Don’t Buy the Cookies!

I used to dread this time of year. In the month of March, Girl Scouts are out in force in their smart little green and brown uniforms selling cookies. There was a time I would buy a box from every girl I encountered as a payback for my positive scouting experience.

However, buying that box of cookies now presents a moral dilemma as the Girl Scouts have become a training ground for the left-wing feminist agenda.
I used to get a knot in my stomach as I turned down these Girl Scouts. Last year I came up with a better plan. I began giving each girl who approached me a letter with an offer to give her troop $100 if it will change its affiliation to the American Heritage Girls. I greet the leader or parent with the girl and hand her information from the AHG website,, along with my column “Confessions of a former Girl Scout” and my contact information.

I can still remember the pride I felt as I stood at attention in my crisp Girl Scout uniform to recite the promise:

On my honor, I will try:
To do my duty to God and my country,
To help other people at all times,
To obey the Girl Scout Laws.

How times have changed! Now God has an asterisk telling the girl that “it is okay to replace the word ‘God’ with whatever word your spiritual beliefs dictate.”

The word “duty” (to God) has been replaced with “serve” and the new all-inclusive Girl Scouts are free to serve anyone, including themselves, which seems fitting after reviewing some of their materials which stress “girl empowerment” and moral relativism.

Is it any wonder that the “Covenant of the Goddess” website now boasts that the Girl Scouts allow its members to earn and wear its Over the Moon and Hart and Crescent Award, offered to any young person who is a member of a nature-oriented religion (Wicca, Druid, Asatru, you name it).

While the Boy Scouts have clung to their original God-centered charter, the Girl Scouts adopted a policy of nondiscrimination and now accepts atheists and lesbians as troop leaders and staff. In 2004, the Arcus Gay and Lesbian Fund gave a $21,500 grant to the Glowing Embers GS Council in Kalamazoo, Michigan, to develop and produce a series of interactive games based on the new diversity (code word for homosexual) curriculum, “Living on My Honor.”

The changes began in 1970 when feminist Betty Friedan was put on the national governing board. Soon afterward, the Girl Scouts began purging their materials of all positive references to homemakers. Partnerships with Planned Parenthood followed and the Girl Scouts begin showing up at gun control rallies like the Million Mom March. The Scouts have adopted a new global agenda under the Studio 2B program. The Scouts bemoan the fact that the United States has not signed the radical feminist treaty, the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), which would force nations to legalize abortion and prostitution. Guess a girl has to make a living!

To earn the Women Worldwide Interest Project Patch, senior girls are asked to research women who have made an impact. Eve Ensler, the author of the “Vagina Monologues,” and Rigoberta Menchu Tum, the lesbian, Guatemalan, Marxist activist, are held up as role models.

To be sure, there are many good people engaged in Girl Scouting and the experience largely depends on the character of the local leader and the disposition of the area council. Local councils select area delegates. However, these delegates have no say in national policy. This presents a real conflict for most people of faith, especially since the Girl Scouts brought in the controversial New Age group, the Ashland Institute, to assist in leadership training.

Today, American Heritage Girls is everything the Girl Scouts used to be. AHG began in 1995, and offers a scouting experience similar the Boy Scouts of America. AHG’s highest honor is the Stars and Stripes Award patterned after the BSA’s Eagle award. Is not at all surprising that the Girl Scouts is losing members, while AHG is one of the fastest growing youth organizations in America AHG now boasts 185 troops and more than 6,300 members in 33 states with plans to expand to all 50 states in 2008.

I proudly support them and I hope you will too.

69 thoughts on “Don’t Buy the Cookies!

  1. I am a Girl Scout leader and proud to be one. I had never heard of AHG until our annual council meeting a couple of weeks ago when one of the delegates talked about being solicited to join AHG and being given a pamphlet filled with anti-Girl Scout material. I did not see the pamphlet, but it caught my interest enough to google your organization.

