Girl Scouts to the Troops: “We’re NOT radical!”

The Girl Scouts hierarchy has issued a “Communications Alert” to Council CEOs and Board Chairs to try to put out the firestorm created by the launch of the new “leadership” program inspired by the Ashland Institute and created with the help of the Oxford Leadership Academy.

The new program will take the Girl Scouts on a series of age-specific “journeys” that culminate with the Senior Scouts becoming “ambassadors” to change the world for the global good. However, much of the current emphasis has been on the recruitment of adults who are being trained to become “guides” for the girls on these journeys.

Many believe that the new program is an indoctrination into the New Age movement. Consider the leaders/founders of the above mentioned groups. The Ashland Institute, which specializes in a practice known as Transitional Awareness, is led by Michael Cecil, the former leader of the Emissaries of Divine Light cult, founded by his father.

Cecil left the group in 1996 after his efforts to open it up to the world failed, although he still holds to most of his father’s teachings. The Vancouver Sun interviewed him recently and says Cecil

now devotes his energies to teaching chanting, meditation, dialogue, ‘attunement,’ community building, aligning the world with the planetary system and assisting a large men’s organization called The Mankind Project.

You would not know any of that from his bio on the Institute’s website:

For over 40 years Michael was a leader in an international non-profit organization devoted to service in the world through the integration of spiritual values in daily life.

Impressive isn’t it?

Girl Scouts CEO Kathy Cloninger describes the Ashland Institute as “a very authoritative group” that “does a lot of work with global women’s groups.” Now that’s comforting! Cloninger credits Ashland with “helping our volunteers to better understand their own inner leadership.”

The head of the Oxford Leadership Academy is Brian Bacon who is a practitioner and teacher of the Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga and a “senior member” of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. This cult began 70 years ago and is based on mediumship and channelling.

Management leadership, peace of mind and values education is the stock in trade of the Brahma Kumaris practitioner and Bacon is no exception. He got his foot in the door with the Girl Scouts Arizona Cactus-Pine Council when leadership began contemplating their navels in search of “self.”

Bacon told the Arizona Business Gazette that he made the connection with Cactus-Pine

after experiencing too many adults in leadership positions unable to make fundamental changes.

The paper said,

He was looking for young people to counsel … It’s about how to lead others from that place within.


Last September, Bacon facilitated an Invitational Leadership Conference for GSUSA at the Edith Macy Conference Center in Briarcliff Manor, N.Y., that discussed the “future of leadership in America and begin creating an approach for addressing leadership development among adult Girl Scouts.”

Please note: Bacon’s specialty appears to be getting corporate and nonprofit executives and academicians together to discuss some high-minded goal. Then, they all become so enamored of being in each other’s presence that they don’t bother to really look into his background.

In reality, this journey toward the New Age has been going on in the Girl Scouts for some time. References to Yoga abound in Girl Scout literature. A brochure for the October annual National Council Session in Indianapolis invites attendees to

Channel your inner being. Be one with your mind, body, and soul. Yoga for everyone!

Many troop leaders, volunteers and staff have grown increasingly uneasy. However, some say that if they voice their concerns they are excluded from any chance of being in the area leadership or a representative to the National Council.

The recent Communications Alert is a series of “talking points” to help put down the current rebellion. It states,

Among the accusations (in columns like mine) are that Girl Scouting has been captured and brainwashed by New Age theorists.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Girl Scouting was not captured. The leadership voluntarily surrendered!

The memo continues,

We have not, across the Movement or at GSUSA, abandoned our roots.

Oh, no?

The venture into moral relativism began in 1972, when the Girl Scout Laws went from a standard of clear-cut absolutes to a series of what amounts to suggestions, which begin, “I will do my best to …”

The final blow came in 1993, when the Girl Scouts made the word “God” a option in the pledge, telling the Almighty to take a hike. Now, it appears that many of the membership may do the same.

16 thoughts on “Girl Scouts to the Troops: “We’re NOT radical!”

  1. Wow! How does the GSUSA think they can pull this off and not have people realize what their true agenda is? Wake up America! It’s time to open our eyes and see what is truly going on in this “venerable” organization.

    For those Christian leaders of Girl Scout troops out there… it’s time to stop supporting this organization with your money and hard work. You won’t be able to keep this new-age indoctrination out of the hands of your daughters. This will become the ONLY curriculum coming out of GSUSA. Why not boycott this group entirely?

