The Syrian Refugee Grinch in the White House

Cold, heartless, cruel, callous, merciless, hard-hearted!  Those are just a few of the words that have been used to describe Republicans and others who want to put the brakes on President Obama’s plan to resettle thousands of Syrians fleeing their war-torn country here in the United States.

Resettling those people constitutes a grave threat to our country given the fact that it is impossible to adequately vet them.  Nevertheless, our hearts go out to these people and quite naturally we want to help.

So here is the question for bleeding-heart liberals who want to throw caution to the wind and bring plane loads of these people here to the United States:  Would you like to help 10,000, which is Obama’s plan for the current year, or 610,000 of them?

Obviously, any caring person would like to help as many of these poor people as possible.  Then, why, oh why, would you want to bring them here when you can help 61 times that number in one of Syria’s neighboring countries without the obvious threat?

Last month, Steven Camarota and Karen Zeigler  released a exhaustive study for the Center for Immigration Studies, largely ignored by the media, on the cost of relocating these people which shows that —  if your interest in purely compassion — Obama’s plan makes no sense.

The UN High Commission for Refugees has appealed for $4.533 billion to care for the 4.29 million registered Syrian refugees currently in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon for a year. That amounts to about $1,057 per refugee.  While that may seem like a low number, the poverty line in that area is roughly $1,402 per family.

Clearly, caring for a family in a neighboring country is much less expensive than keeping that family out of poverty here where the line is $24,000 per year for the average family.  Although, CIS did not attempt to include all relocation costs, its best conservative estimate was $64,370 per Middle Eastern refugee, or $257,481 per family for a period of five years.  That is because these refugees rely heavily on welfare; 91 percent receive food stamps and 68 percent receive cash assistance.  Added to those costs are processing, temporary assistance and aid to the refugee-receiving communities.

Also, given the fact that these refugees have, on average, 10.5 years of eduction,  it is likely they will be a drain on the public for years to come.

Now, any reasonable person understands that these people will be materially better off  in this country than if they remain in the region.  Despite our problems, U.S. citizens still have the highest standard of living in the world and our “poor” are considered “rich” in most countries.   However, there are other considerations.

The countries in that region have similar cultures.  Adapting to life in another part of the world is challenging at best and especially so for those who have already suffered the ravages of war.

Recently, GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson visited some of the refugee camps and discovered that most of these people want to remain in the area and had hopes of returning to Syria once peace is restored.  If they are resettled half way around the world, their dream of returning to their home country is much less likely.

Call me suspicious, but some of the charities, even Christian charities, that are campaigning for more Syrian refugees stand to gain financially.  Yes, many receive federal money for “assisting” these new arrivals.  Take the financial incentive away, which in many cases is substantial, it is an attempt to “feel good” at best.   When you consider that each Syrian refugee who is helped over here has essentially won the immigration lottery, and helping that person here is depriving some 61 others of basic assistance in the Middle East, it makes no sense.

Add to these charities the number of government workers required to process their welfare assistance, serve as counselors, special education teachers for their children, etc., you can see that these financial incentives add to the clarion call to bring in more and more refugees.

There are obvious incentives for Obama and his party as well.  It is no secret that resent arrivals to this country are more likely to vote Democrat than Republican.

Obama’s determination to allow more and more immigrants, both legal and illegal, into the country and to facilitate their ability to vote is not based need or a desire to help others.  It is a selfish, unvarnished attempt to shore up a party than no longer represents America’s best interests.

Clearly, the refugee grinch is not in the GOP, he’s in the White House.










5 thoughts on “The Syrian Refugee Grinch in the White House

  1. Actually, we are under no obligation to help the “refugees” at all, and, in fact, foreign aid of any kind is unconstitutional. Our founding document (back when we still had some vestige of a republic) limited the powers of the federal government, and giving our tax money to foreign countries is not one of the powers allowed. Of course, individual citizens have every right to voluntarily aid the “refugees.”
    Every time we have suffered an Islamic attack here in the homeland, our government’s response has been to import even greater numbers of the fanatical hate mongers. In Germany, the Muslim immigrants are committing every crime imaginable, attacking doctors and nurses who try to help them, throwing away the food given them, and throwing trash all over and even defecating on the sidewalks. And the homosexual, illegal alien, communist Muslim in the Rainbow House now plans to bring in tens of thousands more of these vermin.
    Our final descent into madness and ruin is now almost complete.


  2. To bring in thousands of foreigners set them up in households, put on whatever government assistance they need and want then find them jobs is a slap in the face of Americans that have never recovered from the governments recession and obama’s foot dragging on restoring the economy.

    This is traitorous and a betrayal to all unemployed Americans, the ones the government counts and the ones they do not count.

    A betrayal to use government tax money to set foreigners up in households while so many Americans are still homeless or living in poverty because they lost their homes and everything they owned in obama’s recession.

    The Congress could not find any money to give those struggling in poverty on Social Security a cost of living raise buy can find the money to provide a middle class life for foreigners.

    This NOT the reason Americans pay income tax.

    ALL of this is even before you get to the security issue.

    America is no longer for the American people. This government has turned on the American people in every way they could find.

    America is an open borders country by way of the U.S. government.

    The American people are being herded down the European style social democracy road. Soon America will be over run by muslims taking over entire cities and communities just as they are in Europe.

    The muslim goal is to take over the world in the name of allah and kill all infidels. The killing will come after the take over.

    Obama, Congress and the U.S. government is doing it’s part to facilitate the muslim goal.

    Americans have absolutely zero reason to be loyal or supportive of this new american government.

    I am ashamed of present day americans and despise this government.


  3. The responses are, per usual, beyond belief. Yet I do agree with Jane — I read recently that Germans feel the U.S. has abandoned them re the Syrians, yet would it ever occur to Germany to airlift illegal Mexican to Germany? Would we ever think to blame Germany for our border problems???

    I am liberal on the usual spectrum, yet don’t understand resistance to a high-security border wall. We have a right and obligation to decide who enters our country.


  4. Removing your site from my bookmarks, as you apparently only like dialogue with those who agree with you. I rarely agree with you, but at least respected your willingness to provide a platform for different opinions. I am disappointed in you. I will leave you to share opinions with William and his ilk.


  5. Sigh … nevermind, my 12/21post didn’t appear as being in “awaiting moderation” status, leading met o believe it had simply been deleted. Now, it has appeared after being invisible to me for some reason. Apologies.


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