Obama Shills for Domestic Terrorists (Bypass Him and Defund Planned Parenthood Now!)

This week, Congress will present President Obama with a bill to fund the government through the remaining fiscal year and Obama will veto it.  Why?  Because the bill defunds the nation’s biggest domestic terrorist, Planned Parenthood, which mercilessly kills over 300,000 babies a year and sells their body parts.

Yes, Obama would rather shut down the government than cut off federal funds to one of the most immoral organizations on the planet.

Right on cue, USA Today published a poll conducted with Suffolk University to show that most Americans are opposed, 58% to 33%, to shutting off Planned Parenthood’s federal money spigot.  However, there are no links to give us a cue as to how this question was framed.  Surprise, Surprise!

This is not unlike the findings of a Reuters poll three months ago that showed a majority of American people still believe that “the women’s health organization should receive federal funding so it can provide services like family planning and women’s health exams.”

This was a thinly-veiled warning to Congress and GOP presidential candidates to beware of picking on the abortion behemoth that gobbles a half billion tax dollars a year.   Of course these polls are comparing apples to oranges.  Saying that Planned Parenthood is essential to women’s health is lot like claiming that leaches are an effective method of drawing blood.

The Reuters poll was done to judge the level of damage that occurred after the Center for Medical Progress released a series of videos with Planned Parenthood executives callously bargaining over the sale of the organs of the babies it butchers.  Unfortunately, only 37 percent of respondents even saw the videos at the heart of the scandal!

So the president will veto the budget bill and Congress will back down as it always does.

Nevertheless, there is much that you can do to cut off funds to Planned Parenthood, funds that help keep their executives living the high life.

Recently, I was alerted by Pro-Life Waco to the fact that Bank of America is on the list of major corporate donors to Planned Parenthood.  This hit home because I have an account there as do 50 million others.

Back in July, the Daily Signal, the Hertiage Foundation blog, printed a list of 41 corporate donors to the abortion giant that appeared on its website.  Shortly thereafter, Planned Parenthood removed the list as these corporations began receiving heat.  Three of those corporations asked that their names be removed saying they were erroneously listed.  Here are the remaining 38 corporations from that list.

1 Adobe

2 American Cancer Society

3 American Express

4 AT&T

5 Avon

6 Bank of America

7 Bath & Body Works

8 Ben & Jerry’s

9 Clorox

10 Converse

11 Deutsche Bank

12 Dockers

13 Energizer

14 Expedia

15 ExxonMobil

16 Fannie Mae

17 Groupon

18 Intuit

19 Johnson & Johnson

20 La Senza

21 Levi Strauss

22 Liberty Mutual

23 Macy’s

24 March of Dimes

25 Microsoft

26 Morgan Stanley

27 Nike

28 Oracle

29 PepsiCo

30 Pfizer

31 Progressive

32 Starbucks

33 Susan G. Komen

34 Tostitos

35 Unilever

36 United Way

37 Verizon

38 Wells Fargo

I need a bank with a national footprint so I contacted Bank of America and Wells Fargo.  Wells Fargo was forthcoming, informing me that some local branches had made donations in the past, but assured me that Planned Parenthood was not on its list of the organizations it supports.

The response from Bank of America was pitiful.  The communications department said it had no information and could not confirm or deny this fact.   Earlier Pro-Life Waco obtained a letter confirming B of A’s involvement through its employee matching grant program. Needless to say I am shopping for another bank.

In September, Pro-Life Waco began holding weekly protests in front of Bank of America to inform customers of this bank’s involvement.   These protests have now spread to Austin, Dallas and Albuquerque, NM.  As a result,  many customers have called corporate giving at  (800) 218-9946 and asked that Planned Parenthood be removed from its matching grant program.  Many others sat down with their local branch manager and subsequently closed their accounts.

This is a busy time of year.  However, if your pro-life group is interested in spreading the word,  Pro-Life Waco http://www.prolifewaco.com/protestboa-bank-of-america.html will send you three large front and back signs to display.   What a  positive way to begin the New Year!

Don’t wait for Congress.  Make your own plans to cut Planned Parenthood’s funding.  Remember, 25 percent of Planned Parenthood’s $1.3 billion annual budget comes from these private donations.


One thought on “Obama Shills for Domestic Terrorists (Bypass Him and Defund Planned Parenthood Now!)

  1. It’s becoming almost impossible to live in America without, to some degree, compromising our principles. Almost every major corporation and certainly most of the big banks are evil to the core. And we are all cowards, paying taxes to a government that is deliberately destroying America.


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