Democrat Ticket: Dumb and Dumber

Barack Obama picked Joe Biden to be his running mate to balance the ticket.

Balance? What balance?

One is young, the other old. One is brown, the other white. Take away the obvious external differences and what you have underneath these two handsome exteriors are political clones.What is missing in Obama is still missing in Biden – real world experience! Between them they have less than a half dozen years of actual work under their belts, barely a teaspoon in the receipt of life.

Both earned law degrees, but went into politics when they, charitably, could be termed “junior” attorneys. Had they been pilots, they would not have been on the job long enough to have attained the rank of first officer, let alone captain.

Take politics out of their resumes and neither would be qualified to run a company, much less a state or a country.

Both were fast-tracked to Washington as a result of incredibly good timing, which explains why both men have lost touch with reality and have a grossly inflated sense of self-worth.

In 2005, Obama, after his ascension to the U.S. Senate, had the audacity to compare himself to Lincoln, while his political surrogates routinely invoke the names of JFK, Jackie Robinson and Martin Luther King.

Biden is best known for his diatribes in committee hearings where he tends to drone on instead of asking questions of the people he has “invited” to testify.

Both men are great speech makers but get into trouble when they depart from their prepared remarks. Obama is often tongue-tied and has difficulty making a point or connecting rational thoughts. Biden sense of self-worth is so great that he has felt free to claim the work of others.

Yes, Biden has chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee and he is the current chair of the Foreign Relations Committee. Both are powerful positions. However, they were not attained by merit but on the basis of seniority, so it’s no big deal! (Biden is the 6th longest serving senator in the current crop.) The U.S. Senate is the epitome of the old boy network or, more correctly, the old men network.

Biden is regarded as the Democrat’s leading foreign policy “expert,” which should show you how little the Dems know or understand what goes on beyond the water’s edge.

To dispel the myth that Biden is the fount of all foreign policy knowledge, I offer the words he delivered on December 26, 2006:

I want to make it clear that I totally oppose the surging of additional American troops into Baghdad . . . I think it is contrary to the overwhelming body of informed opinion . . . A surge of up to 30,000 American troops cannot have any positive effect.

If further evidence is needed, I offer his championing of the Law of the Sea treaty, which would give the U.N. control of 70 percent of the earth’s surface. Under LOST, before the U.S. Navy could maneuver on the high seas, it would have to run a gauntlet of U.N. panels and would be subject to rulings and discipline by U.N. tribunals and judges. Also, for the very first time, LOST would give the U.N. the power to tax.

Biden’s other claim to fame is the “borking” of the Supreme Court nomination one of the most brilliant constitutional law experts ever to sit on the bench. His crowing legislative achievement (Obama doesn’t have one) was the passage of the Violence Against Women Act, a legal boondoggle if ever there was one. Crime is a local problem, and federal programs that mandate “gender sensitivity training” for judges and extend federal civil rights protection for crimes “motivated by gender” only make matters worse.

To be sure, McCain’s work experience, outside politics and his honorable military service, is pretty thin. He worked for his father-in-law for four years. That was it! Let’s hope he comes up with someone who knows how to run a business and how government policies, more often than not, undermine the free market system.

Our founding fathers believed in a limited federal government. Our elected representatives were to come to Washington every now and then, handle a few items and go home to their real jobs. They simply couldn’t imagine that our representatives would live off the taxpayers and we would be dumb enough to allow them to keep those jobs for life.

The Constitution, sets basic qualifications for legislators such as age. We need to amend that to include real work experience. The idea that someone could come to Washington and govern without it should be unthinkable.

If Obama and Biden are elected, Heaven help us!

15 thoughts on “Democrat Ticket: Dumb and Dumber

  1. Well said, Jane! You always write well–concisely, with flair. You always add new information to the discussion and expand on it. Way to go!


