I am Woman hear me Whine!

Thanks to Hillary Rodham Clinton, Helen Reddy will have to go back and rewrite the feminist’s theme song she penned in the early 70s. “I am Woman Hear Me Roar” obviously doesn’t cut it anymore.

With her back against the wall before the Democrat presidential primary in New Hampshire, Hillary cried. With her back against the wall in Texas, she whined.

Last week, in an interview with ABC News’ Cynthia McFadden, Clinton wanted us to believe that it’s tougher for her to run as a woman than it is for her black, male opponent.

It’s hard,

she whined.

It’s hard being a woman out there. It is obviously challenging with some of the things that are said that are not even personal to me so much as they are about women.

Ahhhhh, I get it! If she loses the nomination to Obama, she wants us to believe it has nothing to do with her but everything to do with our prejudices. Yes, the Obama surge obviously means there are more misogynists out there than racists!

To make matters worse, Clinton had the old feminist warhorse Gloria Steinem on the stump for her reminding us of everything we hate about the radical feminist movement. Speaking before an audience of 200 in Austin, Texas, Steinem praised the little gathering calling it “fan-f – – – ing- tastic!”

While Obama was packing them in, Steinem was delivering this garbage! Do these women really think they have to use obscenities to be heard? Frankly, I am surprised they could find 200 hard-core, old-guard feminists in Texas. Maybe they bused them in.

Steinem had the audacity to denigrate John McCain’s service record and his capture and torture at the hands of the North Vietnamese. She railed,

Suppose John McCain had been Joan McCain and Joan McCain had got captured, shot down and been a POW for eight years. They (the media) would ask, ‘What did you do wrong to get captured?’

This is a wake-up call! Let it serve as a reminder that Hillary Clinton’s disdain for the military is well documented. Feminists like Clinton and Steinem see the military as a laboratory for social experimentation. They have promoted the theory that men and women are interchangeable fungibles in order to make women eligible for the draft and combat. They want enlisted women used as cannon fodder just so women officers can sit on the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Yes, if there has to be a military, they want women to run it!

They decry the amount of money spent on Iraq but say nothing about the billions wasted on power steering for our military vehicles so women can drive them, or the redesign of our weapons and combat planes so women can fire them and fly them. In their all-inclusive military, we’ll be building tanks with wheelchair ramps!

Can this kinder-gentler military win wars? To do that — however distasteful — you have to kill people and break things. Steinem made my point:

I am so grateful that she (Clinton) hasn’t been trained to kill anybody. And she probably didn’t even play war games as a kid. It’s a great relief from Bush in his jump suit and from Kerry saluting.

Don’t get me wrong. I would love to see the right woman as commander-in-chief, someone cut out of the mold of Margaret Thatcher, someone like Elaine Donnelly of the Center for Military Readiness — not a “Johnnie come lately” like Hillary Clinton.

America has had it with whining, radical feminists. It’s time to move on! They do not — nor have they ever — represented real women. Hillary has spent her entire career riding on her husband’s coattails, while Steinem was peddling her toxic ideology to women who could not, or would not, think for themselves.

During that time, I managed to become the first woman sportscaster on both the local and national level without any help from the feminists. I did it with hard work, not by demanding acceptance or the right to break in line. In fact, when the feminists began burning their bras, it made my job a lot harder than it should have been. They once burned me in effigy because I would not march to the beat of their drum, so don’t bother lecturing me about women’s rights, until you have broken as many barriers for women as I have.

In that ABC interview, Hillary also said,

I don’t expect any sympathy.

Don’t worry Hillary you won’t get it from me! Frankly, should there be a crisis, and the phone at the White House rings in the middle of the night, the thought of you answering it gives me cold chills.

7 thoughts on “I am Woman hear me Whine!

  1. Jane,

    It’s amazing that at the age of 73 that Gloria Steinhem hasn’t mellowed one iota. She once said that she would like to burn Phyllis Schaffly at the stake. She would probably say that today about Ann Coulter.

    Hillary may be a whiner, but as a 60s radical she also thinks she is entitled to the presidency (or dictatorship). if you want to see how two-faced Hillary is, watch her at a rally when she says things like “Oh, my goodness!” The real Hillary swears like a sailor and uses vile language like Gloria Steinham. In a way I’m glad, however, that Hillary won Texas and Ohio because by doing so she will continue to do what country club Republicans won’t do, and that is to attack Obama on his weaknesses. I still remember how badly James Baker managed George H.W. Bush’s campaign in 1992. He wouldn’t have Republican ads criticize the Clintons about virtually anything, and Clinton won that race fairly easily.

    Clay Byrom


  2. Dear Jane,
    As a Marine on active duty, I heard the rumor many times, that Mrs. Clinton detested seeing the Marine Security Guards in the White House, in uniform. It is my understanding that the Marines on duty within the House were ordered to wear civilian clothes.
    Whether or not that is true, Mrs. Clinton did in fact say she detested what Marines stand for because “they are extremists”. She is right, we are, and lacking that, we would still be part of the British Commonwealth, as all our fighting forces are “extremists” compared to lily-livered pansies who depend on everyone else for their security. The only good that could come from a Mrs. Clinton White House, is the possibility that she could be captured and held captive in one of the extremist Muslim Nations, awaiting a never to appear ransom to be released. I expect it would take them less than 48 hours to decide they had made a terrible mistake and send her back with an apology for taking her.
    John (last name withheld)


  3. John,

    It is true! Lt. Col. Robert “Buzz” Patterson, who carried the nuclear football” for President Clinton, documents that in his book “Dereliction of Duty.” It’s on page 93.

