The Grinch who stole Prosperity

There she stands like a queen looking down on her subjects from the steps of her summer palace in San Francisco in her designer suits and her $300 haircut. Her aging skin is pulled tight from the latest nip and tuck from the royal cosmetic surgeon. If you look closely, that plastic smile has a hint of a sneer.

I couldn’t applaud when Nancy Pelosi became the first woman Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. Just knowing that she is now third in line to the presidency makes my blood run cold.

Madam Pelosi represents the worst of the political bourgeoisie. She and her colleagues now have a lock on the House and Senate. They chair every committee in Congress. They pretend to know what’s best for the rest of us, but they will never feel our pain at the pump when we have to raid the funds set aside for groceries and school supplies in order to fill up the family car. Madam Pelosi never visits these wretched places. She sends her driver and cook to the gas station and grocery store.

How dare she dismiss Congress without allowing a single vote on the energy bill!

She is now winking at her Democrat colleagues who are in trouble with their constituents. They can blame her – if they must – in order to get reelected. They can promise to go back to Washington and work to get the moratorium on offshore oil drilling lifted. They can promise to open up the few acres necessary to extract oil from the vast Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The end result will be the same. She will hold on to her power. Privately they will be kissing her ring!

Nancy Pelosi also represents the worst of the socialist party in this country that goes by the name “Democrat.” The biggest reason that party has survived after the take-over by the left wing is the brand name. If you strip off the label, all you have left is the tired old socialism/communism that has allowed potentates like Pelosi to rule the world over while their subjects struggle to survive.

Don’t take my word for it, check out the Progressive Caucus. “Progressive” is the euphemism for socialist. The Progressive Caucus is a spinoff of the Democrat Socialists of America. Its members represent about a third of the House of Representatives. They chair all the major standing committees. This is no accident! Nancy Pelosi was a founding member of that caucus. She left when she became House minority leader because it had received too much public scrutiny.

Until recently, the Progressive Caucus was hosted by the DSA-USA website. It now stands alone but the goals and objectives are one and the same. Bottom line: Democracy is the enemy of the masses who are too weak to fend for themselves. These “progressives” seek to use taxation and regulation to bring down the most productive members of society so that they can control them. They see the free enterprise system as unfair. It can stay – in name only – as long as they can manage it so that everyone will be equal to some arbitrary standard they set and enforce.

They tell us that they feel our pain, but they don’t care how much pain they have to inflict to keep themselves in power.

Their weapons are lies and hyperbole.

They lie when they try to make us believe that humans are the cause of global warming and we will die if we don’t give them the power to control us. They lie about the amount of oil that is available on this continent. They lie when they tell us we can’t drill our way out of this crisis.

To the extent that a crisis exists it is of our own making, and we can’t get out of it without drilling – at least in the short term.

Pelosi and her colleagues scoffed at the idea of a moratorium on the federal gasoline tax but they want to rob the national Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which could lead to a real crisis!

In the event of a national emergency, that reserve is vital to our survival! Will our tanks and our aircraft run on batteries? Not in this lifetime! How long an extension cord would you need for one of our warships?

Think twice about keeping Democrats in control of Congress and handing them the keys to the White House. The free enterprise system may not be perfect but it has made us the most powerful and prosperous country on earth. Do you really want to change all that?

15 thoughts on “The Grinch who stole Prosperity

  1. Great article. You write –
    “Think twice about keeping Democrats in control of Congress and handing them the keys to the White House.” Yet the article appears on WND where Mr. Farah is involved in a constant drumbeat to convince McCain voters (let’s be real – Obama voters do not read wnd) to vote None of the above, in essence a vote for obama. Personally, I wish you would write an article about how Mr. Farah is willing to hand the white house to the dems so he can make his 30 pieces of silver selling his Vote No book. Unfortunately, he seems to rule the conservative world with the same iron fist pelosi rules the democratic house with – no dissention allowed.


  2. Dear Jane,
    This ‘plastic grinch’ article is beautiful.
    You are beautiful for writing it.
    I am loving it.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Rich. Hunter
    (warm at last in VT – until when)


  3. Ha! From your picture you look like you have had at least peel. The pot calling the kettle black… You want relief at the pump? Go after the bloody oil companies that yet again are reporting RECORD earnings.

    Mr. Barrett: I am a Democrat and read WND. After all, I need a good daily laugh at the moronic articles Farah pollutes the Internet with…


  4. The slave masters used to resist change, slavery was a very prosperous business for some, why change now?


  5. The socialist hates the idea of freedom except for themselves of course. The American’s ‘well-being’ ie, freedom, is not in their interests. But “welfare” for all very much suites them.

    Thanks, Jane and you look great.


  6. Ha! From your picture you look like you have had at least peel. The pot calling the kettle black… You want relief at the pump? Go after the bloody oil companies that yet again are reporting RECORD earnings.

    Mr. Barrett: I am a Democrat and read WND. After all, I need a good daily laugh at the moronic articles Farah pollutes the Internet with…

    7 Aug 08 at 8:32 am
    And you have NO plans to follow Mr Farah’s vote none of the above plan, thus what I said still holds – Mr Farah’s plan only affects possible McCain voters.


  7. I have a new word to describe a woman like Pelosi.

    GRITCH – noun

    1) A woman who is a grinch and a bitch!

    GRITCHY – adjective

    2) Used to describe a woman in the act of spoiling the pleasure of others who is immoral, malicious, spiteful, and overbearing.