  2. The real problem we have with our Nation all centers around the issue Jane brings up in her column today, the simple fact that our form of government was not designed around a professional group of professional politicians running the government, but precisely the opposite. As long as we are willing to accept the same faces in D.C. and can justify even one person serving more than a “few” years in office, we can’t change back to the republic we once had.
    We have been led to believe that the electing of a president is the most important office we fill, but forget that it is simply an “executive office”, which means it is the office responsible for executing such law as is passed by congress. The entire power and authority of “The People” resides in congress, and it is only there that we can control our government. It is for this reason specifically, that we have been taught to think the executive election is of primary importance.
    The only way we can have a “representative congress” is if ordinary citizens, with ordinary jobs, are elected to sit in congress for perhaps as many as two terms, as representatives, and certainly no more than one as a senator, with the full expectation of them returning to their home, and taking up their real job, where they left it off.
    If we are to achieve this, we must remove those incentives for people to stay in D.C. We must eliminate any form of retirement from elected office, there is no excuse for having such a thing. We, the rest of us, have Social Security, and whatever we choose to invest in our own retirement, that should be good enough for all Americans, or not good enough for any.
    Our representatives in congress should get all their medical care from the military hospitals in the area, and they should stand in line just as all our service personnel do, this ensures our military get good care, as those responsible get the same treatment.
    We have not had a president or vice president in my lifetime who was not a multi-millionaire since I’ve been aware of the office, so the very idea of a retirement from President is ludicrous, or would be if it were more reasonable. The office should pay the median pay of executive officers in business across the nation, and no more. At most, it should offer severance pay equal to perhaps three months of that median pay, just for the former president to get re-settled and no more. Having been “president” is a money making deal so there is not only no excuse for a retirement after four or eight years, but substantial reasons why it should perhaps be un-compensated at all.
    We can only be “sovereign citizens” by taking upon ourselves, the full responsibilities of governing ourselves, our families, our neighborhoods, our districts, our States, and our government enterprises. We cannot be “sovereign citizens” and hire someone else to do all those things, because we transfer our sovereignty when we do so.
    If we fail to understand this and take immediate action to reverse our National course, we shall be too late, very soon. Socialism was introduced almost an hundred years ago, and done so by stealth. It has grown, and been imported at the same time, at an ever increasing pace since that time. It has now become the standard throughout our government bureaucracy, and as such, is the default mode of operation in almost every area government touches. It is at this state that it is most difficult to turn a system around, because all the inertia is with the default mode, and it takes a lot of energy to overcome it.
    We have the most blatently socialist political platform before us in the history of this Nation. We will either accept it, find it repugnant and throw it off, and make major strides towards returning to our republic, or we will find individual aspects of it personally useful, will ignore the negative impact it has on us and ensure the Nation falls before it ever escapes the weight of socialism. The world is not on our side, none of it, when push comes to shove, every Nation is on its own side and will operate on the premise: “the enemy of my enemy is my friend, for now”, and we are the biggest target in the world.
    John McClain
    GySgt, USMC,ret.
    Vanceboro, NC


  3. Jane,
    To be fair, you should mention that Bush is a big backer of the LOST treaty. Also, as you say, McCain is weak in the economic area…he even said something along that line once. For that reason, I believe it is very important for him to pick Romney either as VP or as a top economic official in has cabinet. Romney is an expert in that field.


  4. Michael,
    You are right on all counts although my personal “surprise” choice for VP would be businessman Herman Cain or the economist Walter Williams. When Cain ran for a Georgia U.S. senate seat the Republican establishment backed a moderate member of the “political” class when they should have been kissing the feet of this wonderful man who founded Godfather’s Pizza. Cain now has a radio show. He is awesome! Either of those choices would upset the liberals!

    As for the LOST, I have stated that many times ((Go back to my homepage and click on “United Nations”). Bear in mind, columnists are under a strict word limit. There is so much more I wanted to say but you and John McCain just did it for me. That is why the blogs are so helpful. Thanks to all who contribute!

    Special thanks to N. Eckert! When you are tired and working late to meet a deadline, all of us, at times, wonder, “Does any of this matter? Does anyone care?”


  5. Jane,

    As bad as Joe Biden is, I actually like him better than most of the other liberals in Washington. Of course, Biden is dead wrong about LOST, but so is George W. Bush who also supports this hideous treaty, and who once again is proving that he is not Ronald Reagan in most ways despite him owing everything to Reagan. Bush even indirectly owes his personal salvation to Reagan as Billy Graham would not have had that one-to-one conversation with him in 1985 if he had not been the son of the vice president, but I digress.

    Obama truly thinks he is the “chosen one,” and this is why he has run for the presidency on virtually no experience. Obviously, it is a complete self-delusional fantasy for Obama to compare himself to Lincoln, and the one political figure that perhaps he should be compared to is Edward Kennedy in 1962. Edward Moore Kennedy’s only work experience up until that time had been as a short time he spent as an assistant to a district attorney before the opportunity came for the U.S. Senate. In Kennedy’s 1962 debate his opponent pointed at him, and he said, ” If your name was Edward Moore, your candidacy would be a joke.” Perhaps, John McCain should do a similar thing to Obama in one of their future debates except that it would lack in originality, and of course, Kennedy did prevail in that 1962 election. In the end it will be the right spiritual forces that will cause McCain to win the presidential election in 2008. Hopefully, McCain will not squander this opportunity such as George W. Bush has largely done with his blind luck.



  6. Did you hear about the four democrats who drown yesterday near Denver? They were riding in the back of a pick up truck that went off the road and into a lake. One of them called FEMA on his cell phone, but George Bush caused the delay in response and FEMA did not get there in time to open the tail gate and save them. Jim


  7. MSM has nominated two, you know,
    Bulldog Biden and the B. Ho.
    One is black, one is white,
    Can’t see one at day, the other at night;
    The country is doomed, nowhere to go.

    Henry Barnes


  8. Jane,

    You never cease to amaze me with your knowledge. I love your weekly articles. I learn so much from you.
    The Republicans should win easily with the pick of the Democrat’s president and vice president. I also think Romney would make a good V.P.for McCain.

