Lessons from California’s Battle to Protect Marriage

The battle to protect traditional marriage in California was the most expensive ballot measure in the nation decided in Tuesday’s election. “So goes California, goes the nation,” was the battle cry of activists on both sides as money poured into California from all 50 states to fight for and against the initiative that amends the state’s constitution and puts the definition of marriage out of reach of judicial activists.

Five months earlier, the California Supreme Court overturned an initiative passed in 2000 by an overwhelming margin that defined marriage as between and man and a woman. This time, however, the constitutional amendment only squeaked by. If the question is put to voters again in a few years and this momentum continues, it is likely to fail.

Much has happened in eight years. While people of faith were asleep, gay activists worked tirelessly to mainstream their lifestyle, which is condemned in the sacred writings of all major religions. These gay activists never rested on a victory. They were never deterred by a defeat. They never changed or softened their message:

• Homosexuality is not a choice.
• Gay rights are a matter of civil rights.
• Gay marriage is a matter of fairness.
• Gay marriage is necessary in order to allow homosexuals the right to inherit property or visit their partners in a hospital.

The real battle over this issue has been going on for decades. People of faith sat silently by as homosexuality was mainstreamed in our schools. As a result, millions of young voters now believe all the above assertions to be true.

The turning point in California was the L.A. Unified School Board election in April of 1991. L.A. Unified had been given the responsibility of writing the AIDS education curriculum for the entire country by the Centers for Disease Control. Furthermore, California buys 10 percent of the textbooks in this country and L.A. Unified, being the largest school district in the state, controls the direction of these textbooks. Therefore, other curricula hung in the balance.

Four of the seven seats on that board were up for grabs. There were Christians running in each of the four districts, but they had very little support because the churches were asleep. The Sunday before the election, I was handing out flyers in my church parking lot. I handed one to a gentleman and asked, “Are you going to vote in the election on Tuesday?”

He gave me a blank stare and said, “What election?”

I said, “School board.”

He said, “Oh, I only vote in the big ones.”

That was the big one!

The teachers’ union is committed to advancing the gay lifestyle and their candidates were overwhelming elected in each district. A homosexual activist named Jeff Horton was put in charge of the AIDS curriculum. Over the years, Horton and his friends have been responsible for inserting the homosexual agenda in subtle ways into many other textbooks and it has been mainstreamed in our schools ever since.

Last January, a new law went into effect that, in effect, mandates California public schools teach children as young as kindergarten that homosexuality is a normal, healthy lifestyle. New textbooks are currently being written and will be coming to a school near you!

Unfortunately, people of faith have been back-peddling on this issue for years. Some churches have declared the Biblical passages condemning homosexuality to be irrelevant because they are afraid to offend anyone.

We elected and reelected lawmakers committed to furthering the gay agenda.

We let domestic partnerships take hold and destroy the hedge of protection placed around traditional marriage by the state.

We have retreated to the point that the only thing left to defend is the word “marriage” itself.
No wonder so many people are now shaking their heads and saying, “Gays have all the benefits of marriage so why make such a big deal over this one word?”

This battle is far from over. Constitutions can be amended again and again. Gay activists will not be deterred by this defeat. If you are going to protect traditional marriage, you have to begin by cleaning out your local school boards, state legislatures, the U.S. Congress and the White House. Yes, we just elected a president who has pledged to further the gay rights agenda!

If you are serious about protecting traditional marriage you must get involved and stay involved. There is no such thing as a value-free law, a value-free piece of legislation or a value-free textbook. If you aren’t committed to electing lawmakers and school board members who believe in your values, somebody is!

11 thoughts on “Lessons from California’s Battle to Protect Marriage

  1. Jane, you’ve clearly outlined the bigger problem than any one election: the transformation of education into propaganda. With the truth hidden, millions of school kids now believe that homosexuality is normal, healthy and inevitable for some people. Bisexuality, which Linda Harvey identified as the coming vehicle for advancing homosexuality in the culture, is fast increasing, especially among girls. In the face of all this, we must continue to tell the truth in love and find new ways to convey it. They have a head start on the Internet, but we are catching up.


  2. Obama is pro gay rights and Pro abortion even after the baby is born yet nearly 50% of those who call themselves evangelical and more than half who call themselves christian voted for this morally challenged candidate. Then when you have pro-life leaders like J Farah and others who pushed voting for barr or none of the above in a twisted plan to allow obama to win in order to take back the presidency in some kind of 1994 replay, even though it means the deaths of millions of more babies and a posssible 35 more years before we might be able to change the supreme court back to pro-life, the game might not be over but so far it is such a wipeout that most of the fans are leaving. Pro-lifers and pro-marriagers needed to stand strong and as committed as the other side yet they foolishly let themselves be splintered off into several competting groups allowing those for evil to take them down. Oh well, Farah at least has his book proceeds to party on….although they are smeared in blood.


  3. Jane,

    As I read comments from gay activists they said the
    same thing you did:
    – In just 8 years the culture has softened it’s stance
    against homosexual marriage as evidenced by the percentages
    in the latest election results.
    – They are not resting until their position wins.


