Thanks Kim Jong-il

North Korea’s Kim Jong-il made a serious mistake in testing a nuclear weapon this week.I am not suggesting for one moment that the impotent United Nations finally will make good on one of its idle treats. Kim knows this is not going to happen.

What I am suggesting is that his timing was all wrong!

Ask yourself, which political party would Kim like to see in charge of the United States of America?

Would Kim prefer that the party in charge be the one that represents George W. Bush, the man who correctly labeled North Korea a charter member of the Axis of Evil? Would he prefer that the party in charge be the one that refuses to negotiate with terrorists or sit down one-on-one with a representative from his oppressed nation, or would he prefer to do business with the Democrats?

This is not a difficult question to answer. After all, in 1994, it was Democrat President Bill Clinton who, with the help of Jimmy Carter, lifted sanctions on North Korea and handed Kim two light water nuclear reactors on a silver platter. What did we get in return? Empty promises.

It is the Democrats that kept our plans for a full-scale missile defenses system from being implemented.

It is the party of Dianne Feinstein and John Kerry that has prevented us from testing our nukes so that they can be used as a deterrent. We don’t even know if they work anymore!

It is the Democrats who want to sit down and hold Kim’s hand to see if we can bribe him to stand down, or at least kept quiet about his plans for another year or two or three.

Is anyone really surprised the North Korea has a nuclear weapon? Is anyone really surprised that North Korea is working toward putting a nuke on the end of a ballistic missile and pointing it in our direction?

We owe Kim Jong-il a great deal of thanks for running that nuclear test this week. He has given the people of this country a much-needed wake-up call just before the November election. If North Korea, China, Russia or any other member of the nuclear club lobed a nuke in our direction now, more than likely we would watch it go BOOM!

To be sure, the latest test of our anti-ballistic missile defense system was promising but, thanks to the obstructive efforts of Democrats, it is far from being the impenetrable system envisioned by Ronald Reagan

It was Teddy Kennedy who labeled Reagan’s plans for a missile defense shield “Star Wars” in an attempt to discredit the idea. Kennedy and his friends would prefer – even now – to sit down cross-legged with Kim, hold hands and hum. Seriously, has Kennedy ever come up with a better idea?

We now know that Kennedy and his friends were wrong when they ridiculed Reagan’s anti-ballistic missile defense system. It is possible to hit a missile with a missile. We simply haven’t perfected it.

However, the ability to simply shoot down a missile with a missile is not enough. If we shoot down a nuclear tipped missile that is nearing its intended target, the fallout from such a hit could be deadly. We must have the ability to shoot down that missile as soon as it is launched so that the country that launches the missile is the one that will suffer the fatal consequences.

That means that we need more than the limited missile defense system that was authorized by Congress and is now being developed. We need the ability to shoot down these weapons from land, sea and space – the system envisioned by Ronald Reagan.

When Reagan first proposed this system, our only defense against a nuclear attack was our ability to counter attack. It was call MAD – Mutual Assured Destruction.

Despite all the non-proliferation treaties, the world is no safer than it was in the 1980s. The members of the nuclear club have grown from seven or eight to possibly 10.

Our country has gone from MAD to glad – glad we have begun to deploy a missile defense system. However, only when we have the ability to shoot down such a missile as soon as it is launched – and make the country that launched that missile “sad” – will we truly have the ability to keep this country safe.

Thanks, Kim Jong-il, for the reminder that, when it comes to missile defense, there is an important life and death difference between our two political parties.

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