    I am rather shocked by the unconcealed contempt toward Girl Scouts that I found in your letter. As an active Christian, I have been taught all my life not to judge others and to respect decisions that other people make, as it is their free will, granted to them by God. To see such anger in so many of the responses both pro and anti GS is distressing.

    I would like to address a few of the points you mentioned in your letter.

    “…now presents a moral dilemma as the Girl Scouts have become a training ground for the left-wing feminist agenda” and “the Girl Scouts have become: a tool of the radical feminist movement, anti-God, pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality” (from Confessions of a former Girl Scout Why would you stereotype all Girl Scouts as such? It is like saying that Catholics are alcoholics, etc. Such stereotypes do not aid any cause in the long run, but destroy what could be a wonderful organization.

    Addressing the asterisk after “God,” I personally feel that if a Muslim child cannot promise to serve our Christian God, at least she can admit to there being a higher power. Additionally, she is surrounded by a vast majority that does believe in God and is no doubt going to have religious discussions over a period of time. That one girl who is not taught about Christianity could be converted because GS accepts her into the organization. I find that idea much more appealing than telling these girls they are not welcome in my troop.

    As to changing “duty” to “serve”…why are you nitpicking over words that essentially mean the same thing?

    Then there is the “policy of nondiscrimination” that you disagree with. It seems to me that I learned that we are to obey the laws of the land (Romans 13). Discrimination is illegal in the United States, therefore “God says” we must not discriminate as GS. What we choose to do when we are not representing an organization is our personal decision.
    That would take care of the various religious badges and the homosexual staff/leaders issues without going into a repeat of personal views expressed by others.

    Other than disparaging an organization that I deeply believe in, I have no problems with AHG. I will not stereotype your members as haters if you will not continue to stereotype mine. If the two groups would focus on their own internal issues rather focusing on the other, both should prosper.

    If any of you are interested in the history of the Girl Scouts, Wikipedia has quite a bit (


  2. I don’t understand why any true Christian would not have a problem with the girl scouts. I am an active Christian and do not disciminate, but that does not mean that I want a homosexual teaching my child. I am teaching my child morals from the bible, not society. For those of you who said they are Christians and don’t understand why we are against it, I suggest you spend more time in the Word. It is one thing to quote a scripture, and another to live by it. I don’t hate homosexual, liberals, feminist, or pro-choice supporters; but I don’t agree with what they do, believe, or teach. Some of you spoke of Gods forgiveness. He won’t forgive until they repent. The bible did not change it is the same, means the same, and always will. Stop taking the Word out of context to support your worldly views. Here is a way to tell. If you have to change His word to make your life fit into it, it is incorrect. GOD BLESS AHG!!


  3. I can understand that some people have been exposed to things that make you uncomfortable. That does not mean you should judge the entire organization as bad. My point was simply that Girl Scouts (as I have been exposed to it) is not a tool of the radical feminist movement, anti-God, pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality. If I offended you for addressing the original comments, sorry. You should not judge members or the organization without knowing where others are coming from. Finally, I am not homosexual, liberal (unless wearing pants and working to support my family counts as liberal), feminist or pro-choice. Does that mean I am in error for believing in GS after watching my girls over the last 6 years become more confident in themselves, help people in need, etc?


