The Syrian Refugee Grinch in the White House

Cold, heartless, cruel, callous, merciless, hard-hearted!  Those are just a few of the words that have been used to describe Republicans and others who want to put the brakes on President Obama’s plan to resettle thousands of Syrians fleeing their war-torn country here in the United States.

Resettling those people constitutes a grave threat to our country given the fact that it is impossible to adequately vet them.  Nevertheless, our hearts go out to these people and quite naturally we want to help.

So here is the question for bleeding-heart liberals who want to throw caution to the wind and bring plane loads of these people here to the United States:  Would you like to help 10,000, which is Obama’s plan for the current year, or 610,000 of them? Continue reading “The Syrian Refugee Grinch in the White House”

The IPCC’s Global Warming Baloney and Noah (A new wave of Hot Air)

Call me a skeptic, but isn’t it a coincidence that the latest fear mongering report from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change came out on the heels of the world-wide premiere of Noah, Hollywood’s latest big-budget disaster movie?

The former was produced by a group of UN hack scientists who all make a living off government grants, either directly or indirectly.  The latter was directed by Darren Aronofsky, an atheist who turned the biblical account of the flood brought about by God because of widespread immorality into a movie about man’s degradation of the environment.

The message in both this report and the movie is that “It’s not nice to mess with Mother Nature.”  The implication in the film is that man’s sin was disrespecting the planet and the movie gives us a taste of what is in store if we don’t shape up.   Continue reading “The IPCC’s Global Warming Baloney and Noah (A new wave of Hot Air)”

The BSA to BSUN: One World Scouting

When the Boy Scouts of America voted to admit openly gay youth, it was a sea-change for the organization which, since its inception, had trained young boys to serve both God and country and to keep themselves “morally straight.”  In other words, to abide by to the principles in His word.

Now that the big (G)od is gone and only a little (g)od who doesn’t demand anything is allowed, it is only a matter of time that “country” also will be invited to take a hike.

The 2013 Jamboree, which was just concluded at the Summit, the Scouts new 10,600 acre, half billion dollar home in West Virginia, was a giant step toward that end.   Continue reading “The BSA to BSUN: One World Scouting”

The Green Screen President

The average moviegoer is ill-equipped to tell the difference between live-action filmed on location and that which is created in the air-conditioned comfort and safe environment of a film studio. In such an environment, there is no danger. The attacking forces or impending peril is simply projected on a green screen behind the actors whose movements are carefully choreographed by a script.

That was the vision that came to mind Tuesday when our president was escorted to a podium in the safe confines of the United Nations’ building in New York to give an address against the familiar backdrop of its green marble wall. Continue reading “The Green Screen President”

All Is nearly Lost!

What could be wrong with a treaty governing the oceans championed by President George W. Bush, the secretary of the Navy and the overwhelming majority of the members of both political parties who make up the Senate Foreign Relations Committee?Everything!

Just as the president was leading us down the wrong path on immigration, he is leading us down the wrong path by asking the Senate to ratify the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (better known as the Law of the Sea Treaty, or LOST).

LOST was signed by his predecessor, Bill Clinton, but despised by Ronald Reagan. That, alone, should tell you something! Continue reading “All Is nearly Lost!”

Lost at Sea

I awoke in a cold sweat to the familiar surroundings of my bedroom. The chain that had restrained me was a sheet wound tightly around my body. It was a bad dream.I had seen an imposing figure in a long blue robe rise from the ocean, bearing a striking resemblance to Karl Marx. Neptune, the sea god, looked down on the subjects who were pleading with him to release our country from his grasp.

Among those poor souls groveling at his feet were George Bush, Harry Reid and Richard Lugar – the very men who gave Neptune the power to control us. Now, they were on the receiving end of the prongs of his trident bearing the U.N. logo.

It was morning and I realized this dream was about to become real. Continue reading “Lost at Sea”