Debunking the Edwards Debacle

Poor John Edwards, the presidential want-a-be can’t even get a contrition speech right.

Bill Clinton laid out the master plan but Edwards couldn’t follow his bread crumbs. And, Edwards wants us to believe he is smart enough to run the country!

Edwards did his “I have sinned” confession in an intimate at-home television interview with ABC’s Bob Woodruff, complete with soft lighting and freshly coiffed hair. There were no visible signs of remorse – no lip biting, no tear in the eye. Couldn’t he lose the hair spray just this once?

When the camera started rolling and Edwards opened his mouth, he was doomed!

Edward wants us to believe that:

• His affair with Rielle Hunter was in 2006, during the time his wife’s cancer was in remission.

(Does that somehow make him less of a scoundrel?)

• His “brief” affair was with a “campaign staffer.

(Edwards met Hunter in a bar in December 2005. She was hired in July 2006 to video his every move, which gave her a reason to travel with him.)

• The $100,000 Hunter was paid for this job was the going rate for film makers with no experience.

(Edward always has supported raising the minium wage.)

• He did not father her child conceived in July of 2007.

(When the National Enquirer reported the pregnancy, another married man, Andrew Young, who was on Edward’s payroll, claimed responsibility)

• He knew nothing about the fact that Fred Baron, Edward’s campaign treasurer, relocated both the Young family and Hunter and has been making payments to them.

(If Young is the father of the child, why did Baron feel it necessary to relocate and pay him off?)

• He would like the opportunity to take a paternity test but the mother won’t allow it.

(Hunter was receiving $15,000 a month payments to keep quite about the affair. Now that it’s out in the open, can’t Baron simply pay her to allow the test and clear this whole thing up. After all, Hunter’s got a three million dollar home and a baby to support. A girl’s got to make a living!)

• His recent 5-hour meeting with Hunter and her baby in the middle of the night was completely innocent.

(He didn’t tell his wife about it until after he was ambushed by the Enquirer.)

The America people can be naive. How else can you explain the political rise of this ambulance chaser who helped drive up the cost of medical care for everyone and now wants to nationalize healthcare? How else can you explain why so many believed that he cared for the poor while his investment company preyed on those less fortunate?

If there was any doubt, this guy Edwards was a phoney, it was removed when he announced that he would continue his race for the White House even though his wife’s cancer had come back and was terminal. Anyone who knows anything about this dreaded disease knows that stress makes things worse.

Now we know that the compassionate Mr. Edwards dumped this indiscretion on his wife when he had (supposedly) ended his affair in 2006, adding even more stress and misery to her life. If Edwards, indeed, told his wife about the affair then and asked her forgiveness (or was this just another of his cheap political I’m-not-really- as-bad-as-you-think tricks) it was a selfish, heartless act. He should have carried his guilt to his grave.

The American people are a forgiving people — but we are not dumb. This man is political toast!

The Clinton team tried to capitalize on Edward’s self-destruction. Former Communications Director Howard Wolfson told us that if Edwards had been caught in his lies and forced out of the race before the Iowa primary, his candidate likely now would be the presumptive Democrat nominee because “Edward’s voters” would have been “her voters.”

My theory is a little different. If the mainstream media had picked up on the stories in the Enquirer and forced Edwards to drop out early, it would have hurt – not helped – her chances, because the affair reminds voters of Mr. Clinton’s serial philandering. Hillary could not be compared to Mrs. Edwards, who was blind-sided while ill and faced with only one indiscretion. Hillary can be compared to Rielle Hunter. Bill’s philandering is legion. Hillary not only put up with his affairs but managed the “bimbo eruptions” in order to feather her own nest.

What can we learn from all of this?

Carefully examine the candidates. Don’t be fooled by a pretty exterior and smooth talk. Check their records for yourself and don’t be swept away by the mainstream media. At least the tabloids have some standards!

8 thoughts on “Debunking the Edwards Debacle

  1. As I recall, Edwards did not say he sinned, but that he made a “mistake”. A mistake is an unintentional error done in ignorance of truth. His adultery does not qualify as a “mistake”. Until he recognizes God in the equation, it will never be “sin” to him.

    The same goes for all of us.


  2. M,

    You are absolutely right. It was Mr. Clinton who used those words as he admitted his affair with Monica Lewinsky. (Clinton knew how to pull our strings.) As I pointed out in the column, the public might have been a little more sympathetic had he just followed the Clinton bread crumbs. It is obvious that Edwards put forth a minimal effort.


  3. All this conservative outrage over John
    Edwards’ indiscretion is the sheerest hypocrisy!
    Do they really think that powerful republican
    politicians have never had affairs and fathered
    illegitimate children ? What a joke!
    Plenty of them have done this. As well as having
    secret gay lovers while speaking out against gay
    rights and denouncing homosexuality, having sex with
    underage girls and boys, frequenting prostitutes
    etc. Please ! Give me a break!


  4. I’m beginning to wonder if the purpose of the Edwards’ March 22 press conference, at which Mrs. Edwards’ recurrence of cancer was revealed, could have been meant to hedge his campaign “bet.”

    Rumors, not confirmations, swirled for almost 24 hours that the purpose of the conference might be an announcement concerning Mrs. Edwards health. We (press and public) speculated about the Senator’s withdrawal from the race…our fault, if we were wrong.

    During the main part of the press conference, Senator Edwards did not address the status of his campaign. Instead, he relied on a reporter’s question to confirm his intent to continue.

    Mrs. Edwards bravely played down the seriousness of her condition, as evaluated at that time.

    There seemed to be a great deal of prep and drama about the announcement. Some asked why they hadn’t issued a press release, which would have achieved the same end.

    It occurs to me that his campaign may have been establishing an “honorable” reason for bowing out, should they see signs of the (then) recent birth coming into public question.


  5. Jane,

    John Edwards is simply a slick trial lawyer who has no conscience and is but a shell of a man. Edwards knows that he made his millions by conning juries, and while he will still take that and wouldn’t change a thing if he had to do it all over again, he also has always felt a vast emptiness inside as if he has no soul. After the Iowa results in 2004, however, when Edwards emerged with John Kerry as one of the two frontrunners for the Democratic nomination and that would propel him to be Kerry’s running mate later on in the year, for the first time Edwards also felt like a man of substance. The slick trial lawyer may have been actually been telling the truth during his television interview when he indicated that his 2004 success went to his head, and thus he had the affair. As you pointed out in your column, however, Edwards has shown his true colors by not only having the affair but also while his wife has been terminally ill. The New Age woman, Rielle Hunter, in all likelihood really has expected to marry Edwards once his wife dies, and they have been simply waiting on this development to happen. Meanwhile, it is obvious that Edwards is the father of the baby, and which he can’t even come clean about, and he is paying off others to fall on the sword for him. The slick trial lawyer will always be a slick trial lawyer.



  6. Jane,

    I can only hear you in my mind the way you would be saying this, if you were still working at KBRT. You would have some choice ways of voicing this commentary on air…and of all things, The National Enquirer? OH MY! Those folks had a field day breaking this news! This ambulance chasing lawyer wants to run the country? This lawyer better put his running shoes on, and run for cover fast! What he did was pure evil, and even the best running shoes won’t outrun God’s judgment on him! Funny how the baby resembles this ambulance chaser…and he thought he could be smarter than King David with Bathsheba.

    By the way, I heard you being interviewed by Rich Buhler this week.


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