A Dark Lining for every Silver Cloud

A dark cloud is behind every rainbow. Don’t enjoy flowers because they wither. If you get lemons, make sour water. Rich people are bad and must be punished. Smiling will make you sick. The U.S. isn’t strong enough to win a war against thugs and, by the way, Santa Claus is dead. 

That, in so many words, is the Democrats’ mantra.If you doubt me, try following Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, David Obey, Charlie Rangel and Democrat National Committee Chairman Howard Dean around for a while.

There has been a flood of good news lately: North Korea has shut down its sole functioning nuclear reactor. Israeli and Palestinian leaders are talking. The troop surge in Iraq is beginning to work. Sunnis as well as the Shias are turning on al-Qaida. Anbar and Diyala provinces, former al-Qaida strongholds, are relatively peaceful.

Despite the war, the deficit is down $43 billion over last year. More than 2 million new jobs were created over the last 12 months, 132,000 in the month of June. Real after-tax per capita personal income has risen by 9.9 percent in the last seven years, and 1.1 percent over last year, which is faster than the average rate during the 1990s. Productivity growth has averaged 2.8 percent since the first quarter of 2001. This is well above average productivity growth in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. The economy now has experienced more than five years of uninterrupted growth averaging 2.9 percent a year, and the Dow continues to reach new highs

Democrats refuse to see the good. They scoff,

Don’t throw sunshine on our gloomy parade!

Instead of working to solve the real problems in this country – and many remain – the Dems operate like Joe Btfsplk, the hugely unpopular gloomy character with the dark cloud above his head from the old Li’l Abner cartoon series. It is little wonder that Americans are growing weary of them.

Democrats are right when they say there is no excuse for a deficit. However, the current deficit is not a result of the Bush tax cuts as the Dems would have us believe. It is a result of overspending.

Those tax cuts worked exactly as free-market economists predicted. In fact, people worked harder and saved and invested more that expected. In 2007, tax revenues are estimated to be $70 billion above those pre-tax cut projections.

The current deficit, which is the gum on the shoe of every taxpayer, is a result of a federal government that is now spending a whopping 49 percent more than it did when Bush first took office. That’s an increase of 7 percent per year. However, the budget resolution passed by this new Democrat Congress increases discretionary spending by another 9.4 percent, or $23 billion more than President Bush.

Democrats plan to make up the difference by rolling back the Bush tax cuts, which, of course, is a tax hike. Unlike Btfsplk, who was a gentle and well-meaning fellow, these Democrats want to bring misfortune to all of us by pouring sand into the gas tank of the economy. Their primary goal is to raise the tax on capital gains, which they claim targets the rich.

In reality, they want to lower retirement portfolios of millions of hard-working Americans – two out of every three voters in the last election – whose 401ks and pensions are invested in private-equity funds.

Isn’t this class-warfare tactic a bit old?

I recently heard a Democrat pundit trying to tell us only the rich have benefited from the recent economic expansion. A month ago, this same pundit was telling us we had to have Mexican workers picking lettuce and cleaning toilets because Americans have all the “good” jobs. You simply cannot have it both ways.

What about the poor? It’s a relative term. By the world’s standards, there are no more poor in the United States. Sure, those who prefer to sit in the wagon instead of pulling it always will have less. However, after-tax personal income has risen nearly $3,000 per person since George W. Bush took office.

Do I care if the rich make more money as long as I am making more money?

Yes, the Dems actually believe we will go on saving and investing as we have if they lower the stakes.

In 2006, many Republicans were turned out of office for misrepresentation – they told us they believed in smaller government. In 2008, most Democrats should be turned out of office for incompetence.

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