    Maxine Barkley


  9. Odd that you are here as I put the words christian terrorism in Search and find some like you who are the still dark age mentality and same old bible thumping flat earth idiots of never ending morons of today… No free thought but just what is fed into your mindless heads by the rich, richer and richest. Wish you would put this god and jesus thing to work as there never has been or ever will be any effort from these invisible controllers…


  10. Tsk, tsk, mona hall. Didn’t your mother tell you that if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. BTW it is God and Jesus…get a grip mona, move on, go find your Christian terrorists.


  11. I know that God says (in the Psalms) that He will keep our ankles from turning. But I certainly fight losing my balance these days, in trying to connect with what we’re hearing night after night with anything close to truth. There no longer seems to be any plumb line for a standard of truth. It appears that they’re counting on the fact that if you say anything enough times, it automatically becomes truth. The scary thing is that it seems to be working.

    Keep up the good work! Annette


  12. Conservatives accuse liberal politicians of
    advocating and fostering”socialism”, ie, providing
    help for those who need it. But this isn’t
    socialism, just good government.
    Do conservatives really think that if the
    government just keeps reducing taxes,everything will be hunky dory in America? How naive.
    SOME may benefit from this, but the poor and
    those down on their luck will suffer.
    The poor are not going to escape poverty
    just by trying harder. Well,maybe some will.
    Taxes are really high in Europe, especially
    Scandinavia. But this has real benefits.
    You don’t see people who have lost their
    jobs losing their homes too, as is so
    common here, and struggling to support their
    families. Or worrying if they will be able to
    reach retirement without becoming desperately
    poor. But these countries are not totalitarian
    Now I’m not saying that these prosperous European countries are paradise ; of course they
    have serious problems. But the fact is that
    in general, many people are much better off and secure than many in the US.
    An economic system like this would probably be unfeasable in a country with the enor-
    mous population of America, but we COULD learn
    from these countries, just as they could learn from us.


  13. Jane,

    I wish I could post a picture of the green pig that’s on the internet, for it would describe what Obama and Biden are seeing in their future: a piggy bank stuffed with cold hard cash for the rest of their lives! So while they’re “Desperately Smearing Sarah”, they will pray to the green god of the piggy bank! I’ll email you that picture; however, I do have it on one of my blogs. I heard you on Talk From The Heart the other day too! Great hearing you! It brings back some memories of when I worked with you.


  14. Jane,
    Can we just fire the entire congress? Public Servants????? PLEASE! I can tolerate c-span for a very short period of time….seconds actually… as the various congressmen/congresswomen and senators go on and on about NOTHING! A bunch of verbal diarrhea if you ask me but yet they vote themselves a raise every month or so and have more days off than a hunting dog. (sorry, first thing that came to my mind) They so “feel our pain”….are you kidding me? Oh, and let me not forget to include the fact that we need to impeach at least 50% of sitting judges whom do as they please regardless of what the people vote on (per certain judges; we are too stupid to uderstand what we are voting for).
    What are your ideas on changing this?
    Something must be done about our so called “public servants”. Do you think people are just oblivious to the facts because they work so much to feed their family and pay taxes that they have no time to research the truth…..because you can’t read it in the daily press! In order to obtain facts you must go out of your way and this takes time and research. Thomas Jefferson would have much rather stayed home and continue his many avenues of research, interest, etc….but felt it his duty to serve his country. I am extremely bitter concerning the situation with congress. I realize there are some (very few) good people there….but what can they accomplish? We have enough oil in this country to last for hundreds of years and yet we would rather buy from countries that hate us and would not think twice about killing us all, allowing them to build resources to do so.
    Why on God’s green earth would we allow Russia to go into Georgia? HISTORY, HISTORY, HISTORY. This is so similar to pre-second world war. We don’t teach history in our schools any longer…..public schools are a failed system.
    I could go on and on… are we going to change all this…(2 Chronicles 7:14). By the way, did you know this was Ronald Reagan’s Mom’s favorite verse in the Bible? My daughter is at Wheaton College and on the way we stopped to visit RR’s birth place…Tampico Illinois and in the house above the store in which Ronald Reagan was born there is his Mom’s (Nellie) Bible opened on a table to 2 Chronicles with a note referencing this fact. The very Bible displayed was used in both of RR’s inaugurals.
    Thank you for being out there….sorry I went on and on…..I’m tired tonight.


  15. Debbie,

    You are right. Most of the problems in this country are directly related to spending — more specifically over spending. The president cannot spend one dime. All spending bills must originate in the House of Representatives. That is why our Founding Fathers made them stand for reelection every two years — so we could hold them accountable.

    It is a vicious cycle. We are taxed to the point that we have to worker harder and harder — so hard in fact, that when we finally get home we want an escape. Very few people can even tell you the name of their congressman, let alone keep track of what he or she is doing.

    Of course the answer is to fire your congressman every two years (in the primary, not the general so you can keep a congressman from from your party of choice) until Congress gets it right. Very few are keepers.

    See my column “How to tell if your Congressman is cheating on you.” It’s under “Political Activism” on the homepage or click on the link below. .

    Nellie Reagan was a great woman. It is true, many times there is more power in influence than in authority.


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