Lost at Sea

I awoke in a cold sweat to the familiar surroundings of my bedroom. The chain that had restrained me was a sheet wound tightly around my body. It was a bad dream.I had seen an imposing figure in a long blue robe rise from the ocean, bearing a striking resemblance to Karl Marx. Neptune, the sea god, looked down on the subjects who were pleading with him to release our country from his grasp.

Among those poor souls groveling at his feet were George Bush, Harry Reid and Richard Lugar – the very men who gave Neptune the power to control us. Now, they were on the receiving end of the prongs of his trident bearing the U.N. logo.

It was morning and I realized this dream was about to become real.

The Democrats have joined forces with President Bush and Richard Lugar – his surrogate in the Senate – to ratify the onerous U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea (more commonly known as the Law of the Sea Treaty or LOST) that will – for the first time – create a revenue stream for the United Nations and give this international bureaucracy true independence from its member nations.

There are many good reasons this treaty has not been ratified by the United States since it first became available for signatures in 1982 when President Ronald Reagan told the U.N. to get LOST! He was not about to give this corrupt, incompetent organization control over 70 percent of the earth’s surface or limit our activities – military and otherwise – in international waters.

In 1994, when President Clinton dredged this treaty up from the deep and signed it, Jesse Helms, then chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said the same thing: “Get LOST!”

LOST proponents are trying to tell us that the most onerous provisions were fixed the year Clinton signed it. Not true! We cannot legally change a treaty that has been signed by 155 countries (most run by dictators and thugs openly hostile to our country and Israel). For the record, 25 of those counties never agreed to the 1994 changes, so the original treaty still is in effect. Nothing has changed!

LOST created the International Seabed Authority, which member nations agree will have complete jurisdiction over all the oceans and virtually everything that flows into them, including the power to tax and control everything that sails on them or is conducted in or beneath them. Furthermore, at last week’s hearing in the Foreign Relations Committee, Sen. David Vitter, R-La., proved, by reading from a section entitled “Pollution from Land-Based Sources,” that U.N. authority under the LOST will not stop at the water’s edge.

Once the U.N. has an independent source of revenue, there will be no accountability to its member nations!

How high will the tax be? It will be just as high as the ISA wishes to make it for any member nation. All is not equally divided among the countries of the U.N. The United States always has picked up the lion’s share of every bill.

To put it another way, the tax can be high enough to finance anything the U.N. thinks it needs, including a standing army of paid international enforcers.

The driving force behind this treaty is said to be Vice President Dick Cheney, whose buddies in the oil industry see the LOST as payback for not being allowed to drill offshore. They mistakenly see the U.N. as the protection they need to sink millions into undersea oil exploration in international waters.

The treaty also has the support of the Navy. After the Tailhook scandal, can we really be surprised that the Navy has allowed itself to be bullied by a bunch of international lawyers or the administration?

The Bush administration has so many reservations that it is proposing the Senate ratify the treaty with a statement of qualifications, called “understandings.” However, the treaty expressly prohibits any reservations.

Disputes under the LOST must (not may) go to binding arbitration, which ultimately can be settled by a judge that sits on the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea or the U.N. secretary general. How comforting!

The Foreign Relations Committee, where there is very little opposition, has scheduled a final hearing on LOST today. Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., the ranking member on Environment and Public Works, has grave concerns and has asked Chairman Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., to hold a hearing in their committee. Mel Martinez, R-Fla., the ranking member of the Armed Services Sea Power Subcommittee has asked Chairman Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., to do the same. These men desperately need our backup to put the breaks on the LOST or it will be approved on the floor any day now.

Your phone calls defeated the attack that came by land (immigration bill). Now, you must redouble your efforts to defeat this attack from the sea!

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