  4. My mum already posted way ahead of me on this posting, but I feel like I have something to say in a field that I am assuming is being dominated by older adults. I am 22 years old, I have been a girl scout since I was in the first grade and I credit the Girl Scouts with making me the person I am today. I have no idea how ANYONE can question an organization that believes in the slogan “where girls grow strong” and “every girl everywhere”. An organization that will take on any girl no matter her religion, race, economic status, personal lifestyle choices or anything else? Sounds pretty amazing in this day and age where people (as you clearly proved) are still close-minded, ignorant, and trying to keep America back in the dark ages. You can thump your bible all you want, you can send your daughters to the AHG and frankly no one in GSUSA will miss you. Good riddance to anyone that wants to teach children to be close-minded bigots. I spent 9 years at Girl Scout camp and yes I grew up looking up to lesbian camp counselors (and straight ones as well) as the biggest role-models in my life. It was the years of Girl Scouting that showed me that it is okay to be who you are and it’s okay to be a girl and a strong, independent girl at that. I wrote my college essay (which got me into one of the top schools in the nation by the way) on how much Girl Scouting meant to me. I love the Girl Scouts, I support the Spiral Scouts, and really all I wanted to do was say goodbye and good riddance to people like you. In a world already in crisis, there is no need for anyone to be trying to TEACH HATRED to a younger generation.


  5. FYI: As a Jewish Woman raising Jewish women with leadership quality, I appreciate that GSUSA does NOT push the religion thing. That is my choice with my family on my terms. I have visited the website of both of those mentionsed groups, and they push Christianity and Jesus Christ heavily. That is great if you embody that philosophy in all you do, but it sure leaves families like mine on the outside! I agree with a previous post that said if you are in the “Christianity Club” that is all good, but if you are not, where are you?? I was raised Christian, and never knew how prejudiced I was because I was inside looking out and all looked fine to me. See the world through Jewish eyes, and you view would be very different. GSUSA gives a wonderful umbrella philosophy that is generic enough to allow all races, creeds and religions to feel welcome. The others cannot boast that one.


  6. I was raised by fundamentalist “Christian” parents in a male-dominated household; married young (age 19) with my virginity intact; dropped out of college to be a good wife and a stay-home mom for my daughter; registered to vote just to fight homosexuality in my community. I should have been blessed with a perfect life, right?
    I had been abused in every way by a domineering religious father (not as badly as he abused my mom), abused in every way by a domineering religious husband (worse than he abused our daughter), and abused by other men from our church during our marriage. Pathetic, huh? When I saw this cycle continuing with my precious daughter, I separated from the man I married which led to my being disfellowshipped from my church. Very sad times.
    I had nothing and no one — the church had been my family and my whole life. I went to secretarial school and got a job to support my dd and myself; she started kindergarten and signed up for Girl Scouts of the USA. My precious girl went camping, made friends, sewed, cooked, crafted, served our community, cleaned stadiums, sold her handmade crafts and thousands of boxes of GS cookies, served on scout and school committees, and traveled the state and the country with the money her troop earned. She earned her very first paycheck as a summer cook at GS camp. In her 13 years as a Girl Scout, she became the young woman I never had the dream or the chance to become, and she is my hero:
    She graduated with honors, placed first in her high school class…undecided between majoring in chemistry or Spanish, or in becoming a pastry chef. She also wanted to travel. In the end, she went to a state college on full academic scholarship and traveled during breaks to Japan and Europe and our National Parks. She spent a summer term studying in Ecuador. She graduated with a minor in Spanish and just this month finished her Pharmacy residency. She is now a young (26yo) Doctor of Pharmacy — a career she discovered in 5th grade as part of a GS badge program she doesn’t even remember doing — a career she plans to work full-time for now, and part-time, leave or come back to when she marries and has her own babies. (She will not suffer financially the way we once did!) She is camping her way around Vancouver Island right now before she starts her career as a pharmacist in a brand new hospital ICU.
    Back when she was in middle school, a wonderful loving, honoring, accepting man came into our life. I divorced the abuser and married the love of my life! He was the best, most supportive stepdad a girl could have. He was even man enough to be a Girl Scout! I have been blessed to be a stay-home mom to our now middle school son and daughter, and I have been my younger dd’s GS troop leader for six years. Having seen the doors my elder dd was able to walk through with the skills and confidence she learned and developed in scouting, I have finally grown into a person with skills and interests of my own. (Husband, a veteran teacher and musician, is in his second year as our son’s assistant scoutmaster in BSA, and we hope this wonderful generation of young men on their way to Eagle will open wide the doors of BSA one day.)
    We have friends and family from all walks of life and we love them all for who they are…sexual identity, different faith paths…some in scouting, some from our reconciling congregation of the Methodist faith (a very accepting community) and many from our work and neighboring community.
    The pain of the past is always beneath the surface in my life, and I have made sure that “my girls” learn that they have a fundamental right to personal boundaries and respect from others. I treasure how the GS program has given me a way to give back and help others. I find that I love and learn rather than judge and criticize. I have learned through my daughters that there is much more joy and peace in living a loving, giving way of life.
    Thanks to all who wrote so beautifully. I enjoyed the words from open hearts and minds, and wanted to offer my story of gratitude for the impact that GSUSA has had in my life.
    *Cookie profits go to the troops and to the council, not to national GSUSA. Troop profit funds the troop and troop activities; council profit funds volunteer training, replacements/repairs/support of camps/campers, scholarships, enrichment and travel programs for girls, and maintains service centers for benefit of members/volunteers.
    *Pedophilia is not the same as homosexuality; the pedophiles are the sick ones we need to watch out for and protect our children from!
    *Our exchange student informed us the only women who shave their legs are prostitutes. I was remind that many cultures in this world have values that differ from our American experience, and different does not necessarily mean wrong, i.e., tattoos, piercings, hairstyles…
    *Planned Parenthood has a wonderful booklet that is offered free of charge — a set of articles to help parents “normalize” discussions about the human body and reproductive system during the preschool years and up. We were given a copy as part of the 5th grade parent info packet during that part of the school curriculum. I think that if all parents were open to teaching and discussion during all those years, our society would have little or no need for the organization.