    There is an incredible option for Christians who want a TRUE scouting experience for their girls… The American Heritage Girls. Visit their website at to see what scouting was meant to be.


  2. Per my recollection, it was Dennis Prager who said on his national radio show something like, “People who do not believe in God do not believe in nothing, they believe in anything.” The Girl Scout leadership seems to be proving the truth of his statement.


  3. Note Laurel Richie’s comments about “Global Warming”, which she dutifully morphs into “Climate Change”, in her ‘Communications Alert’. She’s evincing circular insular reasoning…which is really useless reasoning.

    They ask girls who have come out of the State Temples, where they are taught that the Earth IS warming-up (and it’s the Americans fault), what they would want as a ‘community action project’ in their Para-Temple organization…the GSUSA. The girls dutifully answer, “We want to take action against Climate Change!!!” (silly and sad)

    While Laurel admits in her own ‘Alert’ that there is ANOTHER SIDE to the issue of Climate Change (viz. that the Earth’s climate has always changed, and most greenhouse gasses [ie.Methane] come from the ocean, forest floors and herd animals.) She invites brainwashed children to lead the way, and lets them think that their community action project just may help stem the Climate Change problem.

    Here, with the voice of Jacob, she gives herself away…the GSUSA is just the Youth Division of the Secular/Socialist movement in the USA. Laurel is supposed to help the girls think for themselves, but here we see the girls thinking just like the Earth Servers of Romans Chapter One.

    The girls just believe they came up with the idea; an idea that is in lock-step with Laurel’s world-view.

    Why does the GSUSA plot a vain thing ???


  4. American Heritage Girls is what GSA used to aspire to be. My girls are getting a Christ-centered scouting experience focused service to others, not self-worship. They have been clamoring for the first meeting of the fall for weeks now. I cannot recommend strongly enough that Christian Girl Scout Leaders vote with their feet and abandon the sinking ship of amorality that GSA nationally has become. Don’t pay dues to an organization that is out to corrupt the souls of your girls! Come on in to AHG ladies, the water’s so fine!


  5. Wow! have any of you actually read the Journey books?
    I took a training class for adults this afternoon on the the new Journey program. I am not actually sure what you mean by “New Age” but there was nothing in the books that I found offensive. Let me start by saying that the new Journey program is a new program piece offered by GSUSA it’s not maditory, it does not replace any of the existing program pieces but compliments them. I admit I only scanned the books, but I am conservative by nature and Catholic by faith I found nothing offensive in the books I found them both interesting aand thought provoking for the age level they were meant for. God and our Constitution preaches tolerance for others and only He can be the judge of our actions on earth and out constituation preaches freedom of religions and the right to free speech. As for the Ashland Institute, I do not see theire influence here, GSUSA may go in many directions but ultimatly them must bend to the membership, the volunteers and gilrs are Girl Scouts.


  6. I documented in more detail the beliefs and practises of the so-called Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University in other post on this subject.

    It should be added that as this year’s annual series of channelling sessions, when the spirit entity the Brahma Kumaris believed to be the God Father of all religions and the “angelic form” of their deceased founder Lekhraj Kripalani entered into their psychic medium at their Indian headquarters, they (BapDada) specifically encouraged the Brahma Kumari adherents to target children and schools.

    This is being done through “values education” or relaxation programs aimed at children and stress or management programs for involved adults. Individuals are introduced into hypnotic or auto-hypnotic states in which various cathexes or connections are created to their spirit guide, often sub-consciously. These lay the foundations for greater mental surrender in the future from which the leadership profits.

    With relationship to Christianity; uniquely, but in accordance with other new age groups, the Brahma Kumaris teach that like their founder Kripalani, Jesus was “possessed” by another spirit called Christ and that after death both continued to take numerous reincarnations degrading and becoming spiritually impure until this day when at some point they will return to a Brahma Kumari center in order to relearn their religion for the next 5,000 year Cycle of Time.

    Its not necessary to understand Hindi language, but there are numerous visual introductions produced by the organization on Youtube and elsewhere that evidence such beliefs, the reality of “Destruction” and the godliness of their founder, who they also consider to be the Father of Humanity.

    One should not over look the organization’s political ambitions. The leadership predicts that the government of India will hand over power them before Destruction and they are particularly active within the United Nations. An involvement used, or arguably exaggerated, to impress newcomers and give credibility to their belief and practices.