    “Early in the administration, the ‘buzz’ was that Chelsea had refused to ride to school with her military driver and that Hillary had banned military uniforms in the White House. The president eventually called the uniform ban ‘an abject lie,’ once it became apparent that this story didn’t play well politically. I can’t speak on whether Chelsea refused military drivers, but I do know the uniform issue with Mrs. Clinton was real. Soon after I arrived at the white House, my predecessor briefed me that Mrs. Clinton didn’t want the military aides in uniform. The White House Military Office argued that, for the safety of the president, it was critical that the Secret Service and staff be able immediately to identify the military aide. Common sense and security finally prevailed — at least at official functions with the president. At all other times, however, we were expected to be in business suits or civilian clothes in order to downplay the military presence at the White House.”

    Thank you for taking time to comment and for your service to our country. Semper Fi!


  4. Wow! Finally found my way here! Wasn’t that hard, really. Anyway, “Women in the Military”: There’s a place for them, but not in integrated front line units. As a 20-some-odd-year veteran, I was there when women were introduced into combat-arms units. The result was instant chaos. The competion of 120 males for the attention of ten or twelve females was fierce, given the fact that we, at the time, were on an isolated Nike-Hercules unit in Germany. But wait! It gets worse! Male NCO’s, as time went by, were forced to “counsel” female soldiers with open doors and in line-of-sight of another NCO. Had to; in order to avoid false charges of “sexual harrassement”, or, in a lot of cases, even attempted rape. During the run-up to Desert Storm a significant number of my battallion’s females made desperate efforts to get pregnant to avoid deployment, and a number of them did. Even after our deployment in Dec. 1990, some continued their attempts at motherhood, and a few succeeded.
    I am not trying to denigrate women in a line-unit in general; we had a few who served admirably, but by and large, my experience with females in combat is a total negative. Oh; by the way, mine was a Patriot missile battery attached to th 1st Armored Divison as air cover. As far forward on the line as you can get.


  5. Hi Jane, guess who!

    It’s me, Edward from KBRT (Crawford Broadcasting), your old colleague! I’m still working behind the scenes in production, and yes, Helen Reddy would have to re-record her old whiny song with a few different words to be current. I blog on the MyFoxLA blog sites as mystere, in case you happen to be on that blog site. I agree 100 percent with you about that whiny moonbat Hillary. Now if there were a crisis at the White House at 3 AM, that moonbat would do what the other moonbats did on 9/11: stare or sit around in disbelief for over an hour before taking any kind of action; meanwhile the goonsquads would act fast and take some of us as prisoners, and probably kill us in a mass execution before the moonbats do anything serious to defend us.

    By the way, I have a blog on MyFoxLA titled “My Sincerest Condolences To The Obama Camp” (it’s a 2 part blog), with a touch of humor on it. It got featured on MyFoxCleveland under Political blogs. I hear that Rush Limbaugh is taking some credit for the debacle in the moonbat camp.

    Stay in touch…I’m still at the station…if you have the address, you know how to get a hold of me.

    “Mr. E” from Cypress


  6. Jane,

    You mentioned that Hillary Clinton had a distain for the military. Oh, so true! But in return the military had a great distain for Hillary. One of the main reasons is that Hillary cannot be trusted. The military operates on the premise of Duty, Honor, Country, and telling the truth even when it hurts. Lives depend upon it. Hillary simply can’t be relied upon to tell the truth.

    Her latest lies (many times in her Presidential campaign and in her book) about being under sniper fire in Bosnia is just her latest lie. As Christopher Hitchens reminds us in “Slate” magazine and on their web site (January 2008) that Hillary after meeting Sir Edmund Hillary in Australia in 1995 claimed she was named after him by her mother. She repeated this many times to numerous audiences and the claim even showed up in Bill Clinton’s memoirs a decade later. But Senator Clinton was born in 1947 and Sir Edmund Hillary didn’t become famous until 1953 when he climbed Mount Everest. No one had heard of Sir Edmund Hillary when Hillary Clinton was born.

    William Safire in a New York Times column called Hillary Clinton a congenital liar while she was the First Lady.

    “Americans of all political persuasions are coming to the sad realization that our First Lady… is a congenital liar.”
    William Safire

    Safire went on to list lie after lie. Other Authors have also listed many numerous lies that Hillary has made through the years. In his 2006 book, “The Truth About Hillary: What She Knew, When She Knew It, and How Far She’ll Go to Become President,” Edward Klein lists many of them. Klein is a former editor of the New York Times magazine.

    Thus, if Hillary ever becomes America’s Commander-in-Chief, the military will instinctively distrust her as they did when she was the First Lady and as they now do while she is a Senator on the Armed Services Committee.

    An Old Soldier


  7. you make me want to vomit. wake up and realize that you wouldn’t even be allowed to write this trash you’ve published if it weren’t for people like gloria steinem, victoria woodhull, and yes, even HILLARY CLINTON.

    i’m disappointed in you. you have sold out your gender, and you continue to pander to your self-loathing sisters.


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