  7. American Heritage Girls accepts all races and religions as long as you can sign the statement of faith. It is not a hateful scouting group. As Christians and as a mom, I teach my girls to love everyone, and respect all people. However, respect and acceptance of alternative life styles are two different things. Yes, AHG competes directly with the GSA program and for the first time in U.S. history, it’s competitor is impressive. AHG is a religious program and fits the religious needs of any religion whose roots believe in one God. Thank God! It offers badges and leadership opportunities that are relevant to girls today. Churches or schools sign off on charters for their parish members. It accepts any girl who’s parents can sign the statement of faith. Like the Boy Scouts of America, you must believe in God to achieve the Stars and Stripes award (Eagle equal and then some), which is an Eagle like award, except in addition to service hours, the girls need to earn their religious emblem of faith to attain it. This was Low’s original initiative in starting the Girl Scouts of America. Her initiative has been altered by left wing feminists. This is wrong. The Girl Scout name should be changed to something else, because they are using the good name to fool good God fearing and loving people into thinking the national mission has not changed. They are hiding, like the devil hides. He hides behind the parent whos girl is already part of a friendship group in GSA, and the parent is praying for something to change. For someone to say, “Let’s try AHG”. There are doctors, engineers, teachers, mothers, and highly intelligent staff running the program and fully aware of what the GSA has turned into. Yes, this is how AHG was born, by moms like me who were brave enough to fight this initiative. But upon being trained in the program, I can say it is actually better than GSA for families who are concerned about Child Protection, Background checks and the like for adults who are leading their daughters. I am sure this scares the GSA corporate, yet they have lots of money- fueled through the cookies they have had us unwittingly sell and also largely funded by Planned Parenthood- the majority of activity being abortions. Abortion. Abortion. What is it? It is killing the unborn. Let’s talk about it. It’s wrong. It’s wrong. It is the new birth control. Now, it is funding a scouting group for girls. Is that right???? Hello??? Wake UP!??? Abortion is big business and it is helping pay the way to the new initiatives and goals of the new folks in charge at the corporate level of Girl Scouts. GSA admitted this on National TV. As a mother, I am sorry, but I am sickened by the fact that I had two of my girls in Girl Scouts and sold all those cookies. Being a part of GSA gives my personal rubber stamp on these scary evil activities. AHG does not hate anyone, but gives a wonderful choice to Christians and those that believe in God’s plan for us. For, after all, it has been scientifically proven that there is a God, and entity who created man. We need to prepare to answer to Him. I am part of AHG because it is Christ Centered and has a great program that serves my parish and my community. This is what we need to focus on when it comes to our girls. God is calling all of us to follow Him. He calls us every day to do the right thing by our girls. The right thing is not always easy. Being different is the Christian way, standing up for what is right and good is the basis of Christianity. I feel for you moms who love the Girl Scouts so much, and have closed your eyes to what is happening. I pray that you can make a difference, open your eyes and let go or better yet CHANGE the initiatives. Change is always difficult, it was hard for me. I have found out that there are so many other moms who are truly troubled by the Girl Scout initiatives. Where is God? He used to be there. Now he is just an astrix. AHG is thriving in 34 states- what does that tell us? AHG is a true competitor. God bless our country, God Bless all girls in scouting and keep them safe at summer camp this summer.
    P.S. I have lost weight without the cookies.