  4. Jane,

    Right On! Thanks for keeping us informed. Christians have got to regroup and stand up for God’s principles.



  5. So let’s see if I understand this. You are asserting that sexual orientation is by choice?

    Can you cite any research that has been published in a scientific journal subject to peer review that would support your opinion?

    If you were convinced that sexual orientation was NOT a choice, would your opinion change with respect to whether or not so-called gay rites are a quest for civil rights?


  6. David,

    Millions of dollars have been spent in an effort to find a gay gene but the results are nil. The thousands of ex gays are a living testimony to the fact that one can change his or her sexual preference.


  7. It is absolutely necessary to mobilize the conservative grassroots in America toward greater involvement in our own society and government. I envision that being accomplished on a political level through:
    (1) grassroots vigilance about all pending legislation
    (2) grassroots knowledge of the issues
    (3) millions of conservatives staying in routine communication with their elected representatives
    (4) infiltrating America’s institutions with conservatives
    (5) learning not to cower at the vitriol from the Left

    Re. (1) through (3): These things can be accomplished by a gradual consciousness raising about the importance of individual involvement in one’s own self-government, however boring it may be. The grassroots must become its own lobby. Conservatives must be made to see this as a do or die issue, because it is. There is also a need to educate the average conservative on things like “how to find out about pending legislation,” etc. Conservative organizations and prominent conservative leaders and media personalities need to link up to make this happen. They have the microphones, websites and organizational structures to accomplish it.

    Re. (4): American education is in the iron grip of liberals, and even radicals like Bill Ayers. This is intolerable. It is unAmerican that such an important institution as education is in the control of one ideology. This must change.

    Re. (5): The average conservative has been intimidated by political correctness and the threat of vitriol from the Left. People are hesitant to say anything when they know that liberals will attack them viciously. I believe there needs to be a public dialogue about this. There needs to be public discussion about the use of unfair, dishonest tactics such as labeling as hateful bigots people who simply disagree with another’s views.

    And the church itself simply must disentangle itself from the immorality of the world or else it will never be motivated to stand AGAINST the immorality in America. We need church leaders who are willing to take a stand for holiness, to recognize its need and that God actually requires it of us. Instead, we have church leaders pooh-poohing the seeking of holiness as some kind of legalism. They do not chastise their congregations for unholy living. There are even some popular faux-Christian leaders who use profanity. Such men are not fit to lead God’s church. I know of people who are members of supposedly conservative churches who live together without marriage, who dress like prostitutes, use foul language, and just in general seem to have no idea about holiness. This seems to be a growing trend.


  8. To David:
    The exact mechanism is still unproven, greatly because political correctness has been interjected into the debate, serving to repress honest inquiry and investigation. The APA removed homosexuality as an illness not because through studies it had determined that it was not, but because of political pressure from pro-homosexual activists. The issue has become far too politicized for truth to have a hearing or for unfettered investigation to proceed. Very few in the field of psychiatry are willing to have their careers destroyed by daring to speak contrary to the politically correct stance on this issue.


  9. Hi Jane, I’m glad you gave me a heads up about what you wrote! Right now, I want to address your reader David Hart on some things he asked you.

    David, I have met a number of homosexuals who have admitted to me that they chose to be homosexuals. One guy named Mike, whom I met at my local community college, told me he had several brothers and sisters who were all straight, and he was the only one who chose to be gay in his family. At the time I met him, he was 19 years old, and he told me that he never developed an interest in women; as a result, he got sexually involved with other men. I also have a couple of good friends from high school who are gay. One friend of mine whom I’ll call Dave experimented out of curiosity with homosexuality. Dave had some girlfriends while we were in high school. But after he experimented with homosexuality, he became gay. Now to address the gay gene issue, the study was biased and tainted. The scientists who allegedly discovered the “gay gene” used a bunch of corpses of gay men who died of a certain type of cancer. Now, cancer alters the genes in a body in order to spread and grow throughout the body. Also, the scientists invlolved in the research had a vested interest in this: they were gay. Now I smell a rat here!

    Jane, I have a few blogs directly and indirectly related to this topic. On my personal blogsite http://mysteresmoonbatslayerclub.blogspot.com
    I have a blog titled “The Protest Isn’t Over Until”; on MyFoxLA, I have one titled “No On 8 Stoops To A New Low”. In these blogs, I have exposed the hypcrisy behind the Gay and Lesbian community; they call the Yes on 8 supporters hateful, while they physically attack the Yes On 8 supporters, and vandalize their properties. And they call us hateful?


  10. I simply believe that if you voted yes on prop 8 then your vote did not count! There was another proposition that was up this past election that did not pass and I am deeply saddened about. Unfortunately I will just have to wait until it comes up again, the courts are not going to “overturn” a vote that has already been counted and a proposition that has passed by popular vote so what makes prop 8 any different? Overtuning a position that millions have already voted on and passed is just undemocratic regardless of your stand on the issue.


  11. Great article. I do agree though that the church needs to take the log from it’s own eye before trying to remove the speck from the world.

    The church needs to wake up about everything, not just gay marriage.


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