  8. Jane,

    A good column about Nancy Pelosi. Nancy Pelosi makes Tip O’Neill seem lovable in comparison. Limousine liberal Nancy better enjoy her millions now because she won’t have anything eternally but much torment. Looking at her from that standpoint, one can laugh at Nancy Pelosi’s arrogance except that the stakes are very high for the nation. If Obama wins in November, and Pelosi and Reid add to their power then as well, then it is all over for the United States, but as of now there is still hope left for the nation.



  9. Somebody is being paid, handsomly, to not produce oil in the US.
    Look at the picture before us in plain view. There is more oil offshore California than in Saudi Arabia. There is more oil in the US, including Alaska and the continental shelf than in the rest of the world! Still we buy half of our oil from other countries.
    Energy independence is not what we need. Energy Dominance is what we need and can have if we just produce it.
    Lets reverse the tremendous transfer of American wealth outside of our country. Bring it back!


  10. I think it speaks to just how devious the liberals/democommies are. Somehow over the past thirty years, even as the conservative movement has grown and even after we controlled both houses of Congress and the White House, they have still managed to ruin our economy by causing such high oil prices and lead us to out of control immorality. They are doing everythng they can to destroy our country. They desparately want America to be defeated and turned into a third world country. Before they can destroy our constitution, there is only one solution for us to retain our freedoms and rightful place in the world. They all need to be arrested and jailed. All democrats need to be hunted down and charged with treason. Otherwise America is doomed. It’s just unbelievable how this pack of criminals can spew their lies and immorality and and hate for America and still roam free. Only conservatives and Republicans can save America. Only they are moral and patriotic. Only they deserve to be free. Wake up America. Demand that we get rid of the dems/commies before it’s too late. They will get you if we don’t get them first.


  11. Arrested and jailed? You can’t be serious. Here in this country, all we have to do is vote them out of office. As for the Republicans, most say they support limited government. However, a couple of years after they took control, their leaders lost their way and began spending like there was no tomorrow. They deserved to be dumped, just as the Democrats do now.

    The most important vote we make is in the primary. That’s when we have an opportunity — and duty — to vote the bad incumbents (from both parties) out of office.

    Our founding fathers would never have believed that we would our representatives but not hold them accountable. That is why each member of the House has to stand for reelection every TWO years.

    Most people know nothing about the Progressive Caucus and what its goals are. Make copies of this column. Tell your friends and neighbors…without all that talk about hunting them down and jail. We don’t have to hunt them down. They are in Washington, where WE put them!


  12. Jane,
    One of the problems with nipping and tucking around the cranial area is when the epidermis is pulled too tight the full benefit of the brain is restricted, so
    take pity on Nancy as she now parks in a handicap stall. –Nottrib Yar


  13. Jane,
    I nearly choked when Congress closed up leaving us suffering at the gas pump!! The dictatorship of our goverment makes us wonder what was the War of Independance all about. Queen “P” will soon be telling us to eat cake. Of course we need to find other means of energy as well as drilling for oil, but to make us a 3rd world economy to please enviormentalist is DAFT while the rest of the world DRILLS off our shores. Make you wonder.


  14. Dear Ms. Chastain:

    Re: The Poncho Villa Syndrome;

    Please consider my independent point of view concerning the present partisan impasse on just about everything. Frustrating because it is rather vital that the government quickly be able to act and solve the problems of energy, foreign relations and globalism which includes trade policy. I have a “theory” why the impasse is in full blossom and why Speaker Pelosi is so intransigent about allowing a vote on solutions to our energy dependence. My theory of why this situation exists is explained as follows:
    Legend has it that the famous revolutionary bandito, Poncho Villa had a strategy. When he knew that the government forces were moving on a village, he would not move to prevent them from entering said village. He would wait while the unruly forces pillaged the community, raping and murdering many of the citizens. After the carnage, he would wait until the following morning when the troops were hung over and only then would he attack killing most of the military forces. Because of the revenge factor, the people revered Poncho Villa for his “support” in bringing the offenders to justice not knowing that he could have prevented the misery in the first place. Poncho Villa, hence, gained major political credibility thereby enhancing his political power.
    Historically the Democratic Party has applied the “Poncho Villa Syndrome” in the past. During the depression, some of the programs eventually adopted by the Democrats were proposed by the Hoover administration only to have the Democratic Congress block them until the Roosevelt administration won and took over when these and many other programs of Democrat origin were enacted.
    A more recent example in California is when Governor Gray Davis was faced with an electric power shortage. Now the Democrat Legislature had tied up the State where it was impossible to build a power plant in the State. Hence, the State was entirely dependent on imported power. Naturally, the power providers, having a monopolistic advantage, ripped off the State with absurd rates and the result was an furious electorate and many power outages. When the political fallout portended the likely recall of the Governor, he reacted by unauthorized dictates that ALL environmental regulations and public hearings be waived and ordered the construction of new coal fired plants. However, it came too late to prevent his recall.
    It appears to me that the Democratic Party is now applying the “Poncho Villa Syndrome” regarding, most significantly, the energy crisis with the astronomical rise in gasoline prices. While blaming the present Republican administration for the problems, they oppose EVERY possible solution philosophically and the Democratic Congressional leadership refuses to allow any proposal to come up for a vote while blaming the President and his administration for the problems. By denying any relief by political shenanigans, the people are angry and the President and his party get the brunt of the blame. I predict that if, and probably when, the Democrats win the upcoming election the ensuing result is that they will become oil drilling and power plant building fools so long as the Oil Companies and Power Plant Companies kick in to the party coffers. All time frames, previous prohibitions and review hearings will be waived. Democrats are so lucky to have the feckless Republicans, who accept their role as punching bags, making their plans to succeed easy.
    This situation provides a golden opportunity for Independents, where we can rally behind the best candidate who will expose this chicanery and develop a sound Energy policy for the nation


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