Why Hillary must go!

I’ve made the case that Hillary Clinton should be disqualified from running for president. She’s already had her eight years. Two full terms as the nation’s co-president is enough, more than enough.

Still, some Americans can’t imagine Democrat politics without Hillary. They need to get over it. She’s a bad habit like smoking, doing drugs or chewing your fingernails.

For those with extremely short memories (or no brains at all) here are some other reasons why Hillary Clinton should not be considered for the highest office in our land. She did a poor job during her eight years in the White House. She lies, cares about no one but herself, has no moral compass and – more importantly – no shame!

Let’s begin with the issue most closely associated with Hillary Clinton, heath care! She would like you to believe that she cares deeply about the uninsured.

Gary Aldrich, one of two FBI agents stationed inside the Clinton White House, wrote in his book “Unlimited Access” that the Clintons attempted some slight-of-hand to make good on a campaign promise to cut the White House staff by 25 percent (a target the administration never reached). Many White House employees were permitted to work only “part-time,” 39 hours a week or less. Said Aldrich,

(D)enying them that extra hour of work a week allowed the White House to deny them a variety of benefits, the chief of which was health insurance!

For the record, there were more people without health insurance the day the Clintons left office than the day they began their co-presidency.

Travelgate was one of the first scandals to hit the Clinton White House and it perfectly illustrates how little regard Hillary Clinton has for people. It took years to get to the bottom of this scandal. Only after the threat of a contempt of Congress order were some two thousand documents released which revealed that, yes, Hillary Clinton had been involved in the firing of Billy Dale and his staff.

This dedicated civil service employee who ran the White House travel office for more than 20 years was smeared in order to make way for a firm run by Clinton crony Harry Thomason. Dale and his staff were dragged through the mud and Dale was charged with embezzlement. A year and a half later, it took a jury less than two hours to find him “not guilty.” Nevertheless, by that time, his life was in shambles.

The saddest part of all this is that White House employees serve at the “pleasure of the president.” The Clintons did not have to give a reason for replacing these employees. They were the victims of the Clintons’ grandstanding.

Furthermore, the Clintons ran ruff-shod over our laws in order to gather dirt on their political opponents. As it turned out, Hillary was responsible for the hiring of former bar bouncer and campaign dirty trickster named Craig Livingstone as director of White House Office of Personnel Security who oversaw the illegal requisition of hundreds of FBI files on people who had worked in the Reagan and Bush Administrations. At first, Hillary claimed she did not even know Livingstone. That, too, turned out to be a big lie.

Security of the country has become a big campaign issue, but the hiring of Livingstone shows that the Clintons had little concern for security at the White House or the nation in general. They now complain that our military is stretched too thin. Let us remember that it was the Clintons who downsized our military to the present level in order to spend the money on social programs.

It appears there is no law that the Clintons were not willing to bend in order to get elected and keep getting reelected, from the shakedown of foreign nationals, to turning the White House into the nation’s most expensive bed and breakfast, to the freeing of 15 Puerto Rican terrorist FALN members in New York.

However, the worse part of the Clinton legacy is a lack of shame. Under the Clintons, we as a nation lost our ability to blush. We now know that Hillary Clinton not only knew about her husband’s affair with a White House intern, she knew about all his affairs. She didn’t try to limit them. She tried to manage them. He was a liar. She was a bigger liar.

In fact, their political careers are built on lies and “we the people” continue to grovel at their feet.
What does that say about us as a country?

Perhaps we can be forgiven once for putting them back in the White House, but twice? Have we no shame?

5 thoughts on “Why Hillary must go!

  1. So? Americans put GWB twice on the White House and look at the horrendous job he has done… I think you are the one with the short memory…


  2. What is the purpose for this article? This makes as little sense as all the junk that was thrown at Romeny because he was mormon.

    It is time to face reality. There are 3 candidates still in the running. Mccain, obama, and hillary. Taking shots to try and finish knocking hillary out of the race leaves us with the king of evil – obama (i refer you back to my comment on your last article which was never acknowledged or responded to). Why even give him the chance to win the national election? Why risk it? They are all evil, but obama is the most evil and most dangerous.


  3. Jane,

    There is no doubt that Hillary was the most evil first lady in history, and that she has no conscience. She is truly the wicked witch of the West. The only good thing about Hillary is the way she has been going after Obama. John McCain and the wimpy country club Republicans running his campaign have learned nothing from the disastrous way that James Baker ran George H.W. Bush’s campaign in 1992 when he allowed no negative ads to be used against the Clintons, and Bill Clinton ended up winning that race rather easily. Baker did such a poor job in managing Bush’s campaign in 1992 that George W. Bush did not want Baker to be in his administration in either of his terms. Being no student of history, however, McCain has already signaled more than once that he wants no negative ads to be used against Obama. Hillary, though, has no qualms about attacking Obama, and the Obama-Hillary epic battle is saving the Republican Party from another 1932 FDR landslide defeat in November 2008.


  4. Excellent commentary on the queen of evil.

    How she sways people to follow her is so beyond me – are they simply poster children of stupidity? Hasn’t America lost enough with corrupt power mongers?

    Hillary in power means the complete demise of our Republic with a total fall in socialism. Sadly, we are already teetering thanks to the lazy and bleeding hearts of this country.


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