Don’t call it Amnesty!

Don’t call the immigration bill before the United States Senate an “amnesty bill.” That gives the marauders masquerading as legislators an excuse to call you a “mean-spirited racist.”When you use the word “amnesty,” they look down their out-of-joint noses at you and treat your objection as a simple difference of opinion (their’s being infinitely superior). They assert that if you read the bill they want you to buy as “comprehensive immigration reform” – and have the ability to understand it – you will share their enthusiasm for it.

We, the American people, are survivors of a public school system that many of these people helped to dumb-down, but, thankfully, most of us still have the ability to tell the difference between horse droppings and chocolate drops.

So, don’t call it “amnesty.” Call it “zamnesty!”

Words have meaning. When there is no word to describe something, a new word must be created. Presently, there is no word in the dictionary that adequately describes this latest flimflam. Therefore, a new word is in order.

Take the “z” from the “Z visa” created especially for this bill and couple it with “amnesty,” the term that means all is forgiven.

Zamnesty means you can stay in the United States and work for slave wages and American taxpayers will make up the difference. We, the people, will pick up the cost of your health care and subsidize your food and housing – all the basic necessities of life. Law enforcement can’t touch you. A few years from now – when you trade in that Z visa – you can retire and collect welfare benefits for the rest of your natural life for doing absolutely nothing! The amount you will receive for sitting on your keister is greater than anything you could ever hope to amass in your home country for toiling until the day you finally are laid to rest.

Is this a great country or what? Don’t worry; be happy! Come on in! The more the merrier!

Yes, zamnesty is the only term that really fits! It is the only word that says that you get it. It is a word the ultra slick in Washington can’t redefine or dodge. It is a way to send the message to your representatives in the House and Senate that the jig is up!

I cannot take credit for this word, zamnesty. It was given to me by Russell Pearce, a Republican state legislator in Arizona (ground zero for real Republicans who want to hold back the flood of illegal immigration) who gave me his theory on how the Z visa was created. Pearce explained, “(U.S.) senators came up with the letter ‘z’ because it is as far away from the dreaded ‘a’ word as they could get.” Voila!

Use the word zamnesty when you call and write those high and mighty Washington legislators. Use it in your e-mails. Use it with your friends. Promote it on talk radio. It will strike fear into those who are willing to sell out our country for political and financial benefits too numerous to mention. Remember, they can lie but they can’t hide!

It is an added bonus that Majority Leader Harry Reid is threatening to keep the Senate in session through the Fourth of July holiday to pass the zamnesty bill. It should serve as a reminder that the men who signed the Declaration of Independence were the heroes. They pledged their sacred honor, their fortunes and their very lives to free us from the oppression imposed by the British government.

Benjamin Franklin was quoted as saying: “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately,” a play on words indicating that failure to stay united and succeed would risk being tried and executed, individually, for treason.

However, these brave men were not traitors! A traitor is someone who sells out his country for his own personal gain – like the leaders of the 110th Congress.

“Z” is one of the loneliest letters in the alphabet. Words that begin with the letter “z” occupy a scant seven pages at the end of my unabridged dictionary. In fact, 40 of the “z” words are derived from zoo (which some think is a euphemism for Congress), and 78 are proper nouns. There is plenty of room for more “z” words in the pursuit of letter parity!

Zooks! Let’s zap those zorils who are promoting zamnesty instead of border security before zymosis sets in and we zombies end up with zilch!

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