  8. FOUNDING DATA: Juliette Gordon Low, founder, organized the first group of girls on March 12, 1912, in Savannah, Georgia. Girl Scouts of the USA was incorporated June 10, 1915, in Washington, D.C. Girl Scouts of the USA was chartered by the United States Congress March 16, 1950.

    Chair National Board of Directors – Cynthia B. Thompson

    Girl Scouts in the United States was founded by a remarkable woman named Juliette Gordon Low. In the late 1880’s, before most of today’s great-grandmothers were born, JULIETTE LOW was a REVOLUTIONARY. She was an ENVIRONMENTALIST, a CRUSADER, a woman DEDICATED TO SERVICE TO OTHERS. Above all, she was certain the future belonged to the young.

    Juliette was born into the wealthy Gordon family of Savannah, Georgia on October 31, 1860, a few months before the start of the Civil War. Known to her family and friends as Daisy, she was a person of MANY TALENTS, DIVERSE INTERESTS, and a STRONG SENSE OF DETERMINATION. She REFUSED TO LET ADVERSITY STAND IN HER WAY. A hearing problem that eventually developed into almost total deafness never stopped her from pursuing her goal.

    Juliette married an Englishman named William Low and went to live in England and Scotland. The marriage was not a happy one and Juliette was in the process of getting a divorce when her husband died. After that, she traveled for several years and settled in Paris to study sculpture. She met a man who started her on a venture that would become her life’s work. That man was Sir Robert (late Lord) Baden-Powell, an English General and war hero who had founded the Boy Scout Movement only three years earlier.

    The Boy Scout Movement had spread to several countries. In England, it resulted in the formation of a similar organization for girls. IT WAS THE GIRLS THEMSELVES WHO TOOK THE INITIATIVE, FORMING GROUPS SIMILAR TO THOSE THEIR BROTHERS JOINED. THIS NEW MOVEMENT WAS JUST THE SORT OF THING THAT APPEALED TO JULIETTE LOW, and she was soon back in Scotland leading a Girl Guide group of her own. As her interest in Girl Guides grew, JULIETTE WAS EAGER TO INTRODUCE THE PROGRAM TO AMERICAN GIRLS. Back in America, she telephoned an old friend to say, “Come right over. I’ve got something for the girls of Savannah, and all America, and all the world, and we’re going to start it tonight.”


    The first meeting of Girl Scouts was in Savannah on March 12, 1912. In no time, troops were forming in many areas. By World War I there were enough Girl Scouts to make a real contribution to the war effort. Girls helped realize Juliette Low’s dream of becoming active, vital citizens.

