and most of that recruitment involves our young people. A young person who is molested is “imprinted.” The child may feel pleasure from being stimulated in this way and begin to associate sex with this first or this early experience.

We were told that Mark Foley was victimized between the ages of 13 and 15. He kept this “shame to himself for almost 40 years” and apparently became a victimizer.

It is sad that there isn’t more shame in the Republican Party over this incident.

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