What to do with 12-20 million Illegals

Those hellbent on ramming a hugely unpopular amnesty bill down our throats have one question that stops most of their otherwise articulate constituents in their tracts:

And what would you do with the 12 to 20 million illegal immigrants now living in this country?

The image they want brought to mind is one of raids in the middle of the night – men and women driven from their homes at bayonet point, sleeping children snatched from their beds. They would have us imagine convoys of trucks speeding toward the border with their human cargo sandwiched so tightly they can barely draw breath. In our southern states, they would like you to see a human chain, throats parched with thirst, stretched from San Diego to Houston marching, no staggering, across miles of inhospitable desert toward the Mexican border. Gestapo-like ICE agents are in back of these unfortunate souls. They bark out orders to keep moving from their air-conditioned Hummers. Attack dogs nip at the heels of those who fall behind.

What’s wrong with this picture? Everything! This is the USA. We treat people humanely and fairly. This simply isn’t going to happen. But the U.S. doesn’t have to stand for Utterly Stupid, which is what this Senate bill is.

Sure, there is a lot of language about “enforcement” in the bill that offers amnesty, excuse me, zamnesty – through the Z visa – to anyone who can offer a bit of proof that he or she broke into this country before Jan. 1, 2007.

“Anybody got a rent receipt made out to Hernandez I can borrow?”

“I need another one made out to Gonzales!”

Can’t get your hands on one? No problem, get a receipt book and write one of your own. Under the terms of this Utterly Stupid bill, ICE is given only a day to pass judgment on each zamnesty applicant. If it takes the government months to check out a phony Social Security or green card, what can it possibly do in a day with all those phony rent receipts?

We don’t need zamnesty to do enforcement. Until we can do enforcement, we need have no other discussion. Been there; done that!

We need laws with teeth that severely punish employers who hire illegals and landlords who rent to them. No one has a right to slave labor, and no one has a right to profit from those who break into the country.

Shortly after 9-11, I received a call from someone with a Middle Eastern accent who wanted to rent a house I had advertised. I require a Social Security card and a driver’s license to do a tenant screening. This man was willing to pay more rent than I had asked and give me a year’s rent in advance, if only I would not require him to produce a Social Security card. Does that sound illegal … and scary?

I can find no law that says I have to see someone’s Social Security or green card to rent my house, but there should be one.

We should be deporting anyone found to be in this country illegally, whether on the job, caught while speeding, applying to rent a home or enter a hospital. Yes, U.S. citizens are presumed innocent until proven guilty, but illegal aliens aren’t citizens. Those, who have no right to be here have no rights under our Constitution. They should be sent home immediately! If we need a new law to make that happen, it should be written. We also need a law that says if you are found to be in this country illegally, you will never be allowed to come back here for any reason.

In open defiance of Washington, a few state legislatures are moving to cut off benefits and services to illegal aliens. Good for them! However, it should be the other way around. If Congress is serious about securing our border, the very first law passed would not be a zamnesty bill, but a bill that would cut off all funds to states that act as sanctuaries – no education money, no highway funds, not welfare money, nada!

When money and services are cut off, when you can’t get a job or rent an apartment without a green card or proof of citizenship, most illegals will go home on their own. There will be no need to round them up.

So relax! The relatively few illegal aliens who are caught and have to be deported will be given catered meals and rides home in air-conditioned comfort.

One thought on “What to do with 12-20 million Illegals

  1. I thought the “Gestapo-like ICE agents” only show up to arrest underage Cuban boys to send them back to Cuba. Also, why are the raids always at night? This kind of stuff works in a disarmed Europe or Asia but in the South, you had better be sure before you kick a door down a 0200. The odds are really good here in Texas that if the guy on the other side is not who you think he is, then he is an armed citizen and will protect home and family with firearms. That would be a PR disaster for everyone involved (not to mention fatal for many involved) that would make the Elian Gonzalez debacle seem like a positive ad campaign for the new sensitive government. The so-called “fly over” states are hated by the progressive elites because we won’t just follow like good little sheeple. Because we have a sense of right and wrong, we resist attempts to call evil good and good evil. The elites never seem to understand that the hard truth is more effective than the feel good lie. The heartland knows from experience that doing the right thing can be tough but it is always the correct choice. Sending home the mother and child is tough, but how is not sending them out of the country fair to the family waiting to legally enter? Make the progressive answer the real questions, not their straw man problem that clouds the truth.


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