    GIRL SCOUTS OF THE USA is the world’s preeminent organization dedicated solely to girls – all girls – where in an accepting and nurturing environment, girls build character and skill for success in the real world. In partnership with committed adult volunteers, girls develop qualities that will serve them all their lives, like leadership, strong values, social conscience, and conviction about their own potential and self-worth.

    Today there are 3.6 million Girl Scouts 2.7 million girl members and 860,000 adult members. Through membership in the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), GSUSA is part of a world-wide family of ten million girls and adults in 140 countries.



  9. Please note that the correct name of the organization is Girl Scouts of the USA, or GSUSA, not GSA. GSA is the Government Services Administration. J

    uliette Gordon Low was known to be inclusive of girls from all backgrounds, therefore, I think it is quite presumptuous of you, without knowing her, to think that she would limit scouting to only those girls whose families believe in God as you define God.

    GSUSA is neither a church nor a religious organization; it would be outside the scope of its mission and a huge undertaking (considering the number of religions in the world.) Of course, it is the parents’ responsibility to frame religion for their young; it is definitely not the responsibility of GSUSA.


  10. And, that, Moonbeam, is the point. GSUSA is NOT a religious organization. It is a SECULAR one. Which is fine, if that is what you choose for your daughters.

    The problem is that too many troops and leaders (and even most Catholic Dioceses) are believing that they can have a “Christian” GS troop. Those leaders need to wake up and realize that this is not going to be possible.

    The GSUSA has streamlined their councils (by going from over 300 down to 105) in order to have less resistance as they deliver their newest curriculum. (See Jane’s aritlce on 7/17/08 and 7/24/08). When GSUSA eliminates the badges (by 2010), and this new “Journeys” curriculum is all that is left, these same Christian leaders will no longer have any choices. They will be forced to teach the new age program.

    AHG provides a CHOICE for Christians. AHG provides an opportunity for parents to place their daughters in a Christ-centered program. AHG accepts girls of all faiths. Only the leaders need to subscribe to the AHG Statement of Faith. AHG provides another means for parents to have Christian values instilled in their daughters.

    Christ called us to be in the world, but not of it. If that translates into the world believing that we are “bigots” or “hateful” then so be it. We won’t be answering to the world on Judgement Day – we’ll be answering to the Almighty God. Parents, will you be one to hear “Well done, good and faithful servant?” Our children reflect our legacy. What imprint do you want to leave on this world?


  11. “Left-wing feminist agenda”? For someone who hates the Girl Scouts as much as you do, you sure do spend a lot of time and energy creating falsehoods about the organization. Why bother? Just let the little girls who come from broken homes have the opportunity to be involved in something bigger than they are. Please tell me what is wrong with encouraging a child to believe in herself??? God bless you…seriously.


  12. You are crazy. It’s little girls for crying out loud. Diversity+homosexuality?? It’s almost like you are begging people to make fun of you for how ignorant you sound. Why should God be the only deity mentioned. What about the girls that have other religious beliefs?? I guess they should not taint good christians and should be banned, right? You are sick. This makes me want to go buy a million boxes of cookies.


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  14. I read this article for the first time today, and this is about the time (2007-2008) that my daughter and I decided this organization was headed in a downhill spiral. Scouting had changed over the years, and not for the better. I was a leader for over 20 years, and had worked with every age level of troops. they started hiring people at the council level that were “me first”, not girl oriented and then they started closing all our camps. As a trainer, the training outlines were changed to center on the adults not the girls and what they wanted with their troops. It became about who can plan the most expensive trips. Girls were being given badges and not having to earn them. They no longer do community service projects. It was not a place my daughter or myself wanted to be. Now in her 3rd year of college, she turned down the soriety that sponsored Girl Scouting and chose instead to join one that was all about community service and helping those in need.
    Yes Girl Scouting in this area is not a positive thing. One leader cannot make a difference, because you will be bashed at every avenue when you try to do the right thing.
    thank you so much for sharing and reporting how I know Girl Scouting has declined over the last few years.


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