  7. Just wanted to chime in and let everyone know that there is a new conservative alternative to Girl Scouts available to all girls who believe in God regardless of their faith. Frontier Girls goes back to the basis of what Girl Scouting was supposed to be. We focus on patriotism, communtiy service and a love of learning. We offer badges in more subjects than any other program (currently at over 150) including badges for character traits such as modesty, joy, and responsibility. If you have girls, you really need to visit our website at


  8. For pity sake, if you are going to denounce the organization, get the name right. “GSA” is the Gerontological Society of America, an organization of which I am a proud member. Girl Scouts of the United States of America, GSUSA, is another organization of which I am a proud member. Before you tout “what Girl Scouts used to aspire to be”, go back and read Juliette Gordon Low’s original works. There is much to be celebrated about Juliette, not the least of which was her courage welcoming girls from every background, faith, and ability, and teaching them that girls have a great deal to offer the world.


  9. Have you people all become mindless lemmings???? Whatever happened to telling our girls they are special and unique?? I was a Brownie for an HOUR when I was a child because of all the indoctrination that we should be perfect little women and learn to cook and sew to make a MAN happy! I’m only 30 now and that just goes to show you that it wasn’t that long ago that this was still going on. When I had my oldest child who is now 10 and a Junior in GS having come up from the Daisy level I swore that I would not put her into the mindset that she had to make a man happy in order to be happy and that was why I TOOK OVER THE GIRL SCOUT TROOP she joined when she bagan. BY THE WAY…… I’M PAGAN!!!!!! Shocked yet!??! Well you should be, because of my own individual mind, my troop has had the highest retention of any in my area. And for those of you lemmings who are falling off your chairs thinking “Oh My GOD, She’s warping the minds of our sweet innocent little girls” there is NO DISCUSSION of GOD or GODDESS in my troop but we do say the promise EXACTLY as it was given to us without the *. I lead my troop with the girls as my guides. They plan the meetings and activities, they decide what we will do as a community service project and if one of them asks a sensitive question, I direct it back to the parents. I do not try to warp these children, Goddess knows their parents have already done a stellar job all on their OWN!


  10. Debby wrote: “I was a Brownie for an HOUR when I was a child because of all the indoctrination that we should be perfect little women and learn to cook and sew to make a MAN happy!”

    Maybe you should have stayed in a little longer — the point was that you should learn to cook and sew so that you would be self-sufficient and be responsible for you OWN happiness.

    As for being a lemming — there’s not much individual thinking in man-hating feminism.


  11. Debby,

    Parts of your post cound have been written by me when I was in my 20s — so I fully understand and empathize with the life experiences that have led you to that viewpoint. However, I’ve come to realize that functional families take care of one another — through cooking, sewing, or anything else that needs to be done. It’s not so much doing it for a (gasp!) MAN — it’s working with your spouse to nurture and strengthen the family unit. Or doing it for your kids if there’s no spouse.

    I respectfully offer that your strong reaction to learning basic skills has more to do with your mindset than the actual events. Boy Scouts learn similar skills and I doubt they are on a rampage about being expected to be perfect men taking care of WOMEN.


  12. My daughter has been in Girl Scouts for the past 8 years. I can’t speak to everything that is or is not done in the name of Girl Scouting, because it is a global organization made up of volunteers who add their own personal touch to everything they do. To your hatred and vitriol against this organization, that seeks only to prop up even the least fortunate of girls and help them find their voice, I can only tell you this….

    Girl Scouts has taught my daughter

    to be a good person
    to work hard
    to work with a team to accomplish a goal
    that hard work= great reward
    to be always helpful and kind
    to never put others down
    to stand up for other people
    to stand up for herself
    … to help those less fortunate
    to always give of her time

    that there are people other than her family that love her, support her and are always happy to see her
    that she has a voice
    that she has worth
    that she can make a difference
    that her contribution is important
    that she can do anything she wants to do, if she is willing to work hard enough for it

    She has learned how to camp, she has learned survival skills, she has learned how to plan and run a meeting, she has learned how to participate in and contribute to meetings that others have planned, she has learned how to compromise for the greater good. She has learned so much more than I could ever list on paper.

    Because of Girl Scouts, my daughter believes in herself, believes in being a productive member of society, and believes that she can and will do anything she puts her mind to. She has learned skills that she will take with her wherever she goes, and that give her an edge.

    My daughter is a beautiful, amazing, incredible young woman with strong beliefs and morals. Girl Scouts contributed greatly to her formation, and for that I will forever be their champion.


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